Firefighter Training Drill: Truck Work Before the Truck

Performing truck company work on the fireground is essential.

By Lt. Mike Elston
Salem (VA) Fire-EMS
Kentland MD Vol. Fire Co. Instructor
Traditions Training, LLC

In smaller suburban cities and rural communities, truck companies may not be readily available. Or, in many cases, the truck may be delayed coming from neighboring jurisdictions. Truck company duties still need to occur on the fireground.

This is a Combat Ready method of getting essential tools and personnel to the fireground to start performing truck company duties when the truck is delayed or there is no truck company. There is no excuse why truck company operations cannot be performed on the fireground; this is an essential fireground function.

An incoming piece of apparatus (i.e. engine company, squad company, or rescue company) can be assigned to perform truck company duties on the fireground. All basic equipment, which includes tools and ladders can be carried to the fireground using this simple method. Once on the fireground, the personnel have the tools to perform truck company duties, and should also use ground ladders off of engine companies already on scene to finish properly laddering the fire building.

Download this firefighter training drill HERE as a PDF.


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