Man Documents Journey from Photographer to Firefighter

Justin Ide writes about his journey from working as a photojournalist to becoming a volunteer firefighter for

As a photojournalist for the last 25 years, working at both small and large newspapers in West Virginia and Boston, I was constantly on the outside of the fire line, shooting photos and telling the stories of those affected by fires, and the firefighters themselves. Firefighters were easy to talk to and hang around with, and like most anyone, if you showed interest in them, and brought them a few photos from the last job, or fire you were at, they welcomed you with open, and sometimes wet, sooty arms. 

As a boy growing up in small town Connecticut, a number of my neighbors were volunteer firefighters. With each blast of the huge Cold War-era siren affixed to the roof of the fire station, I would watch riveted as they jumped into their cars and raced up the street, tires screeching and lights flashing, answering a call for help from someone in our community. I admired them from afar.

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