Firefighter Training Drill: Door Chocks

A new firefighter training drill on door chocks from Traditions Training.

Donald L. Wedding
Firefighter, Fredericksburg (VA) Fire Department
Instructor, Traditions Training LLC.

Door Chocks and other "door control accessories" used by firefighters today come in all sorts or varying shapes, materials, and carrying methods. The purpose of this "Quick Drill" will focus on the standard "wedge" style door chock constructed of wood. Wooden door chocks are easy to make and the most cost-effective means of door control available to firefighters. Nonetheless, not having one available or knowing how to make them work with different door and occupancy types can have negative effects on fireground operations, especially when advancing attack lines.

The photos and descriptions included with this drill, illustrate simple ways when using a "wedge type" door chock, to improve door control methods in varying circumstances. Always try new things and be ready to adapt in your specific response district(s).

Download this week's drill as a PDF HERE.



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