Maryland Fire Department to Use Drones

The Montgomery County (MD) Fire and Rescue Service has purchased three drones that it hopes will help improve firefighting operations.

WNEW ( reports that the drones, a.k.a. Unmanned Aircraft Systems, will be used to assist firefighters on the ground in locating fire during structural firefighting, which can be especially helpful during high-rise fire situations. It's also hoped that the technology will allow crews to get a better sense of a building's structural stability and thereby avoid collapses. The machine will also be used in water rescue scenarios and various other incidents.

Connecticut Fire Department Employs Drone at Quarry Fire

The high-definition camera mounted on board is capable of sending still shots and video to crews on the ground. The device only weighs about two and a half pounds and is less than two feet in diameter. It uses a built-in WiFi system to connect to GPS satellites and can be operated by a smart phone or tablet plugged into a remote control.

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