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A Big Welcome to Our Newest Fire Safety Dog!

Great news!

We are so lucky! Instead of the two fire safety dogs, we now have THREE! Isn’t that exciting?

We have been really busy with our new friend, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog (II)! We adopted Sparkles II from the same folks that we adopted Sparkles I and Spanner from. He’s a Tulsa dog, just like all 5 of the fire safety dogs have been!  Isn’t that something? If you live in Tulsa, you have wonderful dogs over there!

Firefighter Dayna let all the fire safety dogs meet Sparkles II on Skype! We all got to watch each other and wag our tails. We couldn’t wait to be friends!











Here’s the picture when Firefighter Dayna went to pick up Sparkles II:












The first thing that Firefighter Dayna did was to take Sparkles II shopping after adopting him to let him pick out a new toy and some treats.

When they got to our house, Sparkles II got to eat his treat and play with his new toy! He was really happy! He knew that he was going to love his new forever home!



Sparkles II eating his treat!

Here is Sparkles II posing with his new toy! He sleeps with his toy in his crate every night!























The next day, we were so excited that our friends at PetSmart posted Sparkles II’s picture on their Facebook page! PetSmart’s Facebook page has over 732,000 friends! Wow!











It was time to go meet people in town and say hi!

First, Sparkles II stopped to say hello to Firefighters Dayna's good friends, Danna and Debbie! Fanna and Debbie really love dogs and they loved Sparkles II! All the fire safety dogs love to stop by there to visit!

Danna and Debbie









Then, it was time to go to Dr. Neal Jones' office to get a check up!

Sparkles II Getting his heart checked by Dr. Jones.













Being good the entire time, standing still and having everything checked out made Sparkles II tired! Firefighter Dayna laughed out loud when he let out a big old yawn!

Sparkles II yawning










Then, after a great check-up, Sparkles II went by the bank to say hello to everyone! All the fire safety dogs love to go to the bank to visit with their friends there! Everyone is so nice there and they always give us yummy treats!

Sparkles II with his new friend, Barbara














Sparkles II even got to meet some young friends!

Sparkles II loved getting petted by Rhylie Jo and Aybrie at the bank.













After the visit to the bank, it was time for Sparkles II to pick out his favorite dog food!














That night, Siren and Tango introduced Sparkles II to the world on Sparkles’ Safety Spot. It was so much fun and lots and lots of people tuned in for the big occasion!

Here’s a video of the big moment!


The next day, it was time to play with Siren the Fire Safety Dog! What big fun!

[Video of Siren and Sparkles II playing goes here]

Welcome, Sparkles II! We are going to have SO MUCH FUN together!

Thank you!

We’d like to give another big shout out to our friends at PetSmart. They are helping us share our daily fire safety tips by tweeting!

Here’s one of the fire safety tips that we shared recently:









Remember how we shared with you that Siren celebrated his one a half year birthday? Our good friends at PetSmart posted his birthday picture! How cool is that? Siren got many new friends that day and we are so excited that he was on their page and met new friends!












We just received a note that Siren is going to be in the March 2012 issue of American Dog Magazine! Our friend, Remington and Ecco will be in there too! Thanks to all of our friends that voted for Siren!











It is important that everyone in the household makes and understands the escape plan.

Photo courtesy of the United States Fire Administration










When you walk through your plan, be sure that each of the escape routes is clear and that everyone knows how to open the windows and doors! 











Send the Fire Safety Dog’s an email!

Send an email telling to the fire safety dogs what you do to help keep your family safe and we will share your story here on firelife.com!

Have you watched Sparkles’ Safety Spot yet? We hope that you can join us!

Tango the Fire Safety Dog and Siren the Fire Safety Dog in Sparkles’ Clubhouse
































To watch Sparkles’ Safety Spot at 7 P.M the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, or to learn more about the show, click on the button below!










Fire Safety Dog's 2012 Appearance Schedule




Would you like for me and the other fire safety dogs to come to your school via Skype? Ask a grown-up to click HERE to learn more!













 New Trading Card Alert!

Tango has a brand new trading card! Get your own signed trading card by Tango! 













If you would like one of his new trading cards, please send Tango a self-addressed stamped envelope and he will send you one! Here’s the address:

Tango the Fire Safety Dog
c/o Firefighter Dayna Hilton
106 East Poplar Street
Clarksville, AR  72830

Tango will even sign it for you if you let him know who you would like for him to sign it to! Remember to include your self-addressed stamped envelope!

Color the Fire Safety Dogs a Picture!

If you color a page, send me a picture of it and I will put it up here on the Kids Zone! This month, I will take all of the names of children who have submitted coloring pages and draw the name of one lucky winner to win one of my fire safety books*, pawtographed by me! So, get out those crayons and get coloring, and good luck!






Would you like to send a picture to me? Send it to me at sparkles@sparklesthefiresafetydog.com <mailto:sparkles@sparklesthefiresafetydog.com and I will share it here on the Kids Zone!



Remember, you can get your very own free coloring sheets on my Web site! Click on the picture below to get your very own free coloring sheets!






We will have a bew show this coming year and will be Skyping like crazy, so be sure to stay tuned here on firelife.com! If you want to learn all the latest, you'll find it right here!

Well, that’s it for now. Until next time, practice fire safety every day!






























E-mail the fire safety dogs! 














 Visit the Fire Safety Dogs on Facebook!


Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog
Siren the Fire Safety Dog
Tango the Fire Safety Dog







* First Edition 


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