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City paramedics lose in demand for FLSA overtime pay

City paramedics lose in demand for FLSA overtime payThe following case, Christian v. City of Gladstone, Missouri, 108 F.3d 929 (Missouri) 1997, is used as a resource with permission from the Firestation Lawyer Monthly Newsletter(TM), (ISSN 1086-8674), Vol. 10, No. 8, August 1997, Quinlan Publishing Co., Boston, Massachusetts 02210, (800) 229-2084. Background: The city of Gladstone, Missouri, created a public safety department that would unify emergency responses for fires, medical emergencies, and police calls. The department included a fire/EMS bureau with 16 safety officers, all certified firefighters. Christian and six others were also trained paramedics.The paramedics responded to fir...

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