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Fire Engineering

Volume 160, Issue 4
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    • Editor's Opinion

      • Live Burn: 1403 or No Fire!
        The greatest dilemma for a fire instructor arises with the realization that on Day One out of rookie school, any firefighter can be in a serious fire or emergency that will require instantaneous cue recognition and split-second decision making.
    • Volunteers Corner

    • Training Notebook

      • Training in a Fast-Food Restaurant
        In our previous article, “Acquiring Structures for Training” (Fire Engineering, April 2006), we discussed some ways to acquire or gain access to structures for training.
    • Fire Service EMS

    • Real-World RIT

    • The Chief Problem Solver

      • Grievance: When All Parties Do Not Agree
        This month’s problem is not about looking for a solution to a particular issue but what to do when the “fix” is not something that all the parties agree is best.
    • Extrication Tactics

    • Roundtable

    • News In Brief

        The 2007 edition of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1982, Standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS), is now available at
    • Letters to the Editor

        This refers to “Firefighter Hydration During Rehab,” by Derek Williams (Fire Engineering, December 2006).
    • Speaking of Safety

      • Who Wants To Go Home?
        I learned a phrase from a captain after we extinguished a working structure fire and were going back to the station.
    • Fire Commentary

      • Why Can’t They Hear the Music?
        We’ve all seen those B horror movies. We’ve all heard the “dum-dum-dum” spooky music build to a crescendo just as the villain reaches out from the shadows and decapitates the lovely unsuspecting cheerleader.
      • Where is Your Training Center?
        Where is your training center? Don’t answer just yet. You might be thinking that I am talking of a fixed or acquired training area where you “light it and fight it” again and again or perhaps a place you can fill with artificial smoke to practice your search/SCBA skills.
    • Technology Today

    • Apparatus Deliveries

        The Anniston (AL) Fire Department uses this AMERICAN LAFRANCE rescue truck as an advanced life support (ALS) vehicle, according to Assistant Chief David Collins.
    • Company / Association News

        ONSPOT OF NORTH AMERICA has shipped its 50,000th set of automatic tire chains to Klam America of Denver, Colorado, which received a surprise “no charge” invoice with the delivery along with a “Thank You” note for its business.
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