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The Downwind Walk: A USAR Paramedic's Experiences on September 11, 2001

BY STEVEN KANARIAN On the morning of Sept-ember 11, 2001, I was working as an EMS supervisor in the Bronx. I was the station supervisor, busy getting units in service, completing the log book and ordering supplies when the signal 10-40, which is a plane crash, was announced over the Bronx radio: "Signal 10-40 has been announced at Number 1 World Trade Center (WTC); I am dispatcher 5678, and the time is 9:02 hours." I remember thinking that must not be real. How could a pilot not see the tower on such a clear day? Maybe it was a small tour plane that hit the tower. I went back to work, paying attention to station operations. EMT Keith McGregor came in the office and turned on the...

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