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Fire Engineering

Volume 166, Issue 11
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    • Editor's Opinion

      • Old and in the Way

        Sitting at a traffic light while coming home from the office, I spotted some smoke off in the distance, about two blocks away.

    • Volunteers Corner

      • Live-in Firefighter Program

        OF THE MANY ISSUES FACING the fire service today, none looms larger than the public's expectation of our accomplishing more with less.

    • Training Notebook

    • Web Watch

      • (

        This isn't your grandfather's world! Things have changed—and not for the better, in some cases.

    • News In Brief

      • Decline in caller location information on wireless 911 calls

        The California chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (CALNENA) reported that there has been a "dramatic decline" in caller location information on wireless 911 calls made to public safety answering points (PSAPs) in five geographic areas of the state since 2008.

    • Letters to the Editor

      • Civilian rescue challenges

        This refers to Sean Gray's "Lessons Learned from a Civilian Rescue" (Fire Engineering, September 2013).

    • Bruno "Unplugged"

      • Shirt Pocket Notes

        A big part of writing a monthly column is the process of deciding what to write.

    • Technology Today

      • The Quick Step Anchor

        The Quick Step Anchor® (QSA) is a device designed to safely speed up vertical ventilation operations by providing firefighters with a sturdy platform that works in place of a pickhead ax, a trash hook, or a halligan, which are used as footholds for today's truckies.

    • Apparatus Deliveries

      • Apparatus Deliveries

        The Bethesda-Chevy Chase (MD) Rescue Squad designed this RESCUE 1 heavy rescue vehicle to operate primarily at auto extrications and other special rescue functions, explains Captain Dave Peary.

    • Products


        Innotex® Gloves, MODEL INNO795™, is based on the TRU-3D™ design and features fourchettes on all sides of every finger and thumb from cuff to cuff.

    • Company/Association News

      • Company/Association News

        PBI PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS (PBI) promoted Bill Lawson to the position of president effective September 1.

    • Names in the News


        On October 1, DAVID G. KILBURY was sworn in as the chief of the City of Kissimmee (FL) Fire Department.

    • On Fire

      • Holiday Hardship

        Running the roads all night long is very common for us on the eve of Thanksgiving.

  • Major Incident Response

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