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Fire Engineering

Volume 167, Issue 2
  • Features

    • Fire Apparatus Drunk Driving

      Several recent incidents have highlighted the issue of impaired driving and emergency vehicles.

    • Common STAIRSense

      As an engine company or A hose team, we understand that one of our greatest priorities at a house fire is to locate, confine, and extinguish the fire.

    • Driver-Engineers Debate: This One Or That One?

      Driver-engineers (D-Es) directly control how much water goes on the fire and how quickly it will get there.

    • Fires in Hospitals and Nursing Homes: Be Prepared for the Unexpected

      In 2009, the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) redesigned its "call taking" element for dispatching FDNY fire trucks.

    • Safe Aerial Operations

      Over the past 100 years, many modern improvements have contributed to the safety of firefighters-the National Incident Management System, the Incident Command System, advances in our personal protective equipment, and a countless number of safety improvements in our response apparatus.

    • Expanding the Fire Department's Service Model

      The traditional "business model" of the fire service has in many cases remained largely unchanged for years despite the dramatic changes to the landscape in which we operate.

    • Emergency Power Units

      Emergency power unit (EPU) systems, which allow operators to bypass the normal system in a malfunction, are common in the fire service.

  • Departments

    • Editor's Opinion

      • The Batman Suit

        There is an amazing scene in the movie "Batman Begins" where the man who designs all the Batman gadgets, played by Morgan Freeman, is giving a tour of the research facility.

    • Volunteers Corner

      • Battling the Brain Drain

        A serious and dangerous problem is affecting communities from Indiana to Mississippi to Oregon: a shortage of volunteer firefighters.

    • Training Notebook

      • The Engineer's Bag of Tricks

        Ask any driver/engineer what's in his "bag of tricks" (i.e., gear pockets) and you'll always get a different and interesting answer.

    • Web Watch

    • fireEMS

      • Pediatric Seizures

        Scenario: "Medic 1 for the seizure call." After marking en route, you wait for the additional, "Medic 1, you are en route to 2420 John Drew Parkway for the seizure.

    • Fire Focus

      • Baltimore Taxpayer Fire

        FireS in commercial row-type stores, commonly called taxpayers, are usually a nonissue for the fire department.

    • News In Brief

      • NIOSH halts testing of CBRN respirators

        On November 27, 2013, Roland Berry Ann, acting chief, Technology Evaluation Branch, National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), issued an alert relative to chemical warfare agent (CWA) testing for NIOSH approval of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) respirators.

    • Letters to the Editor

      • February 2014

        I am writing in regard to the November issue, page 72, on which there appears an ad endorsing tobacco.

    • Bruno "Unplugged"

      • No-Brainer Management, Part 2

        In our last installment, we started a discussion about a writing and teaching project I am currently involved in where I have attempted to create a simple, basic set of categories of the major skills a boss must have to be effective.

    • Technology Today

      • The BullEx Attack

        Hands-on training instructors have long searched for a way to train without the unpredictability of fire, especially when it comes to beginner students.

    • Apparatus Deliveries

      • Apparatus Deliveries

        The Tarpon Springs (FL) Fire Rescue Department replaced a 105-foot platform with this FERRARA aerial quint.

    • Products


        VIEVU's VIEVU² is the first wearable, ruggedized Wi-Fi video camera designed for the professional workforce.

    • Company/Association News

      • Company/Association News

        The RHODE ISLAND FIRE CHIEFS ASSOCIATION (RIFCA) was presented the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation's Seal of Excellence Award for successfully fighting a state bill exempting seat belt use for first responders.

    • Names in the News


        ROBERT B. ALLEY took over as the chief of the Newport News (VA) Fire Department on January 1.

    • On Fire

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