Letters from the Editors

Issue 7. Another great issue with some names you've seen before and ones you will see again. We have lined-up quite a variation in time-on-the-job and talent for this issue. Urban Firefighter Magazine was conceived by a notion that experience is relative in our urban fire departments. Experience means many things to many people, and we have always looked for true, well-rounded experiences from our authors for you to read about. This does not mean you have to sport the twenty-five year watch (some of our authors do, however!) on the fire floor. Rather, it means that all of our selected authors possess an unwavering loyalty to their fire departments and the fire service, respectively - authors loyal to the craft of firefighting. This may come from those with ten minutes in the firehouse, or those with thirty years. In this issue, you'll see a young firefighter from Houston describe a unique manner with which to supply his engine company. And you'll be able to determine which roofs need a hole like you've been doing it for over twenty years, from a firefighter who cuts them in Milwaukee- because he's been doing it for that long. In addition, you'll read other great articles from those with 'experience' levels between those possessed by these two great authors. That's what makes the urban fire service so great: Those that step up to pass on what they learn will always bring more experience to the table than those who fail to, regardless of time in a company. Ray and I decided to create a platform for every firefighter to leave his legacy for this very reason. What will yours be?

Erich Roden
Publisher and Editor, Urban Firefighter Magazine

Give it a check. I changed some of the language at the end to make some of the things clearer, I got them, but others may not. If you're cool with it, fire it off...

Two years have passed since Urban Firefighter Magazine debuted on the scene. A watershed moment in publishing, and a voice for the nation's urban firefighters and the American fire service. We built Urban Firefighter Magazine, or "Urban" around a few basic, core fundamentals that always seemed to come up when (fire) magazines were discussed. We strove for accuracy in technique, author pedigree, and a relevant message.

Our look is like no other; that, along with outstanding and original content, and the vision to celebrate who we are, is evident on every page of Urban. We have made many new friends along the way and hopefully inspired a new breed of fire service author. This business is about trust and faith in others' skills, and we appreciate the trust our authors shared with us to help get their work out in a clear and powerfully illustrated format.

There is great pride in our journey to bring you Urban, a magazine that is truly loved by all who see and experience it. When a product is created, it should exceed expectations; Urban does that every time. While you may see both Erich and myself out in front, there is also Melissa, Urban's designer, who understands our authors' work, and pieces together our combined vision, creating one masterpiece after another.

We make you wait for Urban like a special present, which it is, for you to lose yourself in until you crave it again. This magazine is so much more than just a string of articles, it is a revolution in good taste, proper judgement, and style. We all have a legacy in the fire service, and I am proud that Urban Firefighter Magazine is part of mine.

Keep Fire in Your Life

Ray McCormack
Publisher and Editor, Urban Firefighter Magazine

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