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Paul Krugman: Biggest Loser is a Nobel Winner?

By Art Goodrich
I have always believed that I was not capable of hating my fellow Man.
That’s not to say that, for my personal reasons, I have people that Ihold no fondness towards; not many, but some.
But, I hate Paul Krugman.
Oh, don’t worry; I said that I didn’t have the capacity to hate myfellow MAN.
Paul Krugman is a repulsive, repugnant, reprehensible, reptilianreprobate!
In addition, a man has scruples, morals, ethics and yes; a conscience.Krugman doesn’t.
He is pissing away his “gift” in an arena where his political opinionsare far removed from his noted area of expertise, which is economics.
You see, we cannot dismiss ANYTHING Krugman says, because he has hisbully pulpit aka The New York Times. Once a very prominent and relevant sourcefor current events, consumer confidence in the paper has eroded amidaccusations of plagiarism, poor vetting of “sources” and for stories that arethe product of the imagination of its writer.
And then, there’s Krugman.
Since when has wild assertions with no linkage to even a scintilla oflogic qualify as “opinion”?
Krugman’s blog post, “The Years of Shame” wasn’t an “op-ed” article. Itwas a hate piece, pure and simple.
To claim that 9/11 was an excuse to invade Iraq is narrow-minded; nay,small-minded.
You use an excuse when you are late for work.
You use an excuse when you forget to take the trash out.
You DON’T use an excuse to send 100,000 U.S. troops into a foreign countryand into Harm’s way.
THAT is to trivialize the value of human life.
Krugman is clearly confusing humanitarianism with imperialism.
For some, there is no justification for military action. Krugman must bein this camp. Also, he no doubt believes that Israelis always the aggressor when they retaliate for the bombings perpetrated bythose who want Israelwiped from this Earth.
Oh; there are some who have profited in the days since 9/11, but Krugmanfailed to accurately identify them.
There are a few; albeit very few, who agree with Krugman’s wackyassertions.
He applies the broad brush to many Americans who couldn’t disagree morewith his statement, “…and in its heart, the nation knows it”. Even though hewould not allow comments on his blog and took the extra step to disable hisemail, Krugman is finding out that sometimes, it is not a good idea to thinkout loud and put it to paper.
As long as The New York Times continues to showcase his absurdities,they will continue to put a drain on our ecology and assault our common senseand our common decency.
Yeah; maybe “hate” is a little too strong.
Upon reflection, I don’t hate Paul Krugman.
I despise him for his ginsu approach to writing.
I pity him for his cowardice.
I find it ironic that he believes his credibility as a writer comes fromhis Nobel Prize; a single event that leaves me to wonder about the nominationand selection process of such a “prestigious” award.
Doesn’t that award come with some money?
The opinions andviews expressed are those of the article’s author, Art Goodrich, who alsowrites as ChiefReason. They do not reflect the opinions and views offireengineering.com, Fire Engineering Magazine, PennWell Corporation or hisdog, Chopper. This article is protected by federal copyright laws and cannot bere-produced in any form.