http://localhost:4503/content/fe/en/blogs/blognetwork/ron-kanterman.html2016-10-22T03:52:29.997ZBuilding a Fan Base for Future SuccessRON KANTERMANAdobe Experience ManagerAnonymousExcellent! You put into words what many do successfully everyday. You also put it in a way that those who don't perform to this level can understand and buy into it. Everyone who reads this will understand and see the importance of what I call "building ralationships". I look forward to more posts from you but please understand the NYY are a better team. LOL!! Keep up the great work brother. P.J.Norwood Deputy Chief / Training Officer East Haven CT/content/fe/en/blogs/blognetwork/ron-kanterman/2012/03/building-a-fan-base-for-future-success.html#comments-excellent_you_puti2012-03-07T00:00:15.495Z2012-03-07T00:00:15.495ZAnonymousGreat post, Rob. I like your metaphor of "gaining fans" and the tie in to sports! It frustrates me that you and other firefighters feel "put down" and even abused (uhhh, hello Chris Christie). The men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line everyday should not have to endure pain, pressure and cutbacks when our politicians and communities were not forward looking enough to be prepared. The problem lies with our culture and our society. We simply place value on the wrong things. We are happy to pay $150 for a seat to watch the Giants play but scoff at the idea of our taxes going up $10 a month so that we can maintain our fire departments or schools. We don't bash athletes for the absurd amount of money they make or acknowledge that the reason our tickets are $150 is because we are paying for said athletes! Unless someone experiences loss from fire or crime, it will be hard to win fans. Personally, I think that sucks. To me, this states loud and clear that society (at some level) values entertainment and money more than life. If you asked people they would disagree and I would challenge them to see if their actions are congruent with their words. An interesting question to ask is what happens as kids grow up? So, if you ask many young children (probably boys more often which is interesting too) what they want to be when they grow up, you hear "firefighter" or "police officer". Children idolize firefighters and police officers! What happens over time? Why don't those same children - when they become adults - idolize firefighters? If they did, they would see the value and not have people like you feeling like they have to fight for their jobs. Again, I think society taints them. This is a little provocative, but maybe fire departments should operate as businesses. Would people pay more attention then if they had to pay a fee for services rendered (say $25,000 to put out a fire on their $500,000 home or maybe $15,000 to rescue a small child who has fallen through the ice on a pond)? Would people change their mindset about your value then? Firefighters provide a very specialized service and frankly, we don't pay a lot for in terms of taxes but boy do we benefit BIG TIME when they put a fire out in your house (like they did for my aunt and uncle - they saved their house). In short, people (even me sometimes!) take you guys and gals for granted. One last thing while I am on my soap box...why do we mourn the loss of people like Whitney Houston and Davy Jones on social media and news outlets 24/7 but don't mourn the loss of police officers, military personnel and firefighters?? That right there is crazy. Sorry, but Whitney and Davy really never did anything of value in the grand scheme of life (in my humble opinion...sorry to all you Monkees fans out there...). Keep doin' what you're doin' and know that there are people out there who do appreciate and respect you and your profession. My hope is that you all stay safe protecting these people who put you down. And that is what sets you apart from those people: when they are down and going through probably one of the toughest situations in their life, you are there helping them and putting your life on the line for them. Too bad they don't do the same for you. Stay safe... Loreen Fan of police, firefighters and military personnel everywhere!!/content/fe/en/blogs/blognetwork/ron-kanterman/2012/03/building-a-fan-base-for-future-success.html#comments-great_post_rob_i2012-03-03T21:02:55.337Z2012-03-03T21:02:55.337ZAnonymousSpecial thanks to Ron Kanterman for letting Rob have his words published. It goes without saying that I am very proud of Rob and his accomplishments. I am especially proud that he has chosen to follow in my "bootsteps" in the fireservice. As many of us, who have been or currently are, in the fire service, we are sometimes the ones who take the blunt of negative comments when things go wrong. It is hard to explain to the people who choose to put us down that those of us who are in the fireservice have similar feelings of upset as those who have just lost their family, homes, possessions, pets or friends in a incident. I am proud that I was a Firefighter and know, like everyone else in the fireservice, that I did the best I could at the given time. Brian Beattie Retired NPFD/content/fe/en/blogs/blognetwork/ron-kanterman/2012/03/building-a-fan-base-for-future-success.html#comments-special_thanks_toro2012-03-03T17:49:33.635Z2012-03-03T17:49:33.635Z 500

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