Coverage of FDIC International

The World's Largest Firefighter Training Conference and Exhibition

Fire Engineering is proud to offer this in-depth coverage of the sights, sounds, and news as it happens at FDIC--the world's most comprehensive training-based conference on firefighting. This year's show is April 20-25, 2015 and this page will update with the latest news, product reviews, videos, and more as it occurs during the exhibition. For more, go to

Firefighter Conference General Session, Classrooms and Exhibit Hall

University of Notre Dame Volunteer Firefighter Sean Killelea Receives The 2015 Courage and Valor Award Recipient

Photos: Live Burn at FDIC 2015

Hands-On-Training Day 2 at FDIC 2015

FDIC 2015 Drone Video: Live Fire: First Due

FDIC 2015: Time to Train

FDIC 2015: Firefighter Conference Preparation

FDIC 2015 setup photos


Columbia Southern University to Provide CEUs at FDIC International

Warren Township (IN) Sean Killelea Is 2015 Courage and Valor Award Recipient

UL Fire Dynamics Training

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John K. Murphy      

Attendance Mandatory

John K. Murphy is ready for FDIC International. Are you?



Jeremy Hurd      

FDIC: A Chaplain's View

Jeremy Hurd recounts his experience at FDIC International.


FDIC 2015 Instructor Profile: Benjamin Walker

Meet truly one of England's Finest and Most Inspiring, who presented "Positive-Pressure Ventilation in Domestic Fires: UK 20-Year Report" on Friday, April 24, at FDIC International 2015.

Hurst Jaws of Life® Launches New Vetter® Connectable Bags

FDIC 2015 Instructor Profile: Larry Conley

Captain Larry Conley (St. Louis (MO) Fire Department) presented the classroom Thursday afternoon, ‘From Zero to Hero: Leadership Habits Outside of the Emergency.’

FDIC 2015 Classrooms: Lessons Learned from a Bakken Crude Oil Train Derailment

“Train derailments can occur in any community served by railroads, and fire departments responding to rail accidents need to be prepared for the challenges that they may face with these types of incidents,” said Battalion Chief Robert Lipscomb.

Scott Safety Launches NFPA Compliant X380N Thermal Imager

The X380N NFPA compliant thermal imager, powered by ISG technology, provides the perfect combination of technology, lightweight design, and robust features to enhance situational awareness.

FDIC International 2015 Wrap-Up

Missed FDIC International? Check out some of the highlights from the training and exhibits.

Live from FDIC International: Day 5

We finish up our live radio and chat broadcasts from FDIC International 2015 with the Fire Service Court panel, Danny Sheridan, and more!

FCSN Announces Selection by Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners

The Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) announced that it has been selected by Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners to receive five percent of the proceeds from Minerva’s new Project Clean Hoods service.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Fire Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award has been given out during the General Session at FDIC since 1998. In 2009, the award was renamed for Tom Brennan, who was the editor of Fire Engineering for eight years and a technical editor until he passed away in 2006. 


Fire Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:

  • Frank Brannigan (1998)
  • Tom Brennan (1999)
  • Vince Dunn (2000)
  • Alan Brunacini (2001)
  • Don Manno (2002)
  • Ray Downey (2003)
  • John Eversole (2004)
  • James Page (2005)
  • Leo Stapleton (2006)
  • Dr. Denis Onieal (2007)
  • John Mittendorf (2008)

Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:

  • John Norman (2009)
  • Ronald Jon Siarnicki (2010)
  • John F. “Skip” Coleman (2011)
  • Jack Murphy (2012)
  • Glenn Corbett (2013)
  • Ronny J. Coleman (2014)

Live from FDIC

FE Talk Radio Schedule

Day 1: Ed Hadfield, Jeff Dill, Jeremy Hurd
Day 2: Rick Lasky and John Salka; Dave Dalrymple; Mike McEvoy; Anthony Kastros
Day 3: Al Schlick and Chad Hoefle; Traditions Training; P.J. Norwood; Jason Hoevelmann; F.O.O.L.S.; Doug Cline; Anthony Avillo and Jim Duffy
Day 4: Billy Greenwood; Ron Kanterman; Dennis Rubin; Tom Merrill; Mike Gagliano and Mike Dugan
Day 5: Fire Service Court; Danny Sheridan; Matt McDowell; Chris Willis; Ryan Pennington