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Fire Dynamics Videos


UL Fire Safety Journal 3

Describes the live-fire experiments UL conducted to better understand fire behavior and to test innovative fire attack tactics that can help firefighters more safely and effectively fight modern structure fires.



Cintas and Sqwincher Reward Hottest Job with Prizes to Beat the Heat

Building Construction: Lightweight Steel Framing

Being able to distinguish between wood frame and steel construction is crucial to any size-up. Here's how to recognize steel frame so you can adjust tactics accordingly.

Construction Concerns: Contractor Hazards

Gregory Havel discusses some construction site hazards that responders could encounter as a result of contractor negligence.

Construction Concerns: Remodeling Older Buildings

Under fire conditions, firefighters should not assume that remodeling has used materials similar to the original construction materials, Greg Havel writes.

Construction Concerns: Temporary Structures

Gregory Havel examines the precautions firefighters must take and the knowledge they must have when responsing to temporary structures.

FE Talk Archive: SLICERS and DICERS

Bobby Halton talks with Eddie Buchanan and Ray McCormack.

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Live from the UL Attic Burns


Akron (OH) Police and Firefighters Investigate Suspected Arson

Police and firefighters are investigating the link between a domestic fight and a suspected arson at the same apartment two days later.

Bully Fire (CA) Grows to 11,700 Acres

The Bully Fire grew by 500 acres overnight, to a total of 11,700 acres as of Friday morning.  Containment remained unchanged at 51 percent.

Challenges to Implementing PPA: Q&A

American Fork (UT) Fire & Rescue Chief Kriss Garcia recently conducted a Webcast entitled "Challenges to Implementing PPA." Here are his responses to some questions asked during the presentation.

Monticello Fire Burns 6,400 Acres

Boston Firefighters Battle 2-Alarm Apartment Fire

No one was injured in a two-alarm fire Monday night that started on the roof of an apartment building in Boston's Mission Hill section.

Wildland Firefighting 101

The wildland fire environment has proven to be a dangerous one. We must always pay close attention to basic fundamentals that control the outcome of these fires, writes Demetrius Kastro.

Montana Firefighters Battle Garage Fire with Extension

On June 16, 2014, Miles City (MT) Fire Rescue crews and mutual aid companies responded to a garage fire with extension to other structures and vehicles.

The Dangers of Gas Leaks

As the amount of gas use increases, the call volume and emergencies will increase accordingly, writes Daniel P. Sheridan.

Rapid Fire Spread at Private Dwelling Fires

Learn why firefighters take house fires for granted and discover the principles of residential fire envelopment. Students will review the construction principles of modular construction and learn the tactical actions to employ in fast-moving house fires.

Fatal Newark House Fire Spread Quickly Due to Fake Flower

It was pride of ownership that led a New Jersey family to decorate the front of their home with bright plastic flowers, and it was those same decorations that acted as a fatal accelerant in a fast moving blaze that killed everyone inside, prosecutors said Monday.

Managing Big Fires 101: Divide and Conquer

The author shares lessons he learned while commanding operations at a wind-driven fire that threatened numerous buildings.

Roundtable: Second-In Unit Assignment

Skip Coleman proposes a scenario based on recent fire studies conducted by UL and NIST.

Winds Will Test Two Bulls Fire Lines

The 6,837-acre Two Bulls Fire west of Bend barely grew in the past 24 hours, thanks to a growing army of more than 1,000 firefighting personnel, but the lines completed around the fire face a stern test from winds expected to gust to 20 mph or higher.

Corbett's Trivia: Fire Dynamics Simulation

What fire involving firefighter fatalities was the first to be computer modeled using the fire dynamics simulator of NIST?

ISFSI to Unveil New Training Program 'Principles of Modern Fire Attack'

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) is releasing a training program soon, "Principles of Modern Fire Attack," that aims to incorporate many of the findings of modern fire dynamics research.