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Fire Dynamics Videos


UL Fire Safety Journal 3

Describes the live-fire experiments UL conducted to better understand fire behavior and to test innovative fire attack tactics that can help firefighters more safely and effectively fight modern structure fires.



Construction Concerns: Temporary Structures

Gregory Havel examines the precautions firefighters must take and the knowledge they must have when responsing to temporary structures.

Construction Worker Talks Dramatic Rescue From Houston Fire

A construction worker who was rescued from a burning apartment building in Houston said he was so close to the flames that he could feel his skin burning.

FDIC 2014 Preview: Reading a Building

Retired city of Los Angeles (CA) Battalion Chief John Mittendorf will be joined by Dave Dodson to talk about building construction and size-up at FDIC 2014.

Construction Concerns: Plaster

Plaster is known to have been in use for more than 9,000 years. Greg Havel has more on how new uses of this construction material may affect firefighters responding to emergencies at buildings that use it.

Construction Concerns: Tall Buildings

Gregory Havel takes a quick look at the future of firefighting in increasingly tall high-rise buildings.

FE Talk Archive: SLICERS and DICERS

Bobby Halton talks with Eddie Buchanan and Ray McCormack.

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Live from the UL Attic Burns


Firefighters Battle Six-Alarm Cambridge (MA) Fire

Firefighters battled an overnight fire that went to six alarms at an apartment complex.

UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute Partners with NIST, FDNY for New Online Training Program

UL FSRI announced the release of "Scientific Research for the Development of More Effective Tactics"--a free online course that serves as a culmination of the full-scale field experiments performed on Governors Island by the Fire Department of New York, NIST, and UL.

CSB Releases Analysis of Rupture and Hydrogen Blast in 2009 Silver Eagle Refinery Accident

A massive explosion and fire at the Silver Eagle Refinery on November 4, 2009, in Woods Cross, Utah, which damaged homes in a nearby neighborhood, was caused by a rupture in a pipe that had become dangerously thin from corrosion, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) reported today.

FDIC 2014: Steve Kerber of UL

Steve Kerber of Underwriters Laboratories, this year's winner of the George D. Post/Fire Engineering Instructor of the Year Award, will be discussing fire dynamics and research during today's FDIC 2014 live Google Hangout.

Lt. Gregory Pickard Posthumously Awarded 2014 Ray Downey Courage and Valor Award

Lt. Gregory Pickard, of the Bryan (TX) Fire Department, who died of the burn injuries he incurred while attempting to rescue a fellow firefighter in a fire in a social hall, was named the winner of the 2014 Ray Downey Courage and Valor Award. Lt. Pickard was part of the rapid intervention team.

San Jose Fire Destroys Three Homes

Firefighters poured water from every angle, in an effort to put out a fire that burned three homes in San Jose.


Ventilation Flow Paths and Fire Growth: A Review of Recent LODDs

FDIC 2014: Riley, Schultz on Fireground Red Flags

Students in Monday’s FDIC 2014 workshop “Company Officer Development: Red Flags on the Fireground,” were taught how to identify “red flags” on the fireground that indicated impending danger or risk.

Scientists Examine Fatal Boston Fire

By analyzing the home video and accounts from firefighters who battled a deadly Beacon Street blaze on March 26, scientists are starting to identify a horrible convergence of events.

2014 Ray Downey Courage and Valor Award: Fallen Bryan (TX) Firefighter, Lt. Gregory Pickard

Next week at FDIC 2014, Lieutenant Gregory Pickard of the Bryan (TX) Fire Department--who fell in the line of duty last year while trying to rescue his colleague, Lieutenant Eric Wallace--will be named the recipient of the Ray Downey Courage and Valor Award.

Two Killed in Fitchburg (MA) Fire

A 22-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman were killed when the two-alarm fire ripped through the single-family house.

FDIC 2014: The Art of Go/No-Go!

Seattle (WA) Fire Department Captain Mike Gagliano will present "The Art of Go/No-Go!" at this year's FDIC 2014.

Training Bulletin: Flashover

Alex Langbell reviews the extreme fire behavior firefighters know as a "flashover."

Fire at Historic New York Hotel

Fire departments from numerous departments responded to a fire at a historic multi-story hotel in Stamford, New York. Fire spread rapidly through the wooden structure.

FDIC 2014 Preview: Modular Construction

Acushnet (MA) Fire Chief Kevin Gallagher will present "Tactics and Strategies for the Hidden Hazards of Modular Construction" at FDIC 2014.