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Fire Dynamics Videos


UL Fire Safety Journal 3

Describes the live-fire experiments UL conducted to better understand fire behavior and to test innovative fire attack tactics that can help firefighters more safely and effectively fight modern structure fires.



Building Construction - Fires in Pole Building Construction: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Know the dangers of post-and-frame construction, which is common in many areas of the country. Douglas Fishel

Construction Concerns: Roofs: Snow Load

Gregory Havel's new Construction Concerns looks at the amount of snow load that a roof is designed to hold according to building code requirements among other variables.

Construction Concerns: Fire Doors

Fire-rated doors can provide a valuable line of defense for firefighters. Greg Havel has more on this building construction feature.

Construction Concerns: Trenching and Excavating

In his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel warns first responders of the dangers of entering these construction areas.

Construction Concerns: Adhesives in Manufactured Lumber

In his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel looks into the history and combustibility of adhesives in manufactured lumber.

Applying Fire Research to Structural Firefighting


What Would You Do? Two-Story Residential

This fire occurs in a two-story residential occupancy on a Friday morning at 1030 hours. Try a new training scenario from Skip Coleman.

Three Firefighters Burned in Uniondale (NY) House Fire

At least three firefighters suffered burns Thursday morning May 14 while battling a massive house fire in Uniondale, New York, on Long Island.

Throw Back to Basics: Hoselines

The hashtag #ThrowbackThursday is popular one on the Internet; in terms of firefighter training, it may be present a good opportunity to "throwback" to the basics--or rather, the fundamentals--of our trade.

Firefighters Battle Four-Alarm Meriden (CT) Apartment Fire

On May 9, Meriden (CT) firefighters responded at around noon for numerous calls reporting a building fire with people trapped and jumping.

NFPA Seeks Comments on Standard for Fire Control of Structures Based on Fire Dynamics

At its April 2015 meeting, the Council reviewed the request of Richard Dyer, Kansas City, Missouri, that NFPA establish a new project to develop an NFPA Standard on fire control of structures based upon fire dynamics.

Fast-Moving West New York (NJ) Fire Displaces More Than 100

A fast-moving fire raced through the top floor of a five-story ordinary, occupied multiple dwelling in West New York, New Jersey, on the evening of May 8th, leaving over 100 residents homeless.

Globe, 3M Donate $28,080 to Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund

Globe Manufacturing Company continued its partnership with the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund at FDIC International 2015, the nation’s largest firefighter training conference and exhibition held April 23-26 in Indianapolis.

Training Minutes: Roof Access

In this firefighter training video, Nick Martin and company provide some tips for improving roof access for vertical ventilation.  

What Would You Do? Two-Story Commercial Building

This fire occurs in an ordinary constructed commercial building on the outskirts of downtown. Check out a new training scenario from Skip Coleman.

Videos: UL-NIST Fire Dynamics Research at FDIC International

Last week at FDIC International, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) conducted fire dynamics testing to help deepen fire officers' understanding of critical fire science concepts.

Several Firefighters Injured in Hackensack (NJ) Fire

A rapidly spreading fire tore through a large three-story ordinary, mixed occupancy building on the afternoon of April 25th in Hackensack, New Jersey, injuring several firefighters.

Firefighters Battle 2-Alarm Bloomfield (NJ) House Fire

Firefighters responded today to a working house fire in Bloomfield, New Jersey, that went to two alarms.

Flames Engulf Ocala (FL) Home

Ocala (FL) Fire Rescue responded to reports of a working fire Thursday morning at 11:06 a.m at 43 SW 21st Ave.

Coordinated ventilation has a role

This is in reference to "Controlling the Openings: Is This the Future of Ventilation?" by Sean Gray (Fire Engineering, October 2014) and, in general, to certain fire departments' application of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) fire studies.

Fighting Fires in Motels of Modular Construction

The article "Vacant Warehouse Fire: Lessons Learned" (Fire Engineering, June 2011, 59-68, http://bit.ly/19xXMkz) details a 1992 multiple-alarm fire in Fort Worth, Texas. I wanted to highlight the lessons firefighters learned in attacking a five-alarm fire in a vacant high-rise structure.

FE Talk Archive: SLICERS and DICERS

Bobby Halton talks with Eddie Buchanan and Ray McCormack.

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Live from the UL Attic Burns