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What Would You Do? Fire in an Old Auto Repair Garage

November 13, 2014

Skip Coleman provides a new training scenario on response to a fire in an older ordinary constructed auto repair garage.

Humpday Hangout: UL and NIST on Fire Research

November 12, 2014

In today's Humpday Hangout, Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton and FireRescue Editor in Chief Erich Roden talk to Steve Kerber of UL and Dan Madrzykowski of NIST about fire research and fire dynamics.

Four Injured in Oak Park (IL) Explosions, Fire

November 12, 2014

Four people were injured yesterday in explosions and a fire that went to three alarms in the village of Oak Park, Illinois, which is located on the western edge of Chicago.

West Chicago (IL) Fire Crews Deal with Fire Spread at Dwelling Fire

November 11, 2014

John Tulipano has a report on West Chicago (IL) Fire Protection District firefighters responding to a dwelling fire and photos from the scene.

Fire Blog Roundup: Door Control, Balloon Frame Construction, and More

November 7, 2014

Among other subjects, our bloggers tackled door control and fire spread in balloon frame construction.

Ventilation: East Coast vs. West Coast

November 4, 2014

This training program from the Firefighters Support Foundation addresses the differences in regional ventilation techniques and provides some "tricks of the trade" for more efficient and effective application of techniques.

What Would You Do? Frat House Fire

November 3, 2014

This fire occurs in a building originally built as a side-by-side duplex but has undergone numerous alterations over the years.

Report: Pennsylvania Firefighters Knocked Down by Flashover

October 29, 2014

Two firefighters reportedly had a near miss when they were blown down a flight of stairs in a flashover at a structure fire in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Buffalo Firefighters Battle 4-Alarm Warehouse Fire

October 29, 2014

Buffalo (NY) firefighters were kept busy October 28, 2014, battling a fast-moving four-alarm fire at 463 Howard.

Winds Help Spread Buffalo (NY) Structure Fire

October 28, 2014

Buffalo (NY) firefighters responded in the late afternoon of October 25, 2014, after several calls reporting a structure fire.

FE Talk Archive: SLICERS and DICERS

Bobby Halton talks with Eddie Buchanan and Ray McCormack.

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