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Crews Face Heavy Fire Conditions at Mt. Vernon (NY) Fire

February 27, 2015

ATF Interviews Firefighters About Fatal Georgia Fire

February 25, 2015

Two weeks after Macon-Bibb County fire Lt. Randy Parker perished in a house fire, the firefighters battling the fire with him are sharing their stories of that night

Humpday Hangout: Survivability, Ventilation, and Fire Science

February 25, 2015

On today's Humpday Hangout, hosts Frank Ricci and P.J. Norwood along with Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton talk to Stephen Marsar.

Fire Dynamics: It's Greek to Me: the Language of Modern Fire Protection

February 23, 2015

Glenn P. Corbett-Significant advances in fire behavior/dynamics study include computer modeling of fires and technical firefighting research. Is your basic glossary of terms up to date so you can keep up with these advances?

Crews Battle Frigid Temps, Rapid Fire Spread at Pennsylvania Fire

February 20, 2015

Firefighters battled a house fire in Highland Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, on February 19, 2015 amid single digit temperatures, high winds, and well below zero wind chill.

What Would You Do? Cold Storage Facility Fire

February 16, 2015

This fire occurs in a cold storage facility. It is concrete construction. Interior individual storage compartments are cork-lined for insulation. Try a new fire scenario from Skip Coleman.

NIST Modeling Reveals Dynamics of San Francisco Fire That Killed Firefighters

February 3, 2015

A new computer-based fire-dynamics study by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has helped to clarify the circumstances and violent fire behavior of a lethal 2011 blaze in a San Francisco hillside home. The fire in the multi-story, single-family dwelling claimed the lives of two firefighters.

Glenn Corbett on Huge Edgewater (NJ) Fire

February 2, 2015

Fire Engineering Technical Editor Glenn Corbett recently wrote an editorial on the massive fire that destroyed the Avalon at Edgewater apartment complex in New Jersey.

What Would You Do? Occupied Storefront

February 2, 2015

This fire occurs in a three-story storefront. It has many apartments on the upper two floors. Try a new fire scenario from Skip Coleman.

Video: Bill Gustin on Hoseline Operations in Multiple Dwellings

January 30, 2015

In this training video, Miami-Dade (FL) Captain Bill Gustin discusses hoseline operations for multiple dwellings.