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Fire EMS

Firemedically Speaking: fire EMS Radio

Inaugural Show
Fire Engineering EMS authors discuss contemporary topics, controversies and the future of fire-based EMS.

Memphis Flooding
Live interview with Memphis Fire EMS Operations staff during the flooding that devastated Tennessee.

Fire Fighter Health and Safety
Fire Engineering authors Jim Logan, Aaron Dean, and Karen Owens discuss rehab, fitness and health issues.

Emergency Medical Dispatch
An interview with Dr. Jeff Clawson, father of EMD. Everything you ever want to know about 911 call taking, prioritization, caller instructions, and dispatch.

Infection Control
An interview with Kathy West, noted fire service and EMS infection-control expert. Includes controversies like mandatory flu vaccination and new medical developments sure to affect the fire service.

Ambulance Safety
A no-holds barred interview with Chief Ken Beers of Canandaigua, NY EMS, noted ambulance safety expert. Ken discusses the NFPA 1917 Ambulance Standard, present shortcomings, and future safety design initiatives and reasons why ambulances remain unsafe for patients and crew members.

9/11 EMS Experience
FDNY EMS Lieut. Steve Kanarian (ret) discusses his upcoming book, "The Downwind Walk: a USAR Paramedic's View of 9/11," sharing his personal insight and stories from EMS coworkers on the rescue and recovery efforts at the World Trade Center. Steve blogs at www.downwindwalk.com.

Organ Donation Program
Dr. Brad Kaufman of the FDNY discusses, among other EMS innovations, the first-ever-in-the-U.S. Organ Preservation demonstration project currently run by FDNY to help improve organ donation in New York City.

Capnography and EMS
Mike talks to Troy Smith, Firefighter Paramedic at Snohomish County (WA) Fire District 7 and an internationally known expert on capnography. Troy discusses the evolution of capnography in EMS, practical applications for fire-based EMS providers and innovations coming in the future.

Role of the EMS Director
Dr. Kevin Mackey, EMS Medical Director for Sacramento (CA) Fire Department and 5 surrounding counties in California and newly Board Member of the National Registry of EMTs, talks with show hosts Mike McEvoy and Mick Messoline about the role of EMS Medical Directors, current controversies in STEMI including 12 leads, fibrinolytics and STEMI Center designation, and more.

EMS Chief Officers
Chief Gary Ludwig of Memphis Fire (TN) and Chair of the IAFC EMS Section joins hosts Mike McEvoy and Mick Messoline to discuss the International Association of Fire Chief's EMS Section activities and membership, the Memphis Fire Department EMS program, and important topics EMS Officers should keep current on in today's FireEMS world.

National EMS Educational Standards
Mike McEvoy talks to Debra Cason for UT Southwestern Medical Center and Kathy Robinson of the National Association of State EMS Officials. They discuss the new National EMS Educational Standards and their implications for training, certification, and licensure at all EMS levels.

EMS Political Advocacy
Mike McEvoy talks to Mike Ward aka FossilMedic, a well-known blogger, speaker, author, and assistant professor of Emergency Medicine at George Washington University. Ward will discuss EMS political advocacy, the future of EMS in government (including proper placement of a Federal EMS agency), and EMS higher education.

Live from FDIC 2012
EMS Editor Mike McEvoy talks with FireEMS authors Karen Owens and Rob Raheb about their Fire Engineering publications.  Karen Owens wrote the recently published and first Fire Engineering EMS book, "Incident Command for EMS."  Rob Raheb, FDNY EMS (Ret.) talks about his upcoming article on his work integrating simulation into the FDNY driver training and the benefits driver simulators offer for public safety agencies.

CPR Performance Improvement Initiative
Mike McEvoy talks to Paramedic Dana Yost from the City of Redmond in King County, Washington. Dana will discuss a highly successful CPR performance improvement initiative implemented in his department as well as lessons learned on sustaining and continually improving prehospital resuscitation outcomes.

Fire-Based EMS Advocacy
FireEMS icon Randy Mantooth talks with Mike McEvoy about health and safety issues and fire based EMS advocacy. Since starring in the television show EMERGENCY! that fueled paramedic programs the world over, Randy has become a passionate supporter, brother, and friend of firefighters and EMS providers. He continues to travel, speak, and work on behalf of those whose careers he inspired.

Bath Salts and Synthetic Marijuana
Lieutenant Rom Duckworth, EMS Coordinator for the Ridgefield (CT) Fire Department, author of a Fire Engineering article on designer drugs, talks with FireEMS editor Mike McEvoy about challenges of responding to these new and ever changing overdoses.

Heat Emergencies and Treatment of Hyperthermia
Dr. James Augustine, the former DC Fire Medical Director who has once again returned as the Atlanta Fire Medical Director, will talk with EMS Editor Mike McEvoy about heat emergencies and management of patients with hyperthermia, including rehab of firefighters and athletes experiencing heat-related complications.

Firemedically Speaking
Mike McEvoy and Mick Messoline talk to callers about various issues in fire-based EMS.

The Future of Fire-Based EMS
Mike McEvoy talks to Dr. Ed Dickinson, director of EMS Field Operations at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Dickinson is a paramedic and an emergency physician, author of several textbooks, and editorial board member of JEMS magazine. He will discuss contemporary issues affecting fire-based EMS.

Pediatric Respiratory Illnesses
Fire Engineering author and Web columnist Mick Messoline discusses seasonal pediatric respiratory illnesses with a Children's Hospital of Denver physician

EMS and the Fire Service
A.J. Heightman, editor in chief of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) magazine, talks to host Mike McEvoy about the current state of relationships between EMS and the fire service as well as the newly minted relationship between Fire Engineering magazine and JEMS.

Protecting Our Patients
Mike McEvoy talks with Kathy West, noted infection control expert for fire and EMS services worldwide, about the use of PPE, immunizations, respiratory protection, and her upcoming article in which she notes a disturbing trend in the fire service away from protecting our patients.

Therapeutic Hypothermia
Nicole Kupchik, an internationally known clinical nurse specialist from Seattle, talked to host Mike McEvoy about therapeutic hypothermia.

The Role of EMS Medical Directors
Dr. Keith Wesley, Medical Director for HealthEast Medical Transport in Minnesota and well known EMS physician/author talks with host Mike McEvoy about the evolving roles of EMS Medical Directors, tips for departments in recruiting and working with EMS docs, new trends in spinal immobilization (including some observations from the crash of Asiana Flight 214) and whether paramedics can accurately interpret 12-leads.

FDIC Roundtable: Fire-Based EMS
A replay of the roundtable discussion recorded live at FDIC 2013. Show host Mike McEvoy, EMS Editor for Fire Engineering speaks with JEMS magazine Editor AJ Heightman, Dep. Chief Scott Isaacs and Lieut. Bill Callahan, both from Indianapolis Fire (IFD). What started as a highlight of FDIC turned into an excellent discussion on Fire-based EMS and the evolution of EMS in IFD.

Community Paramedicine
Mike McEvoy talks with Dr. Kevin Munjal, Associate Medical Director of Prehospital Care at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan and founder of the New York Mobile Integrated Healthcare Association. They discuss the shift in EMS delivery to a more patient-centered, community approach. Key points for fire and EMS departments to consider, essential relationships needed to assure survival of an EMS service in the future, and changes expected with the Affordable Care Act are analyzed in detail.

Ice Rescue
Firemedically Speaking host Mike McEvoy is joined by Paramedic Guy Bull, currently serving with the George Washington University Ambulance Service covering the State of Kuwait.  With the onset of winter, Guy describes a simplistic ice rescue technique (http://youtu.be/UG56sDTySFA) using a rope and backboard.  Rather than standing around waiting for additional support, any ambulance or fire service can immediately effect a thin ice rescue with minimal equipment.

EMS: Past, Present, and Future
Host Mike McEvoy interviews Stan Horan, a veteran paramedic who retired after serving for more than 30 years in King County (WA) Medic One.

Sudden Cardiac Events in Firefighters
Host Mike McEvoy talks to Drs. Stephanos Kales of Harvard Medical School and Denise Smith of Skidmore College in a lively and informative discussion on why firefighters, including some very young members, suffer sudden cardiac events.

EMS Technology Insights
From the show floor of the National Teaching Institute (NTI), the annual educational conference of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, host Mike McEvoy interviews three experts to garner some "under the hood" information about 12-lead interpretation algorithms, the inner workings of pulse oximetry, and CPR performance feedback devices.

Small Town and Wilderness EMS
Mike McEvoy and his guest Chris Willis discuss of small town EMS and wilderness responses.

EMS Hot Buttons
Host Mike McEvoy talks with Ridgefield (CT) Lt. Rom Duckworth about current crises, hot buttons, and controversies in fire-based EMS. They discuss the Field EMS Bill, the Affordable Care Act, community paramedics and mobile integrated health, the effects of declining volunteerism, and increased demands for training.

Specialty Care Transport: When To Say No
Host Mike McEvoy speaks with Dr. Deb Funk, a New York emergency physician and director of a flight service and a ground-based critical care transport program. They discuss scope of practice for paramedics, anticipating patient complications, how to recognize when you're in over your head, the role of the service medical director, and strategies for resolving conflicts and disagreements about transfers.

Emerging Infectious Diseases
Mike McEvoy talks with Kathy West, a noted fire service and EMS infection control expert (www.ic-ec.com) about hot topics in emerging infectious diseases including Ebola, enterovirus and influenza.

Building a Better Ambulance with NIST
Mike McEvoy talks with Jennifer Marshall from NIST about the research and development work being done to design and build safer ambulances.

Emergency Medicine in U.S. and Australia
Mike McEvoy talks with Richard Pryor, an emergency physician from the United States who is currently practicing in Australia. Dr. Pryor describes the job and daily routine of an Emergency Medicine Physician and compares his experience in the U.S. with Australia.

Paramedics: Australia and the U.S.
Guest Peter McKie, an Australian paramedic and clinical educator turned inventor, talks with host Mike McEvoy about his experiences as a medic Down Under.

EMS and Hospice
Host Mike McEvoy talks with John Sponholtz, a hospice case manager and author of an upcoming article on EMS response to hospice patients. They discuss the various kinds of hospice and palliative care, why you should be communicating with hospice any time you respond to one of their patients, and more.

The Ambulance of the Future
Mike McEvoy and Joe Bourgaf, CEO of Ferno Washington, discuss current problems with ambulance safety, cost, functionality, and design along with solutions exhibited in a prototype ambulance as well as some very impressive designs currently in development.

Protocol Influences on EMS Care
Mike McEvoy leads a panel discussion with Drs. Jim Augustine (EMS Medical Director for services in Ohio, Atlanta, and Florida) and Sabina Braithwaite (Associate Medical Director Metro Oklahoma City/Tulsa and EMS Medical Director Wichita/Sedgwick County, KS) on transforming the EMS environment of care.


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