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Jack Murphy      

Code Changes on Deck

Jack Murphy details some of the proposed building and fire code changes put forward for the ICC Final Code Hearing in Atlantic City.


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Self-help first step toward helping others

People handle things in different ways, and people go through many changes from births, deaths, new jobs, promotions ...

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: Too Small a Value on Human Lives

On March 25, 1911, 146 garment workers were killed in a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York City. It ...

Construction Concerns: Roofs: Snow Load

Gregory Havel's new Construction Concerns looks at the amount of snow load that a roof is designed to hold according ...

Sean DeCrane: The Fire Service and Tunnel Vision

FDIC Conference Director Diane Rothschild recently spoke with Sean DeCrane, Battalion Chief, Cleveland (OH) Fire Depa...

Fire Codes: Using Elevators for Evacuation?

New York City's Fire, Buildings, and City Planning Departments are composing rules to govern occupant-evacuation elev...

Leadership and Decision Making: The Vroom-Yetton Model

The Vroom-Yetton Contingency Model bases decision making on situational leadership that can be used by just about any...

Fire Codes and Standards: Denver's Legalized Marijuana Industry and the Fire Code

Brian Lukus-Denver was the first city to allow recreational sales of marijuana in Colorado. Here's a look at how the ...

Construction Concerns: Fire Extinguisher Installation

In his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel discusses NFPA 10 and the placement of and specifications for fire ex...

White Paper: Properly Interpreting NFPA Codes

The Joint Commission has focused an unprecedented amount of attention on fire and life safety issues for hospitals. T...

Fire Service Call to Action: Get Involved in the Code Development Process in Person or OnLine

To help with a strong voice for Taming the Fire Environment (TFE), all fire departments are encouraged to participate...

Construction Concerns: Wood Frame Concealed Spaces

In his new Construction Concerns, Gregoy Havel informs firefighters on the hazards of spaces created within wood fram...

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UL Fire Safety Journal 2

In this issue of Underwriter Laboratories' Fire Safety Journal series you can learn more about UL's live burn experiments, computer modeling and statistical analysis -- all reflecting Fire Safety challenges of today.


Center for Campus Fire Safety

Mississippi State University Fire Displaces More Than 150 Students

A candle started a fire of the third floor of the four-story Oak Hall dormitory, on the campus of Mississippi State University last night.

Public Education

CFSI, IFSTA Announce Recipients of 2015 Anne W. Phillips Award for Leadership in Fire Safety Education

The Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) and the International Fire Service Training Association at Fire Protection Publications, Oklahoma State University (IFSTA/FPP-OSU) are honored to select two fire prevention education pioneers, Cathy Lohr and Pam Powell, as the 2015 recipients of the Dr. Anne W. Phillips Award for Leadership in Fire Safety Education.

Building Construction

Structure Fires: Beware of the Danger Above Your Head

One of the most important safety lessons new firefighters can learn is how much fire can be over their heads with little or no indication below. I almost learned this lesson the hard way more than 40 years ago at a fire in a drug store. On arrival, we saw light gray smoke a few inches below the store's 12-foot-high tin ceiling.


Self-help first step toward helping others

People handle things in different ways, and people go through many changes from births, deaths, new jobs, promotions ... all the good and bad in life.


Fighting Fires in Motels of Modular Construction

The article "Vacant Warehouse Fire: Lessons Learned" (Fire Engineering, June 2011, 59-68, details a 1992 multiple-alarm fire in Fort Worth, Texas. I wanted to highlight the lessons firefighters learned in attacking a five-alarm fire in a vacant high-rise structure.

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April 16, 2015 A study conducted by Jeffrey Saver, M.D., director of the University of California, Los Angeles UCLA Comprehensive St...

Fire Engineering

February 2015
Volume 168, Issue 2

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