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Dissecting the RIT: Air Supply

If you’re assigned the role of air supply or any position within RIT, make it your goal to train realistically, writes Jawan Clark.


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Firefighter RIT, Mayday, and self-rescue videos.

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Q & A: Justin McCarthy on Down and Dirty Mayday

New Haven (CT) Firefighter Justin McCarthy recently presented a Webcast on the "Down and Dirty Mayday." Rea...

Vacant Brooklyn Factory Fire

A report was received at the Borough Communications Office for a fire in a vacant factory in Brooklyn, New York.

Fire Department Capability: How Do You Really Know?

You don't have to go very far to find discussions related to fireground operations, tactics, command, and control. Bu...

NASEMSO Announces New Initiative on Performance Measures

The National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials (NASEMSO) announced today a cooperative agreem...

Commercial Search Training Drill: Finding Lost Firefighters

Alex Langbell reviews a large-scale drill conducted by the Yakima (WA) Fire Department Training Division simulating t...


Four Firefighters Injured in Riverdale (IL) Fire

Four firefighters were injured fighting a condominium fire yesterday in Riverdale, Illinois.

NIST: Firefighters Portable Radios May Fail at Elevated Temperatures

New test results from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) confirm that portable radios used by firefighters can fail to operate properly within 15 minutes when exposed to temperatures that may be encountered during firefighting activities.

Lexington (KY) Firefighters Injured in Dynamic Fire Event

Three Lexington (KY) firefighters were reportedly injured in a dynamic fire event this afternoon on the fireground.

Detroit Firefighters Run Out of Air at Commercial Fire

At about 2000 hours on Monday, November 17, 2014, Detroit 4th Battalion companies were dispatched to a reported commercial building fire at W 8 Mile and Stansbury.

Jacksonville (FL) Firefighters Escape Burning Home Before Roof Collapse

Seconds before the roof of a burning home came crashing down, about a dozen firefighters retreated from the disintegrating structure, the Jacksonville fire chief said from the scene Tuesday morning

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Two Firefighters Injured Rescuing Woman from Cleveland House Fire

December 17, 2014

Two firefighters were injured as they battled a house fire on Cleveland's west side Wednesday night

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