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Dissecting the RIT: Air Supply

If you’re assigned the role of air supply or any position within RIT, make it your goal to train realistically, writes Jawan Clark.


Firefighting Video

Firefighter RIT, Mayday, and self-rescue videos.

Firefighter RIT Articles

Mayday, Firefighter Injured in Pennsylvania House Fire

A Mayday was called and a firefighter was reportedly carried unconscious from a building during a multiple-alarm hous...

Detroit Crews Battle Fire at Vacant Structure

This fire took place recently in Detroit, Michigan, at Dexter & the John C. Lodge service drive, and Dave Traifor...

Detroit Fire Strikes Three Dwellings

Fire photographer Dave Traiforos provided some photos of a recent fire that took place in in southwest Detroit.

Mayday, Three Firefighters Injured in Sacramento (CA) Fire

Three firefighters were injured Monday in a South Sacramento (CA) house fire.

KME ARFF Vehicles

KME Delivers Ultra-High Pressure Airfield Fire Apparatus


Philadelphia Firefighters Shocked When Ladder Hits Power Line

Two Philadelphia (PA) firefighters were injured in the aftermath of a fire today, according to news reports.

FDNY Firefighter Injured by Flying Manhole Cover

A New York City firefighter was injured by a flying manhole cover last night, according to a news report.

Missouri Firefighter Shot in Foot When Gun Discharges

An Osage County (MO) firefighter was reportedly shot in the foot while fighting a house fire.

Minnesota Firefighter Injured by Falling Door

A volunteer firefighter was badly injured while providing mutual aid at a fire in Fairfax, Minnesota, according to news reports.

Chattanooga (TN) Firefighter Injured After Being Hit By Car

A Chattanooga (TN) firefighter was seriously injured shortly after 9:00 Sunday night on East Brainerd Road.

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Body Recovered from Rubble of East Village Explosion

March 29, 2015 Police say a body has been discovered in the rubble of an apparent gas explosion that leveled three buildings in Manh...

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