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Ray McCormack      

Shelter - Breach - Escape

The possibility of becoming trapped by fire is something all firefighters need to consider, Ray McCormack writes.


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Firefighter RIT, Mayday, and self-rescue videos.

Firefighter RIT Articles

RIT Operations: Making the Stairs

Fredericksburg (VA) Fire Department Firefighter Donald L. Wedding offers this Tradidions Training drill which focuses...

Simulation Training: Decision-Making Aid

Computer simulations can help incident commanders to make life-and-death decisions rapidly on the fireground, regardl...

RIT Communications, Activities, and Deployments at Structural Fires

In this course, students will review the NFPA Standard on Rapid Intervention Crews (RIC), discover recommendations fo...

Rope-Assisted Search Procedures in Large-Area Structures

Searching a large area when there is an urgency to save lives is a huge undertaking. Presented are simple, but concre...

Clearing the Air: Common Ventilation Misconceptions

Kevin R. Lewis-Here's how to handle "nonideal" fires that do not fit your typical positive pressure ventila...


Idaho Firefighters Escape Wildfire; Apparatus Destroyed

Firefighters in Idaho had a near miss when a wildfire overran a Richfield Fire Department apparatus.

Firefighters Hurt in Pennsylvania Tower Ladder Failure

Three Pennsylvania firefighters were hospitalized after suffered reported nonlife-threatening injuries after a tower ladder failed last night.

Detroit Firefighter Injured in Fire at Structure Owned by Hospital

A Detroit firefighter was injured fighting a fire in a building owned by Henry Ford Hospital.

California Firefighter Narrowly Avoids 10-Foot Fall

A San Bernardino firefighter narrowly avoided falling 10 feet into a basement while fighting a fire late Friday.

Burning School Bus Rolls Toward Fire Apparatus

Video captured a school bus fire in Minnesota. The burning bus rolls toward a fire apparatus, which backs away from the flames.


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Featured Firefighting Articles


Firefighter Technology Roundup: USAR Locator and More

Mary Jane Dittmar reviews some new technology that may be of interest to firefighters, including a locator for urban search and rescue operations, wall-scaling technology, and a tool for increasing situational awareness over expansive fire scenes, such as in wildland firefighting.


Big Storms, Big Emergencies

In this course, discuss the reason unusual conditions lead to unusual problems during big storms and discover how to preplan with your local utility. Learn the hazards bystanders pose to first responders and how to identify critical and dangerous infrastructure in your area.

First Due Battalion Chief

First-Due Battalion Chief: Information Is Vital

When it comes to firefighting in modern buildings, building construction information can go a long way toward keeping firefighters safe, Dan Sheridan writes.

From the Jumpseat

From the Jumpseat: The Safety/Identity Conflict

Do the stories that make up how firefighters think of themselves actually make it more difficult for them to operate safely on the fireground? Mark J. Cotter reviews a scientific study that says yes.

Dunn's Dispatch

Dunn's Dispatch: Rekindle Fires

Preventing a rekindle is a team responsibility. Vincent Dunn discusses the implications of a rekindle and the importance of overhaul operations.


Challenges to Implementing PPA: Q&A

American Fork (UT) Fire & Rescue Chief Kriss Garcia recently conducted a Webcast entitled "Challenges to Implementing PPA." Here are his responses to some questions asked during the presentation.

Industrial Firefighting

Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics Releases 300 Watt LED Security Spotlight Tower on Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame

With over 40 years as a leader in the industrial and commercial lighting industry Larson Electronics continues its commitment to providing high-grade lighting equipment to specialty markets with the release of a 300 watt LED security spotlight tower.


RIT Operations: Making the Stairs

Fredericksburg (VA) Fire Department Firefighter Donald L. Wedding offers this Tradidions Training drill which focuses on the sublevel removal of a downed firefighter.

Wildland Firefighting

Okanogan County Fire Largest in Washington History

Even as one of Washington's wildfires became the largest in state history Monday -- burning an area 4.5 times the size of Seattle --  fire crews and aid workers are bracing for the possibility that lightning could trigger a new round of fires by midweek.


Fire Crews Battle 2-Alarm Lancaster (PA) Fire

Fire Crews Battle 2-Alarm Lancaster (PA) Fire

An electrical fire heavily damaged a building Monday evening at High Steel Structures Inc. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Responsibility and Response Ability, Part 2

If a fire department does not know its responsibilities, the effectiveness of its response ability will be hampered, and responder safety will be compromised, writes Eric G. Bachman.

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Los Angeles to Hire 165 New Firefighters

July 21, 2014 With a new fire chief awaiting confirmation and thousands of expected applicants, the city of Los Angeles is beginnin...

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