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DICERS-VO: Protecting the Egress

Ray McCormack on how applying the DICERS-VO model allows you to protect your egress point on the fireground.


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Ray McCormack

Interpretive Dance: Hose Stream Comparison Test

Ray McCormack weighs in on a recent hose stream comparison test video.

Tactical Safety: Back to the Future

Those who clamor for early adoption of new firefighting tactics have to realize that people's lives will hang in the balance and not every test burn will end up successful, Ray McCormack writes.

Tactical Safety: A Prevention Message

The fire service needs to give itself credit for the successful operations and protection of lives and property that happen every day, Ray McCormack writes.

On The Line

On the Line: AAA: Triangle of Incident Survivability

Anticipation, action, and analysis are three components that can help improve firefighter survival on the fireground, Dave DeStefano writes.

On the Line: Second Due is Second to None

Although every firefighter wants to be first in, each task on the fireground is important if the operation is to be conducted safely and efficiently, David DeStefano writes.

Primary Tools for Primary Search

David DeStefano reminds firefighters of the importance of basic tools when conducting a primary search.

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Throw Back to Basics: Hoselines

The hashtag #ThrowbackThursday is popular one on the Internet; in terms of firefighter training, it may be prese...

Firefighters Respond to Fire That Damages Columbus (IN) City Trucks

Columbus (IN) firefighters were called to a vehicle fire yesterday at the Columbus City Garage complex.

What Would You Do? Two-Story Commercial Building

This fire occurs in an ordinary constructed commercial building on the outskirts of downtown. Check out a new trainin...

Exova Warringtonfire Provides Fire Consultancy on Two Major Projects in Perth, Australia

Exova Warringtonfire, in the fire safety testing and consultancy provider industry, has delivered fire engineering so...

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