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Engine Company


Throw Back to Basics: Nozzle Placement

In his new Throw Back To Basics, Brian Zaitz offers this drill that emphasizes correct nozzle placement and handling to exponentially improve the effectiveness of the entire hoseline crew.

Engine Company Videos

Ray McCormack

Interpretive Dance: Hose Stream Comparison Test

Ray McCormack weighs in on a recent hose stream comparison test video.

Tactical Safety: Back to the Future

Those who clamor for early adoption of new firefighting tactics have to realize that people's lives will hang in the balance and not every test bur...

Tactical Safety: A Prevention Message

The fire service needs to give itself credit for the successful operations and protection of lives and property that happen every day, Ray McCormac...

On The Line

On the Line: AAA: Triangle of Incident Survivability

Anticipation, action, and analysis are three components that can help improve firefighter survival on the fireground, Dave DeStefano writes.

On the Line: Second Due is Second to None

Although every firefighter wants to be first in, each task on the fireground is important if the operation is to be conducted safely and efficientl...

Primary Tools for Primary Search

David DeStefano reminds firefighters of the importance of basic tools when conducting a primary search.

Engine Company Articles

And I'm Climbing a Stairway to...

We OFTEN take FOR GRANTED the value of stairs. Whether we're using them for "attack" or "evacuation," one of our main tactics s...

Water Supply: Preplanning Alternatives

We received a call ONE DAY at around 1700 hours from one of our Fire Department of New York (FDNY) members who was just getting off shift.

Throw Back to Basics: Nozzle Placement

In his new Throw Back To Basics, Brian Zaitz offers this drill that emphasizes correct nozzle placement and handling to exponentially improve the e...

Throw Back to Basics: Engineer Roll

Brian Zaitz offers a potential change for the apparatus operator that may improve both efficiency and effectiveness on the fireground.

Firefighter Training Bulletin: Tough Decisions

You have a large balloon-frame residential structure with heavy fire on the exterior fueled by a broken gas line with heavy fire extension into the...

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The Engine Company Training Guide, sponsored by Key Hose.

Download a free training guide on engine work, sponsored by Key Hose.

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Firefighter Burned, Multiple Rescues in Missouri Fire

A firefighter suffered second-degree burns in a fire today in Grandview, Missouri, from which multiple people were rescued, reports say.


Big Storms, Big Emergencies

In this course, discuss the reason unusual conditions lead to unusual problems during big storms and discover how to preplan with your local utilit...

First Due Battalion Chief

Firefighting and Preserving the Fire Scene: Finding the Balance

The company officers and firefighters all play a huge role in every fire investigation, Danny Sheridan and Steve Chasteen write.

FDIC International

Frank Ricci: Apparatus Placement

In this Roll Call Tips video, Frank Ricci discusses apparatus placement.

Dunn's Dispatch

Dunn's Dispatch: Rekindle Fires

Preventing a rekindle is a team responsibility. Vincent Dunn discusses the implications of a rekindle and the importance of overhaul operations.

Industrial Firefighting

New Sales Manager of Unifire's Handheld Nozzle Division Announced

Swedish nozzle manufacturer, Unifire AB, has announced that it has newly hired a highly accomplished and experienced Sales Manager, Mr Fatos Krasni...


The Single-Firefighter Double-Horseshoe Below-Grade Rescue

While preparing for Tulsa (OK) Fire Department's fall company drill on below-grade fires, I became aware that most of our tactics for firefighter r...

Wildland Firefighting

Report: Four Firefighters Hurt in Valley Fire Used Portable Shelter

A new report details the harrowing ordeal four Northern California firefighters trapped by a fast-moving blaze endured before their rescue


Throw Back to Basics: Atmospheric Monitoring

Just like the halligan and ax, it is critical for firefighters to practice with an atmospheric monitor. Download a new training bulletin from Brian...


Closing the Information GAP

Despite the importance of preincident intelligence, many fire departments fail to gather even basic information about the facilities they protect, ...

Top News

Two Students Charged in Pepper Spray Incident at Gwinnett High School

October 5, 2015 Two Gwinnett County high school students are facing criminal charges after a Monday morning pepper spray incident tha...

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