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Preincident Intelligence of Inactive Buildings, Part 1

A fire department that does not have full sight of the district it protects is not likely to be successful when confronted with unrealized hazards, writes Eric Bachman.


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Firefighters Respond to Palisades Park (NJ) Structure Fire

Smoke alarms did their job when Palisades Park (NJ) volunteer firefighters were toned out to an alarm activation in a...

Woman Dies in CA High-Rise Fire

A body was found in one-alarm fire in a high-rise building near the San Francisco Golf Club Friday morning.

KS Department Fights Third Fire in Three Days

Manhattan Fire Department firefighters were called to battle a fire less than a block away from a fire they fought th...

Two Baltimore Firefighters Hurt While Battling House Fires

Hundreds Pay Tribute to Fallen FDNY Firefighter

FDNY Reveals Cause of Fire That Killed FDNY Firefighter

An air conditioner electrical cord pinched between a bed frame and wall started the fire that killed Lt. Gordon Ambel...

Staten Island Firefighter Dies After Fire at Brooklyn High-Rise

A 40-year-old FDNY lieutenant from Staten Island was killed Saturday night when he became trapped while looking ...

Video: Firefighters Operating at Reno (NV) Fire

A video recently uploaded to Vimeo by Michael Hernandez shows Reno (NV) firefighters operating at the scene of a dwel...

Colorado Firefighters Control Fire at High-Rise Apartments

Firefighters battled a fire that broke out early Monday at a high-rise apartment complex in Lakewood, Colorado.

Firefighters Respond to Texas Structural Collapse

Firefighters responded today to a structural collapse in which several people were injured at a home in Harris County...

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Featured Firefighting Articles


Firefighter Technology Roundup: USAR Locator and More

Mary Jane Dittmar reviews some new technology that may be of interest to firefighters, including a locator for urban search and rescue operations, wall-scaling technology, and a tool for increasing situational awareness over expansive fire scenes, such as in wildland firefighting.


Big Storms, Big Emergencies

In this course, discuss the reason unusual conditions lead to unusual problems during big storms and discover how to preplan with your local utility. Learn the hazards bystanders pose to first responders and how to identify critical and dangerous infrastructure in your area.

First Due Battalion Chief

First-Due Battalion Chief: Information Is Vital

When it comes to firefighting in modern buildings, building construction information can go a long way toward keeping firefighters safe, Dan Sheridan writes.

From the Jumpseat

From the Jumpseat: The Safety/Identity Conflict

Do the stories that make up how firefighters think of themselves actually make it more difficult for them to operate safely on the fireground? Mark J. Cotter reviews a scientific study that says yes.

Dunn's Dispatch

Dunn's Dispatch: Rekindle Fires

Preventing a rekindle is a team responsibility. Vincent Dunn discusses the implications of a rekindle and the importance of overhaul operations.


DICERS-VO: Protecting the Egress

Ray McCormack on how applying the DICERS-VO model allows you to protect your egress point on the fireground.

Industrial Firefighting

Kimtek's MEDLITE Transport a Perfect Fit for 2014 Yamaha Viking

In its new lineup of larger side-by-side utility vehicles, Yamaha Motor Corporation has introduced the 2014 Yamaha Viking, a new UTV model that readily accommodates the Kimtek MEDLITE Transport skid units.


Firefighters Escape Close Call in Wind-Driven Fire

Five members of the Boise (ID) Fire Department narrowly avoid being buried in a structural collapse.

Structural Firefighting

Firefighters Respond to Palisades Park (NJ) Structure Fire

Smoke alarms did their job when Palisades Park (NJ) volunteer firefighters were toned out to an alarm activation in a Bergen Boulevard two-story commercial building shortly after 6 a.m. on July 23.

Wildland Firefighting

Oregon Firefighter Dies on Break from Wildfire

An Oregon firefighter died in a fall while on a break from battling a wildfire in the southern Cascade Range.


NTSB: New Jersey Train Derailment and Hazardous Material Release Caused by Lack of Crew Training to Identify Locked Bridge

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined today the probable cause of a derailment at Paulsboro Bridge in New Jersey, which resulted in a hazardous material release.


Responsibility and Response Ability, Part 2

If a fire department does not know its responsibilities, the effectiveness of its response ability will be hampered, and responder safety will be compromised, writes Eric G. Bachman.

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Fire Destroys One San Jose Home and Damages Another

July 30, 2014 A powerful, fast-moving fire destroyed one house and damaged a neighboring home in a South San Jose neighborhood Wedn...

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