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  Outdoor Prolink provides pro deals (big discounts) on outdoor sporting goods to the firefighting, law enforcement and military communities. Access to these pro deals is free for Firefighters, a 'thank you' from the outdoor community.  Click for details.

I'm a Firefighter Spouse—How Cool Is That?

I am so very proud to be the wife of a firefighter. It can be hard sometimes, but here are four reasons why it is—without a doubt—so incredibly awesome.

Anne Gagliano is the wife of Fire Engineering author & FDIC speaker Mike Gagliano from the Seattle (WA) Fire Department.  She lectures with her husband on how to build and maintain a strong marriage.  She will use this section of the site to counsel and advise firefighters and their spouses on common pitfalls of being married to someone in the profession. 

The Prize is in the Pie: Double Crust Stuffed Pizza—Firehouse Style

The Firehouse Foodie returns with a pie that aims to bring a real taste of New York City into your station.   

Craig Nelson, a North Dakota firefighter, creates his own recipes and solicits them from departments across the country. Each article contains a quick introduction, the recipe, and any stories that may surround the legendary dishes.  

Rip Esselstyn is the author of "The Engine 2 Diet," teaching people the irrefutable connection between what they put in their mouths and their ability to their ideal weight and health.  Rip serves on the Board of Directors for The Wellness Foundation, EarthSave's Meals for Health Program, and the AllergyKids Foundation.

Kipp Rix has been in the fire service for over 17 years.  He has published two Fire House Cook Books and uses a portion of the proceeds to support donations to firefighter's needs and training.  He is also a featured chef with Eddie Sell's FireHouseChefs.com.  

In 2006, Virginia Fiefighter Frank Vaerewyck won an Iron Chef-style competition and the Firehouse Foodie was born.  Since that time Frank has been compiling recipes to be included in a cookbook that will give others the opportunity to see their hometown heroes not just as firefighters, but as the firehouse chefs they truly are.

Off Duty With Kevin Shea

Off Duty With Kevin Shea is a monthly video column following Lt. (Ret.) Kevin Shea from FDNY as he hunts and fishes across the North American continent.  Shea blends actual hunting and fishing with advice and safety tips, techniques and commentary

Join Special Guest Sammy the Smoke Alarm on the new "Safety Spot"!

For this episode, our special guest was Sammy the Smoke Alarm, who helped share how important it is to have a working smoke alarm.

As children learn of the adventures of Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, they learn valuable fire safety tips enabling them and their families to help keep fire safe. Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog is not only fun, but educationally sound and based on the latest fire safety research for young children.

Quitting Is Useless, But Failure...

Far too often, we are impatient and focus only on the ultimate goal and forget that a journey is made up of many small steps.

Michael Kreuger is an NSCA-certified personal trainer. He works with firefighters and others in and around Madison, Wisconsin. He is available to fire departments, civic organizations, and athletic teams for training, consulting, and speaking engagements. He has published numerous articles on fitness, health, and the mind-body connection.

Healing Through Nature...The Yoga Way!

Since we are connected to nature and it is part of us, we can find comfort and healing through immersing ourselves in nature since we are coming home to our inner elements.

Claire Diab is an internationally recognized Yoga therapist. She is the director of the Yoga Program for the Chopra Center founded by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon. She is an adjunct professor of Asian Studies at Seton Hall University. She is the author of several books and DVDs on Yoga including “Yoga For Firefighters.”

Dennis Boyle is a retired fire director and acting chief with the West Orange (NJ) Fire Department. He was the recipient of the 1999 New Jersey Deputy Fire Chiefs “Fire Officer of the Year” award.

Expanding the Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer, Part 2

Mary Jane returns with the second part of her series on the dangers of prostate cancer, an issue highly relevant to firefighters.

Mary Jane Dittmar is senior associate editor of Fire Engineering and conference manager of FDIC. Before joining the magazine in January 1991, she served as editor of a trade magazine in the health/nutrition market and held various positions in the educational and medical advertising fields.

FDIC 2015 Courage & Valor 5K Fun Run: A Runner's Eye View

Experience this first-hand account of FDIC 2015's Courage & Valor 5K Fun Run through the lens of columnist Derek Rosenfeld as well as from Fire Engineering's Mary Jane Dittmar and Ginger Mendolia, who marked the occassion by participating in their first ever 5K.

Derek Rosenfeld looks at the world of sports, both professional and firefighter-related, and its impact in and out of the firehouse. Derek is an associate editor for Fire Engineering magazine and has eight years of baseball coaching experience at the collegiate level. Before his coaching career, he was a decorated infielder at New Jersey's Ramapo College and in several semi-pro leagues around the tri-state area.

"That's Not My Name"

I love this song by the Ting Tings. And you may too. It actually popped into my head while going through a credit report fiasco involving me and my husband.

Financial Advisor and Insurance Agent Diana Palmieri specializes in financial and retirement planning for firefighters. Diane offers tips on what firefighters can do with their money to plan/savefor retirement, the buzz on investing and the latest trends and vehicles

"Nope. I'm not going to make it to New York City this way."

The Yenta returns with her cohort Ron Jeffers to offer more stranger-than-fiction moments only the fire service can produce.

Diane Rothschild is executive editor of Fire Engineering and conference director of FDIC. She has a B.A. in English communications. She has been a yenta (look it up) for most of her life. If you have a story for the Yenta, e-mail dianer@pennwell.com.

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We the Living

Life goes on. Or not. We the living move on, and do the best we can, and try to help those who have lost their way.

Fire Life Articles

We the Living

Life goes on. Or not. We the living move on, and do the best we can, and try to help those who have lost their way.

Doing the Job

We were soaked to the bone, filthy, exhausted, and satisfied. One by one, the crews left the fire scene and headed back to their respective station...

Up All Night

I’m different, that much is certain, but I still like to stay up all night.

Let the Police Carry the Guns

Guns themselves are okay, but on an EMS rig they are far more trouble than they are worth.

"The Rescue"

Perry (FL) Fire Department Firefighter/EMT Shannon Jiminez offers this inspiring poem to challenge and motivate each and every first responder on t...

Dan's Pitchbible is In!

This week's Dan's Pitchbible has returned from the printer! Check it out! The printing came out fabulous! Looking forward to telling all the TV executives and Studios all about Firefighter Dan.™

Tim Saguinsin is certified in the state of New Jersey and is a member of the Metuchen Volunteer Fire Department in addition to creating Fireighter Dan. He attended the Maryland Institute, College of Art where he received his BFA in General Fine Arts in 1995.