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FireLife is dedicated to all things “off-duty” that are of interest to firefighters while they are not working/training. Some of the regular columns we will feature in the family section include:

  • What Every Firefighter's Spouse Should Know

    -- Anne Gagliano is the wife of Fire Engineering author & FDIC speaker Mike Gagliano from the Seattle (WA) Fire Department.  She lectures with her husband on how to build and maintain a strong marriage.  She will use this section of the site to counsel and advise firefighters and their spouses on common pitfalls of being married to someone in the profession. 

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Fire Life Family Articles

How to Sleep with a Firefighter

To survive my firefighter's peculiar nocturnal habits, I've had to adapt. Hopefully the following tips will help other spouses out there who are struggling a bit to actually sleep with their firefighter. 

Firefighters Are Different

Anne Gagliano writes, "It is for this reason above all others that humanity can be grateful to God that firefighters are, indeed, different."

Do Stuff Together

Firefighters and rock stars have a lot in common. So take note, firefighters, and learn from an old rocker who has beaten the odds.

The Ghost Fire

Just last shift, my firefighter husband e-mailed me the coolest picture from work, but in his efforts to include me, he unwittingly set me up for a very rough night.

Easy Rider

Life is a road we all must travel; those who travel it best are those that become experts, making that which is actually incredibly difficult look "easy."

Trick-or-Treat for the Firefighter Marriage

May I make this whimsical assertion: Trick-or-Treating isn't just for kids in October, but for adults—all year long!

I HATE Divorce

I hate divorce for reasons too numerous to list, but those reasons can be broken into three categories: What divorce does to the children, what divorce does to the adults, and what divorce does to the firefighter.

Breathing Room for the Firefighter Family, Part 4

Not to be overlooked are the children, as they can be the ultimate casualty of a failed firefighter marriage. And they, too, need a little breathing room.

Breathing Room for the Firefighter Family, Part 3

In Part 3 of this series, Anne Gagliano describes three ways for the firefighter's spouse to back away from the edge. 

Breathing Room for the Firefighter Family, Part 2

We firefighter families must look at ways to back away from the edge because statistic show we are at a high risk of failure.

Breathing Room for the Firefighter Family, Part 1

Firefighter families often live too close to the edge—the edge of disaster. Here are some tips to give your family some breathing room or an emergency reserve of strength to handle the ever increasing stresses of life.

Stop Using Sex as a Weapon

Using sex as a weapon is the primary cause of sexual dysfunction within marriage and both men and women are guilty of doing so. If not addressed, sexual dysfunction often leads to divorce.

The Heart Is Right, Part 2

Here is the exciting conclusion to a firefighter wife's dream-come-true adventure on 'The Price is Right.'

The Heart is Right, Part 1

Firefighters need to commit to seeing that their "better halves" are living their dreams as well. Here is an example of putting your wife first, ensuring she is being valued, treasured, and spotlighted. The story involves our friend Rick Lasky.

Grad School and Grasshoppers

After nearly 29 years of living with a firefighter, I've learned this: You can't always control what happens to you, but you can control how you react.