FireLife is dedicated to all things “off-duty” that are of interest to firefighters while they are not working/training. Some of the regular columns we will feature in the family section include:

  • What Every Firefighter's Spouse Should Know

    -- Anne Gagliano is the wife of Fire Engineering author & FDIC speaker Mike Gagliano from the Seattle (WA) Fire Department.  She lectures with her husband on how to build and maintain a strong marriage.  She will use this section of the site to counsel and advise firefighters and their spouses on common pitfalls of being married to someone in the profession. 

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Fire Life Family Articles

Vive la Difference, Part 3

Happy wife, happy life, right? In this column, Anne Gagliano gives tips as to some of the things women need from their husbands and why.

Vive la Difference, Part 2

In this column, Anne Gagliano focuses on why and how a woman's brain is like a superhighway when it comes to feelings and emotions while a man's brain, by comparison, is a country dirt road.

Vive la Difference, Part 1

Anne Gagliano celebrates those peculiar traits which separate men and women, and why they are so important in keeping our relationships exciting.

Porn vs. Marriage

Of all addictions, pornography addiction is the most harmful when it comes to marriage, and here are three reasons why.

A Firefighter and a Father

What does it take to be a good father?  Words elude me on this topic, for I am not a father but a mother.  I will, instead, quote my son, for who better to define a good father than the child of one?

The Firefighter's Sanctuary

Firefighters need a place to recover after the emotional and physical duress of a tough shift.  Life is best, families are happiest, and marriages are strongest when that place of rejuvenation, that sanctuary in the midst of the storm, is home sweet home.

Semper Fi

Broken faithfulness shatters marriages. This is something to think on before you even entertain the notion of having an affair.

A Fireman's Wife

A fireman's wife must be many things if she is going to survive the world of firefighting. In this column, Anne Gagliano talks about what some of those things are.

Make It a Date

Make any night a special date night with these tried and true tips.

3 Blessings to Always Remember About Firefighting

Being a firefighter and being married to a firefighter truly is a blessing, and here are three reasons why:

Firefighters Make Terrible Patients

Injuries are an inevitable cause of the firefighting profession. This will eventually lead all firefighter wives to occassionally take on the task of becoming her husband's nursemaid. Anne Gagliano conveys her own experiences handling this role in hopes of preparing her fellow firefighter wives for when its their turn.

How to Fight Fair

All couples fight. Fighting is simply part of the human condition, for we are, unfortunately, selfish creatures at heart. We deeply want to have things our own way, so when we decide to live with someone else who is, in fact, just as selfish as we are, conflicts can and do result.

Keep It All in Perspective, Part 3

Anne Gagliano concludes the saga of the Mary Pang Warehouse fire with many of the changes it brought to their lives and to the Seattle Fire Department as a whole.

Keep It All in Perspective, Part 2

Anne Gagliano writes how the Mary Pang warehouse fire changed her young family's belief that firefighting was simply all "cool" stuff.

Keep It All in Perspective, Part 1

Anne Gagliano gives a firsthand account of how the night of her son's seventh birthday party intertwined with the Mary Pang Warehouse Fire which impacted her family for life.