FireLife is dedicated to all things “off-duty” that are of interest to firefighters while they are not working/training. Some of the regular columns we will feature in the spirit section include:

  • Fire Yenta

    -- humorous true firefighter stories about life in the firehouse, including unusual calls, pranks, and observations on firefighter's unique profession. Readers, sometimes anonymously, contribute their anecdotes.
  • Fire Life

    -- Human interest stories about firefighters and firefighter-related topics, including off-duty services and interesting side jobs.

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Fire Life Firefighter Spirit Articles

To the Rescue

Those standing outside of the impromptu shelter shivered but managed to look cool doing it. They were teenagers for the most part and didn’t want to hang with the firefighters or little kids.


As far as I was concerned, the tillerman on Ladder Co. 7 in Providence, Rhode Island, heading toward a two-alarm fire in the middle of a cold winter night was the King of the World … until the truck stopped at the fire scene...

"Hey, there's a Seagrave in my driveway!"

The Yenta returns with some help from Photographer Ron Jeffers for another round of humorous fire service anecdotes.

Taking It With You

She sat across the room, 10, maybe 15, feet away. I don't think she was aware that I was aware of her and her condition.

Rescue 1, Responding

She’s walked for hours. She’s cold, lonely, and afraid. And she’s dangerously depressed, but nobody knows that, least of all her father, because she is afraid of upsetting him.

Isolation at the End of a Tie

It was a crime scene, but I needed to confirm the man was gone. I got the door open about a foot, squeezed through, and watched a dead man's weight force the door shut.


Being involved in your community is well worth the time invested.

Last Ride

It’s crazy, but every now and then I have to remind myself just how good I have it.

"A politician’s firehouse? Very low budget!"

The Yenta returns with more fire service fun with the help of Photographer Ron Jeffers.

Target Practice

We found him lying under a box truck. I crawled under; dragged him onto a long board; and, with help from Brian and the guys from Engine 13, dragged him out.

At Peace

The guys from Engine 10 were doing CPR when we arrived...

Toilet Paper—It's Flammable!

March brings the changing of the seasons as well as some great fire anecdotes from the Yenta.

For the Birds

It’s late, the streets are empty, and we’re heading back to quarters hoping for an hour or two of rest. The radio has other plans.

The Broad Street Bullies

In an old tenement house in the inner city at ten till midnight, a baby wakes, struggling to breathe. When everything his mother tries isn’t enough and her son continues to struggle, she calls 911.

What was the Pronouncement Time?

The Yenta returns with more anecdotes from the travels (and travails) of Ron Jeffers.

Fire Engineering

Volume 167, Issue 11