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FireLife is dedicated to all things “off-duty” that are of interest to firefighters while they are not working/training. Some of the regular columns we will feature in the spirit section include:

  • Fire Yenta

    -- humorous true firefighter stories about life in the firehouse, including unusual calls, pranks, and observations on firefighter's unique profession. Readers, sometimes anonymously, contribute their anecdotes.
  • Fire Life

    -- Human interest stories about firefighters and firefighter-related topics, including off-duty services and interesting side jobs.

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Fire Life Firefighter Spirit Articles

We the Living

Life goes on. Or not. We the living move on, and do the best we can, and try to help those who have lost their way.

Doing the Job

We were soaked to the bone, filthy, exhausted, and satisfied. One by one, the crews left the fire scene and headed back to their respective stations. We were the first in and the last out.

Up All Night

I’m different, that much is certain, but I still like to stay up all night.

"Nope. I'm not going to make it to New York City this way."

The Yenta returns with her cohort Ron Jeffers to offer more stranger-than-fiction moments only the fire service can produce.

Let the Police Carry the Guns

Guns themselves are okay, but on an EMS rig they are far more trouble than they are worth.

"The Rescue"

Perry (FL) Fire Department Firefighter/EMT Shannon Jiminez offers this inspiring poem to challenge and motivate each and every first responder on the job.

Maybe I Should

I crawled out a window, and there she was. She looked peaceful, almost, once you got past the contorted limbs and pool of blood that had formed under and around her.

"I guess we can't fix it!"

The Yenta once again teams with Ron Jeffers to bring you more hilarious head-scratchers from the fire service.

One on One

Ensuring scene safety is not always as easy as it first appears. The scene may stay the same, but the people in it change in an instant.

Firefighters Need Multiple Personalities

We need to adapt to be effective, and adapting ourselves to thrive in any environment is a vital first step.

"They Do Exist!"

The Yenta returns with more hilarity from the fire service courtesy of New Jersey Metro Fire Photographers' Ron Jeffers.

The "ME" Wall

I will always be proud of what I accomplished during my 23-year career, and though most of my “stuff” has come down from the “Me” wall, I’ll always keep a little something to remind me.

Basement Fire

House fire, reports of a man trapped in the basement. Thick, black smoke with wisps of yellow pouring from the basement windows.

Role Reversal

This time of year The Yenta feels nostalgic for things past. Thanks to Eileen Brennan Cress, my honorary “sister” and Tom Brennan’s daughter, as well as Ron Jeffers for sharing these photos which help close out 2014.

To the Rescue

Those standing outside of the impromptu shelter shivered but managed to look cool doing it. They were teenagers for the most part and didn’t want to hang with the firefighters or little kids.