FireLife is dedicated to all things “off-duty” that are of interest to firefighters while they are not working/training. Some of the regular columns we will feature in the spirit section include:

  • Fire Yenta

    -- humorous true firefighter stories about life in the firehouse, including unusual calls, pranks, and observations on firefighter's unique profession. Readers, sometimes anonymously, contribute their anecdotes.
  • Fire Life

    -- Human interest stories about firefighters and firefighter-related topics, including off-duty services and interesting side jobs.

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Fire Life Firefighter Spirit Articles

At Peace

The guys from Engine 10 were doing CPR when we arrived...

Toilet Paper—It's Flammable!

March brings the changing of the seasons as well as some great fire anecdotes from the Yenta.

For the Birds

It’s late, the streets are empty, and we’re heading back to quarters hoping for an hour or two of rest. The radio has other plans.

The Broad Street Bullies

In an old tenement house in the inner city at ten till midnight, a baby wakes, struggling to breathe. When everything his mother tries isn’t enough and her son continues to struggle, she calls 911.

What was the Pronouncement Time?

The Yenta returns with more anecdotes from the travels (and travails) of Ron Jeffers.

Help from the House

It was the last call of the day for all of us, at least we hoped it was. Shift change happens at 1700 hours; this call came in at 1645.


The Yenta returns for 2014 with this all new batch of hilarious anecdotes as well as Fire Engineering's newest (and youngest) avid reader.

Missing Captains

Her home was meticulous, nestled on a quiet street in the Mount Pleasant section of the city, surrounded by beautiful yet modest homes that showed the pride of their owners.


Michael Morse presents this excerpt from his new book, Responding EMS: It Happens Now.

Earn It

“I didn’t even know what a pension was when I took this job.”

"What vendor did the department buy these boots from?"

The Yenta returns with the help of fire photographer (and humorist) Ron Jeffers and his humorous photos and captions.

Talk About It

The cable guy was finishing up after having spent a few hours in my house. It's tough not to figure things out about a person when you are on the inside.

"911. What is your emergency?"

The Yenta returns with tales of those shocking 911 calls that seldom seem to shock US.

New Me

At the beginning of my shift, I often give myself a little inspirational speech. The list changes from shift to shift, but I always start my day with the best intentions.

The Firefighter's Creed

Lieutenant David Hollenbach of the Orange County (FL) Fire Rescue Department adapts the Navy SEAL Creed to fit the honor and dedication of the nation's firefighters.