FireLife is dedicated to all things “off-duty” that are of interest to firefighters while they are not working/training. Some of the regular columns we will feature in the wealth section include:

  • Your Money

    -- A retirement/financial planning section written by Financial Advisor and Insurance Agent Diana Palmieri.  She specializes in financial and retirement planning for firefighters.  This section will include Diane's tips on what firefighters can do with their money to plan/savefor retirement, the buzz on investing and the latest trends and vehicles

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Fire Life Money Articles

A Small Stepping Stone to Saving for Retirement

The MyRA is not the 100-percent surefire way to wholly fund one’s retirement, but I believe it could be a stepping stone to greater savings in the future.

Think You're Too Young to Plan?

A good deal of my practice focuses on helping clients with all aspects of planning their financial futures. It’s not only talking about their investments.

Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

Unfortunately, some investors may have not learned the lessons Madoff's ponzi scheme should have taught.

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

The ultimate, 100 percent, surefire way to ensure your gold or silver is real is to buy from a reputable licensed dealer.

Life Insurance Contestability

Do not take insurance fraud lightly. If you did fib on your application, omit medical or financial information, and think you’re in the clear, think again, writes Diana Palmieri.

Considering a Condo?

If you are considering buying a condo or a town home, there are myriad things to consider.

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

There are a lot of really important financial decisions that I believe cannot be made without guidance from a knowledgeable advisor, writes Diana Palmieri.

Psychological Traps

Too often, our emotions hinder us from making prudent decisions--not just with money but all aspects of life. How emotional are you when it comes to investing?

Your Parents and Their Money

It is very difficult to get your parents to hand over all of their financial responsibilities to you. You have to start small and make them feel that you are not treating them as children or taking something away from them.

Changes in the Mortgage World

Whether you are refinancing or purchasing a home for the first time, be aware of the many changes that have been enacted and being considered.

R E T I R E M E N T Worksheet

Here’s a little worksheet designed to help you go through what you need to address before you retire.  It is never too early to start!

A Simple Phone Call Will Save You!

The joys of tax season! Hopefully, there’s a refund check is in your future. I recently sat down with my tax preparer, and he told me a story that knocked my socks off. 

Sock a Little More Away This Year!

Back in late 2012, the IRS set its annual contribution limits for retirement plans, IRAs, and 401(k) plans for 2013, and there actually are some increases! There are also some other important adjustments to be aware of as well.

No Sigh of Relief from Me!

The drama surrounding the fiscal cliff loomed everywhere. Well, the results are not exciting and far from over. There is still much to be done.

Wow! Is It The End of The Year Already?!?!

As 2013 approaches, we should take the time to put some lights on our financial house.