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How Do We Get Firefighters to Seek Help?      

How Do We Get Firefighters to Seek Help?

Help is out there for firefighters struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. Mark Lamplugh has some thoughts.


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Georgetown Firefighters to Wear Pink Duty Shirts in October for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is National Fire Prevention Prevention Month, but it's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

IFSI Receives Grant to Study Firefighter Safety

The University of Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) has learned that it will receive an FY2013 Department of Hom...

CDC Posts Ebola Guidelines for EMS

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has posted Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)...

L.A. Pays Millions as Police and Firefighter Injury Claims Rise

An injury-leave program for Los Angeles police and firefighters that has cost taxpayers $328 million over the last fi...

Last Call Foundation Formed in Memory of Fallen Boston Firefighter Michael Kennedy

Today marks the launch of the Last Call Foundation, a new organization that will support the Boston firefighting comm...


Ohio Firefighters May Face Discipline for Lack of Exercise

Firefighters in one Ohio town may face discipline if they aren't getting enough exercise, according to a news report.

Letter to the Editor: Norfolk Firefighter Fitness Evaluations

Norfolk (VA) Fire Chief Jeff Wise provides some clarification on a recent story regarding firefighter fitness testing in his department.

Top 5 Cardio Equipment for Firefighters

John Hofman, strength and conditioning coach for the Sacramento (CA) Fire Department, looks at what he considers to be the five best piece of exercise equipment for firefighters.

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Health and Fitness Training Guide
The information presented here will help you in your quest for optimal health for you and your department members. Sponsored by the NVFC.


RIT Rescues Firefighter in West Hollywood (CA) Fire

A firefighter was rescued by the rapid intervention team after getting into trouble on the fireground during a fire yesterday in West Hollywood, California.

Iowa Firefighter Describes Near Miss

A veteran Des Moines (IA) firefighter described a near miss he experienced during a fire Saturday at the Equitable Building in the city's downtown. 

One Hospitalized After Chicago Fire That Prompted Mayday

An elderly woman was hospitalized after a fire yesterday morning that prompted a Chicago firefighter to call a Mayday.

Idaho Firefighters Escape Wildfire; Apparatus Destroyed

Firefighters in Idaho had a near miss when a wildfire overran a Richfield Fire Department apparatus.

Fireground Safety

Home Fire Threats and Reality Gap Drive Nationwide Fire Safety Program

Across the world, an average of six people die each year from shark attacks.1 The number of people who died last year in airplane crashes was 244.2 Yet home fires -- which seem to capture far less attention -- take the lives of more than 2,500 people each year in the United States alone.* On average, seven people are killed in home fires every day.*

Nassau County Firefighters Museum Hosts Fire Prevention Week

The Nassau County Firefighters Museum on Museum Row, Garden City, will be the venue for a special Fire Prevention Week event on October 2nd at 11:00 am.

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Receives $1.3 Million Grant

The Department of Homeland Security's Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program has awarded $1.3 million to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Update on Fatal Reading (PA) Off-Campus Housing Fire

Ed Comeau shares an update on a fire in Reading, Pennsylvania, that claimed the life of Matt Rein, an Albright College sophomore.


It's Never too Early to Plan

As always, the best way to get focused is to set a goal or two.

My Hill

It’s good to have something in your training that keeps you honest; what is your hill?

...Because They Are Hard

Training is supposed to be hard so that the rest of what you do is easier. Pushing yourself now makes possible going above and beyond what you thought you could do later.

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Georgetown Firefighters to Wear Pink Duty Shirts in October for Breast Cancer Awareness

September 30, 2014

October is National Fire Prevention Prevention Month, but it's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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November 2013
Volume 166, Issue 11

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