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How Do We Get Firefighters to Seek Help?      

How Do We Get Firefighters to Seek Help?

Help is out there for firefighters struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. Mark Lamplugh has some thoughts.


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National Volunteer Fire Council Corrects Survey Link

The Occupational Medicine program at Harvard School of Public Health requests your participation in a study about Die...

Edison (NJ) DPW Explosion Destroys Facility, Equipment and Highlights a Long-Standing Challenge

Mary Jane Dittmar has news on a recent four-alarm fire that destroyed the Edison (NJ) Department of Public Works faci...

Humpday Hangout: EAPs and Firefighter Mental Health

In this week's Humpday Hangout, Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton and FireRescue Editor in Chief Erich Ro...

Multi-State Measles Outbreak Alert

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning health care providers to be on the alert for new case...

Sudbury Fire Uses Narcan to Save Two People

Fire Chief William Miles reports that the Sudbury Fire Department used Nasal Narcan last week to save the lives of tw...


Ohio Firefighters May Face Discipline for Lack of Exercise

Firefighters in one Ohio town may face discipline if they aren't getting enough exercise, according to a news report.

Letter to the Editor: Norfolk Firefighter Fitness Evaluations

Norfolk (VA) Fire Chief Jeff Wise provides some clarification on a recent story regarding firefighter fitness testing in his department.

Top 5 Cardio Equipment for Firefighters

John Hofman, strength and conditioning coach for the Sacramento (CA) Fire Department, looks at what he considers to be the five best piece of exercise equipment for firefighters.


Health and Fitness Training Guide
The information presented here will help you in your quest for optimal health for you and your department members. Sponsored by the NVFC.


Phoenix Firefighter Injured After Fall from Roof

A couple of Phoenix firefighters found themselves in what could have been a deadly predicament early Saturday morning

Texas Firefighter Crushed Between Trucks at Station

A Texas firefighter was hospitalized after being crushed between two vehicles at a fire station this morning.

Jacksonville (FL) Firefighter Injured in Fall

A firefighter with the Jacksonville (FL) Fire and Rescue Department was injured last night at a condo fire.

Four Firefighters Injured in Riverdale (IL) Fire

Four firefighters were injured fighting a condominium fire yesterday in Riverdale, Illinois.

Fireground Safety

Report Released on West Virginia LODD

NIOSH has issued a report on a fatal accident last year that killed a volunteer firefighter engaged in a rescue operation.

Could a Tablet Keeping Firefighters Safe

Everything we want and need to manage our daily lives - from appointments and contacts to games and movies - is on our phones or tablets. All of it is available and ready to use with the swipe of a finger. It's fast, easy and helps us feel safe and in control.

Globe Manufacturing Featured in 'This Built America'

This week, Globe Manufacturing represents New Hampshire manufacturing and firefighters from around the world in the editorial series This Built America.

Lightweight Composite Approved for Ship

For the first time, combustible, fibre-reinforced, lightweight composite has been approved for use in a SOLAS ship. Research and fire risk analyses at SP have helped in making this possible.


The Turning Point

There comes a time when you simply know that it’s time to make a change. It may be precipitated by a particular event, or it may just be a gut feeling. Either way, you know that it’s time.

A New Year, a New You?

If you abandoned your dreams and didn’t work toward your goals, then odds are there isn’t going to be a new you this year either…unless you adjust your attitude, your goals, and your direction.


How Much Do You Really Want It?

When it comes to fitness, the dream of being strong and ripped or lean and fast is quite common. The problem is that few people are really willing to work for their dream.

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National Volunteer Fire Council Corrects Survey Link

January 31, 2015 The Occupational Medicine program at Harvard School of Public Health requests your participation in a study about Die...

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