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How Do We Get Firefighters to Seek Help?      

How Do We Get Firefighters to Seek Help?

Help is out there for firefighters struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. Mark Lamplugh has some thoughts.


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Ebola Resources and Safety Training for Firefighters

Mary Jane Dittmar has an update on the Ebola crisis and how it is affecting firefighters and front-line responders.

AIHA Urges White House and Federal Agencies to Provide Adequate Protections to Healthcare Workers for Ebola Concerns

As cases of Ebola begin to emerge in the United States, the American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA) is u...

Are Fire/EMS Responders Ready for Ebola? IAFF Raises Concerns

When Thomas Eric Duncan got sick his family dialed 911. Fire/EMS were first on the scene and took him to the hospital...

Should You Implement a Health and Wellness Program?

Injuries will happen within the fire service. However, it is very clear that exercise does provide savings, writes Jo...

Humpday Hangout: Building Construction and Firefighter LODD Reports

In yesterday's Humpday Hangout, Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton and Fire Rescue Editor in Chief Erich R...


Ohio Firefighters May Face Discipline for Lack of Exercise

Firefighters in one Ohio town may face discipline if they aren't getting enough exercise, according to a news report.

Letter to the Editor: Norfolk Firefighter Fitness Evaluations

Norfolk (VA) Fire Chief Jeff Wise provides some clarification on a recent story regarding firefighter fitness testing in his department.

Top 5 Cardio Equipment for Firefighters

John Hofman, strength and conditioning coach for the Sacramento (CA) Fire Department, looks at what he considers to be the five best piece of exercise equipment for firefighters.


Health and Fitness Training Guide
The information presented here will help you in your quest for optimal health for you and your department members. Sponsored by the NVFC.


Mayday Called, Philadelphia Firefighter Injured in Fall

Reports indicate a Philadelphia firefighter was injured after a near-miss on the fireground today.

RIT Rescues Firefighter in West Hollywood (CA) Fire

A firefighter was rescued by the rapid intervention team after getting into trouble on the fireground during a fire yesterday in West Hollywood, California.

Iowa Firefighter Describes Near Miss

A veteran Des Moines (IA) firefighter described a near miss he experienced during a fire Saturday at the Equitable Building in the city's downtown. 

One Hospitalized After Chicago Fire That Prompted Mayday

An elderly woman was hospitalized after a fire yesterday morning that prompted a Chicago firefighter to call a Mayday.

Fireground Safety

Detroit Firefighter Recovering After Fall

A Detroit firefighter is stable after falling from an aerial bucket Wednesday morning during firefighting operations at the Fisher Body Plant.

Fire Photographer Spotlight: Ron Jeffers

Fire photographers have been documenting firefighters in all corners of the country. Among those operating in North Jersey is Ron Jeffers, who has been contributing covers and photos to Fire Engineering for almost 40 years.

Detroit Firefighter Injured in Fall on the Fireground

A Detroit firefighter was injured Wednesday morning after falling from an aerial bucket, according to a news report.

James Golinveaux Receives 2014 Henry S Parmelee Award

In recognition of his work to advance the fire sprinkler industry, James Golinveaux, senior fellow of water suppression products, Tyco Fire Protection Products, was presented the American Fire Sprinkler Association's (AFSA) highest honor, the Henry S. Parmelee Award.


The Overthinker

So, it’s time to examine the part of my life that takes place outside of the gym and off the running trails.

Worked Out or Worn Out?

Perhaps the answer lies in exercising smart with a program that is short, intense, and geared toward strength and vitality rather than larded with superfluous bodybuilding exercises.

It's Never too Early to Plan

As always, the best way to get focused is to set a goal or two.

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Ebola Resources and Safety Training for Firefighters

October 21, 2014 Mary Jane Dittmar has an update on the Ebola crisis and how it is affecting firefighters and front-line responders.

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November 2013
Volume 166, Issue 11

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