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Functional vs. Specific

Performing an exercise just because someone said it is functional may not offer the added benefits of a specific exercise, writes John Hofman.


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North Carolina Firefighter in Stable Condition After Accident

Montgomery County firefighter Earl Harrington remains in stable condition at University of North Carolina Hospitals i...

Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service Safety Leadership Award Presented to Three Organizations

The Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) have selected...

Hook Up The Hose Launches First Official Public Service Announcement

Spreading the word in a positive way has always been the motto for the Hook Up The Hose team. So why not make a video...

Harlem Blast Probe Starts After Rubble Cleared

Emergency workers sifted through debris Saturday from a deadly explosion at two New York City apartment buildings as ...

Bill to Expand Idaho Firefighter Health Coverage Passes

A bill that would expand worker's compensation benefits for Idaho's professional firefighters has won Senate backing.


Firefighter Fitness Bulletin: L-Sit Pull-Up

This week's firefighter fitness bulletin from Chris Brennan focuses on the L-Sit (or L-Hang) pull-up, which is an additional way of developing midline stabilization and challenging the abdominals.

Fire Service Warrior: Turkish Get Up

Chris Brennan of Fire Service Warrior deomstrates the Turkish Get Up, which is a great exercise for building midline control.

Glute-Ham Sit Up

Fire Service Warrior returns with the Glute-Ham Sit Up, which works the abdominals through a full range of motion by allowing the athlete to open up fully.

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Health and Fitness Training Guide
The information presented here will help you in your quest for optimal health for you and your department members. Sponsored by the NVFC.


IAFC: Firefighter Near-Miss Reporting System Back on Track

The board of directors of the International Association of Fire Chiefs recently approved a management plan to keep the National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System online and operational through September 30, 201

National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System: Runaway Engine Nearly Strikes Chief Officer

This featured firefighter near-miss report takes us to an event that occurred during a wildland fire but could have occurred during a non-wildland fire.

National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System: The Dancing Line

When it comes to fighting fires, there is no job more important than moving water.

National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System: Dressed for the Occasion

When the need to vent the roof is determined, it is imperative that all firefighters of the ventilation team are fully equipped and properly dressed for the work.

Fireground Safety

Coral Springs (FL) Teaches Safety to Kids with Safety Town Program

The city of Coral Springs, Florida, has established a program known as Safety Town to educate children on the basics of staying safe.

ACAF Systems Conducts Successful Fire Test

ACAF Systems-PFS Fire Suppression Group, LLC, a manufacturer of FM Approved, Compressed Air Foam (CAF) fire suppression systems for fighting special hazard, flammable liquid fires, announces the successful completion of testing at the BEST in Beaumont (TX) extinguishing a simulated oil rig fire in a matter of minutes using just two gallons of RF foam from a 60-Gallon CAF Skid System.

Toronto Fire Captain Uses Body as Human Ladder to Rescue Firefighters

Three Toronto firefighters were taken to hospital this morning after a close call at a townhouse fire.

SP Fire Research Expands in the United States

SP Fire Research, holding offices in Sweden and Norway are by their 130 employees the largest fire research and testing facility in Europe.


What Do You Want?

The New Year is barely 12 weeks old yet and the gym is deserted. All the grand plans have been shelved for another year.

Building Mental Muscle

You may be training physically hard to be strong as an ox, have a physique like a bodybuilder, run a marathon, or win the Combat Challenge, but the real work happens in your head.

Where Are You Going?

The path to real success can be long and arduous, filled with what appear to be wrong turns and seemingly wasted effort.

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North Carolina Firefighter in Stable Condition After Accident

April 7, 2014 Montgomery County firefighter Earl Harrington remains in stable condition at University of North Carolina Hospitals i...

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