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Frank Ricci: Merit and Why It Matters

Are you tough enough?

Training Bulletin: Visibility

Photos: California Wildfires

Photos: Chicago (IL) Commercial Fire

Throw Back to Basics: Bailout

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Firefighting Feature Articles


Tuesday: Traditions Training
Host: Ricky Riley, Dan Shaw, Doug Mitchell & Nick Martin
Live at 7:30 p.m. Eastern
Call in Live: 760-454-8852

FDIC International Coverage

Upcoming Webcast: Step Up and Lead

Frank Viscuso discusses the highest-rated leadership traits: loyalty, adaptability, determination, enthusiasm, empathy, courage, and honor.

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Fire Engineering Blog Network

Jeremy Hurd      

Firefighter Behavioral Health and Suicide

Don't look the other way--the time to address this issue is now, Jeremy Hurd writes.
Frank Viscuso      

Unrealistic Expectations

Have you ever been on the receiving end of an unrealistic expectation? A new post from Frank Viscuso.
Doug Cline      

Overhauling a Training Program

Don’t train till you get it right, train till you can’t get it wrong, Doug Cline writes.
John K. Murphy      

Social Media Use in Background Checks

Attorney John K. Murphy writes about the legal aspects of this situation.
Jarrod Sergi      

No More Excuses

Jarrod Sergi: What would your family say about excuses if you were seriously injured or killed on the fireground?

Dan Kerrigan      

Inspire Fitness Success Through Action

Dan Kerrigan shares the fitness success story of Matthew Mathes.
Frank Ricci      

Merit and Why It Matters

Frank Ricci offers his take on the case of FDNY Deputy Chief Paul Mannix.




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Fire News on TV

Top firefighting news clips gathered from local news affiliates around the country.



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April 18-23, 2015

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Training Guides

PPE: Survival on the Fireground

Today’s structural firefighting gear offers unparalleled thermal protection and safety. Although it is the finest quality given today’s technology, it is not impervious to failure under catastrophic conditions. In this guide, Karen Owens gives a detailed step-by-step process for removing compromised gear and assessing and treating firefighters with burn injuries. Firefighters often underestimate respiratory injuries that can occur during overhaul. Jeffrey Herbert provides life-saving information regarding serious respiratory hazards that exist during overhaul. Eric Schmidt offers a realistic view of donning gear in context and provides an excellent four-stage training process. This Training Guide is sponsored by FireDex.

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What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? Sewer Fire

This fire involves a fire of unknown origin and materials in a city sewer system.  All traffic in the area has been stopped. Skip Coleman has another firefighting simulation for you and your crew to consider.


FDIC International is April 18-23, 2016.
The Call for Presentations period is now closed.


Charlton (MA) Winery Owner Not Happy with Firefighter Response

Faced with the loss of his family's winery, Nathan Benjamin Jr. said he plans to talk to town officials about firefighters' response to the fire that leveled the building Sunday night at Charlton Farm Orchards & Winery.

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Corbett's Trivia

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Corbett's Trivia: Fire Dynamics Simulation

What fire involving firefighter fatalities was the first to be computer modeled using the fire dynamics simulator of NIST?

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