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Helicopter drops water on Santa Clarita (CA) brush fire.

Fireworks review for firefighters

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Firefighting Feature Articles


Tuesday: Tillers to Towers
Host: Pat Nichols & Mark Gregory
Live at 7:30 p.m. Eastern

FDIC International Coverage

Webcast: Cardiovascular and Carcinogenic Hazards of Modern Firefighting

Watch an archive of our coverage of this week's IFSI testing on firefighter physiological responses. Sponsored by MSA.

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Fire Engineering Blog Network

Isaac Frazier      

Alternative Steering Wheel Lift

Isaac Frazier has another option for your extrication tool box.
FE logo      

Avoid Being a 'Body'

If you are going to be a leader, than don’t just be a body showing up to the firehouse, Martin Benjamin writes.

Touching the Ground

Ricky Riley discusses the ability of ladder towers to place their baskets on the ground.
Mark vonAppen      

The Long Road

It's supremely difficult to have a passion for something and not be able to express it, Mark vonAppen writes.


Bill Carey      

On-Duty Deaths

Bill Carey examines the data on February fire service fatalities.

Aggressive and Safe

An aggressive fireground is a safe fireground, Zach Schleiffer writes.
Billy Greenwood      

Tactical Mastery

What does it take to become the go to guy in the firehouse? Billy Greenwood has some thoughts.




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Fire News on TV

Top firefighting news clips gathered from local news affiliates around the country.



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Courtesy of the Firefighters Support Foundation

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April 18-23, 2015

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Training Guides

PPE: Survival on the Fireground

Today’s structural firefighting gear offers unparalleled thermal protection and safety. Although it is the finest quality given today’s technology, it is not impervious to failure under catastrophic conditions. In this guide, Karen Owens gives a detailed step-by-step process for removing compromised gear and assessing and treating firefighters with burn injuries. Firefighters often underestimate respiratory injuries that can occur during overhaul. Jeffrey Herbert provides life-saving information regarding serious respiratory hazards that exist during overhaul. Eric Schmidt offers a realistic view of donning gear in context and provides an excellent four-stage training process. This Training Guide is sponsored by FireDex.

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What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? Car Accident, Wires Down

This firefighter training simulation from Skip Coleman involves a multi-car accident that causes a power line to fall on top of another vehicle.


FDIC International is April 18-23, 2016.
The Call for Presentations period is now closed.


Burlington (NC) Firefighter Killed, Another Injured in Off-Duty Crash

The Burlington Fire Department said one of their firefighters was killed and another was injured in a car crash.

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Corbett's Trivia

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Corbett's Trivia: Fire Dynamics Simulation

What fire involving firefighter fatalities was the first to be computer modeled using the fire dynamics simulator of NIST?

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