Photos: Flooding and Rescues in Texas

Detroit Firefighters Respond to Overturned Tanker Truck Fire

What Would You Do? Two-Story Residential Fire

Trauma and the Firefighter Marriage

The Multigas Meter

Forcible entry training on inward-swinging doors

Detroit Firefighters Battle Fire at Vacant Apartment Building

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Firefighting Feature Articles


Wednesday: Small Town Tactics
Host: TBA
Live at 7:30 p.m. Eastern

FDIC International Coverage

Webcast: When Buildings Change the Rules of the Game

On June 11, Anthony Avillo will discuss issues firefighters must be aware of to operate more safely in the buildings we are entering.

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Fire Engineering Blog Network

Dave McGlynn      

Passion: The Six Stages of the Double-Edged Sword

Dave McGlynn comments on the bad and the good of passion.
Chad Menard      

Quint Crews

Chad Menard says these firefighters need to be a cut above the rest.


Dan Shaw      

Never Forget and Always Be Grateful

A Memorial Day message from Dan Shaw.
Lou Comenale      

Tradition. Pride. Dedication. Self-sacrifice.

Lou Comenale on harnessing the enthusiam of the upcoming generation.
Joe Pronesti      

The Showroom Bumpout

Joe Pronesti on an overlooked but perhaps easy access point below your "Main Streets."


Get Like You Was

Sometimes in life and work we wake up, look back, and find we have slipped away from the real and important things, Warren Cersley writes.

David Rhodes      

Flow Paths Aren't Real?

David Rhodes has your Hump Day SOS.




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Fire News on TV

Top firefighting news clips gathered from local news affiliates around the country.



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Training Guides

Fire Service Leadership Issues

This digest is a must read for anyone considering promotion, recently promoted, or currently serving in the rank of chief officer. For the aspiring officer, Sal Scarpa provides an insightful look at leadership and the characteristics and activities you must engage in to be successful. Kent Collins provides an overview of one of the most controversial issues of our time: social media and policy. He offers several case studies and sound advice for developing departmental policy. Kat Sonia Thomson looks at department allocation decisions regarding budgets and leads a robust discussion about the need to improve research and reporting.

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What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? Two-Story Residential

This fire occurs in a two-story residential occupancy on a Friday morning at 1030 hours. Try a new training scenario from Skip Coleman.


FDIC International is April 18-23, 2016.


Firefighter Death Prompts Hartford (CT) to Change Fire Equipment

By the summer, all Hartford firefighters will have heat-resistant, flame-retardant fire hoods to cover their faces and necks. It's one of the changes safety inspectors recommended after the department's first line-of-duty death in 40 years.

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Corbett's Trivia: Fire Dynamics Simulation

What fire involving firefighter fatalities was the first to be computer modeled using the fire dynamics simulator of NIST?

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