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Mark Wallace      

Organizational Change, Part 1

Mark Wallace on the problems agencies face when trying to implement change and introduces the acronym SPECTRUM.


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Becki White Is Eden Prairie (MN) Fire Department's First Female Assistant Chief

This March, Becki White, a Fire Engineering contributor and blogger and former Minnesota deputy state fire marshal, b...

YLD Announces 2014 Scholarship Competition

The Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation is accepting applications for the 2014 scholarship awards competition

The Spectrum Model of Organizational Change, Part 1

Mark Wallace discusses some of the problems fire departments face when trying to implement change and introduces the ...

Ethical Decision Making: It's Everyone's Job

Tim Hyden-What lessons are the newest members of the fire service learning early in life that will guide/shape their ...

The Foundation of Leadership

Robert Burns-Demonstrating your leadership qualities on paper when you take and pass the promotional exam is the resu...


Roundtable: Officer Development

What preparation for promotion does your department formally provide once the testing is complete and the list is established? Share your experience and knowledge with other firefighters from around the nation and world.

Roundtable: Second-In Unit Assignment

Skip Coleman proposes a scenario based on recent fire studies conducted by UL and NIST.

Roundtable: Firefighting Technology

What do you consider the most significant technological advancement in the fire service over the last 50 years? Share your views with other Fire Engineering readers.



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Stepping Up

Stepping Up: So Why Are We Doing This?

Taking a moment to let your firefighters know the learning objectives of a particular training session can help them focus on its purpose, Ron Hiraki writes.

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Arizona Firefighters' Group Chief: We Should Voluntarily Cut Pensions

The head of an Arizona firefighters' group says police and firefighters should volunteer to have their pensions cut in the interest of helping their struggling communities avoid financial disaster.

Albuquerque Sues Over Union Work

The city of Albuquerque is suing three labor unions over claims that their leaders drew pay while conducting union business.

McCook (IL) Firefighters Protest Mass Layoff

Firefighters in one suburban Chicago fire department picketed after the municipality decided to privatize its fire service and gave the contract to an outside company.

Fire Service Traditions & History

The Halligan: “The Maximum in Utility, Efficiency and Speed”

How, when, and where did the halligan originate? Check out our latest From the Fire Engineering Vault feature, where you can find Fire Engineering articles on the topic. Fire Department of New York (FDNY) officer Mike Ciampo offers some more background on this classic firefighting tool and the man behind it.


Family Seeks Answers to Dallas Firefighter's Death

The widow of Dallas firefighter Stan Wilson seeks answers to his death


Family Seeks Answers to Dallas Firefighter's Death

The widow of Dallas firefighter Stan Wilson seeks answers to his death

Officer Development

The Seniors Must Teach the Juniors

Academy training is the foundation on which junior firefighters will build their skills, but after its completion, the experience learning begins, writes Jeff Johnson.

Fireground Management

Roundtable: Door Control

What steps has your department taken to add this "evolution" or assignment of door control in your department? How would your department handle this fire usng the new procedure? Share your thoughts with other Fire Engineering readers.

Volunteers Corner

Texas Firefighter Saves Twin Brother's Life

A Port O'Connor (TX) volunteer firefighter used his training while off duty to save his twin brother's life following an accident.


Science and Technology Seeks Your Help

S&T is dreaming big and they need your help.

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Family Seeks Answers to Dallas Firefighter's Death

August 30, 2014

The widow of Dallas firefighter Stan Wilson seeks answers to his death

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August 2014
Volume 167, Issue 8

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