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Firefighter Leadership

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The Fire Officer's Guide to the Tough Community Questions, Part 1

Mark Wallace offers the first part in a multipart series that is designed to explore the issues at hand to facilitate the best answers and approaches for your community.

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Firefighter Leadership Articles

Fire-Dex Welcomes Jenny McPherson as Assistant Marketing Manager

Jenny McPherson will be joining Fire-Dex in the newly created position of Assistant Marketing Manager. 

Learning and Leading

You begin as a learner and then become a leader-teaching others. It's "the circle of fire service life." PATRICK J. CHAMPAGNE   ...

Developing Leaders for the Next Generation

Professional development should encompass education, training, experience, and self-development. DOUGLAS K. CLINE


What Would You Do? Overturned Tanker Fire

This fire involves an overturned tanker with a 1203 placard. The fire appears to be from a leak of the front tank car near the cab area of the trac...

What Would You Do? Sewer Fire

This fire involves a fire of unknown origin and materials in a city sewer system.  All traffic in the area has been stopped. Skip Coleman has ...

Roundtable: Officer Development

What preparation for promotion does your department formally provide once the testing is complete and the list is established? Share your experienc...


Journal Entry 39—School's Open, Drive Carefully (And I Mean Us!)

Chief Ron Kanterman offers new leadership tips and a unique perspective to the all-important topic of responsible apparatus driving.

Names in the News

LANDRY MERKISON, an assistant chief of emergency services with Clayton County (GA) Fire and Emergency Services, received a scholarship from Columbi...

Expect Fire

To combat complacency, firefighters ought to respond to every reported fire with the expectation that they will encounter fire at the scene, Lance ...

Fire Commentary: The Next Guy

Don't leave things for The Next Guy to take care of, Sam Baretich writes. Make it a point to leave things in your fire department better than you f...

Fire Commentary: Brotherhood Demands Action

Why are some Fire departments so rich in brotherhood, but others just don't really seem to care? Samson J. De Sessa offers his thoughts on the conc...

Letter to the Editor: On Firefighter Stagnation and Motivation

Jim Washko offers his thoughts on Rusty Sullivan's commentary piece, "Is Our Stagnation Hurting Us?"

Is Our Stagnation Hurting Us?

It is time for rank-and-fire firefighters to have the same opportunities to advance and move around as other professionals, including fire chiefs, ...

Letter to the Editor: 9/11 Memorial/Museum a Permanent Affront

James McCaffrey offers his thoughts on the shortcomings on the 9/11 Memorial/Museum at Ground Zero.

Are You in Port, or Setting Sail?

East Manatee (FL) Fire Rescue's Tim Hyden offers this article cautioning fire service leaders who do not allow their subordinates to fulfill their ...




Transgressions and Forgiveness

A friend called the other day and asked a question and hoped it would not insult me, but he was very upset and needed to vent to someone. 

Stepping Up

Stepping Up: So Why Are We Doing This?

Taking a moment to let your firefighters know the learning objectives of a particular training session can help them focus on its purpose, Ron Hira...


FDNY Deputy Chief Disbands 'Merit Matters' Group

Fire Department of New York (FDNY) Deputy Chief Paul Mannix, head of the group "Merit Matters," disbanded the group last week, according ...

New Jersey Official Says Volunteer Firefighters, Rescue Squads Scamming Retirement System

The New Jersey state comptroller says that some volunteer fire departments and first aid squads are partaking in taxpayer-funded retirement account...

Newark (OH) Firefighters Union Files Grievance on Staffing

The Newark firefighters union has filed a grievance with the city over the fire department's staffing policy and timely notification of changes

Fire Service Traditions & History

Port Chicago Explosion, 1944

During World War II, untrained segregated personnel handling explosive armaments, the pressure to quickly load cargo, and a disregard for safety we...


Injured Wildland Firefighter is Improving

Daniel Lyon, the injured forest firefighter from Puyallup, was upgraded to serious condition but remained in intensive care Saturday night at the U...


New Orleans Mayor Offers Firefighters $42 Million Settlement Plan

In a settlement offer likely to be seen as a provocation by New Orleans firefighters, the Mayor Mitch Landrieu proposed Wednesday a $42.25 mil...

Officer Development

Taking the Promotion: How Becoming an Officer Changes Us

A new officer must change his technical approach to the fire, supervise his crew, and adapt to a new social role in the company . MATT MARIETTA&nbs...

Fireground Management

Oregon Fire is Nation's Top Priority

A fire in remote eastern Oregon that destroyed 36 homes and was threatening 500 more on Wednesday was declared the nation's top priority for resour...

Volunteers Corner

There is no current content available.


Cleveland (OH) Firefighters to Test Sensors Developed by Local University and NASA

Case Western Reserve University and NASA Glenn Research Center researchers will work with Cleveland firefighters and elsewhere to design and t...

Top News

Injured Wildland Firefighter is Improving

August 30, 2015 Daniel Lyon, the injured forest firefighter from Puyallup, was upgraded to serious condition but remained in intensiv...

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