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Rollbacks in Firefighter Pensions

Tue Jun 12 16:32:00 CDT 2012
In past blogs, I have warned that Cities, Towns and other governmental entities have set their sights on firefighter’s pensions and other public pension retirement benefits to include among the other egregious actions of reducing the numbers of f...

Legal Fire Prevention - Social Media Policy

Wed May 16 17:34:00 CDT 2012
With the recent spate of demotions, terminations and litigation related to the use of social media to post your likes, dislikes, ranting and ravings under an assumption that your First Amendment protections apply to you, here is another thought. They d...

The Fire Service Crucible – are we prepared to withstand the heat in order to survive?

Tue May 01 14:09:00 CDT 2012
According to Wikipedia, a crucible is a container that can withstand very high temperatures and is used for metal, glass and pigment production as well as a number of modern laboratory processes. While crucibles historically were usually made from clay...

Pesky Legal Fires that Keep on Burning

Mon Mar 26 20:28:00 CDT 2012
I’m the little voice in your head (otherwise known as your conscience) that keeps reminding you that you should not do this or that because it is: wrong, illegal, immoral or fattening. I am taking this opportunity to remind you of the pesky legal...


Mon Mar 19 09:09:00 CDT 2012
For you Marines in the reading audience, you can relate to the days of boot camp and the Drill Instructor in your face yelling at you when you are on your last legs, fatigued beyond your imagination and you were about to drop:  to motivate you to ...

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Lake Assault Boats Opens New Headquarters

Lake Assault Boats, an award-winning manufacturer of mission-specific boats for fire protection, law enforcement, pub...

Fairfield (CA) Firefighters Adds Bulletproof Vests to Safety Equipment

Fairfield is joining a growing number of fire departments in giving more protection to firefighters as their role in ...

Boston Globe Columnist Advocates for Action from Inspectional Services

Boston Globe columnists Thomas Farragher writes My Spotlight Team colleagues and I spent months investigating ov...

CSB Releases Board Approved Regulatory Report on Chevron Refinery Fire

In the final Regulatory Report unanimously approved by the CSB Board and released to the public today, the U.S. Chemi...

Cleveland Mayor Asks for Rejection of Firefighters' Contract Over Missing Domestic Violence Provision

Mayor Frank Jackson's administration is asking City Council to reject a newly ratified collective bargaining agreemen...

Federal Judge Approves Austin Fire Department Settlement in Hiring Discrimination Case

A federal judge has approved a settlement between the city of Austin and the U.S. Department of Justice ove...

Middlebury (CT) Chief Arrested

Federal authorities arrested Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department Chief Paul Perrotti Thursday morning.

More Than 190 Buffalo Firefighters Sue Over Volume of Sirens

More than 190 Buffalo firefighters have filed suits, which are similar to civil cases filed by firefighters in P...

NAFI Hires Insurance Coordinator to Assist with Launch of Professional Liability Insurance Program for Members

The National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) is pleased to welcome Paulette Braga as its new insurance progr...

Drones: Change is in the Air

Drone use will become widely accepted and practiced in the days and years ahead, writes P.J. Norwood.

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Legal matters

Legal Minute: Fire Inspections

Why do we perform fire inspections? Retired deputy fire chief and attorney John K. Murphy discusses the legal aspects of conducting fire inspections.

Legal Minute: Issues That Get Fire Departments in Trouble

Attorney and former deputy chief John K. Murphy discusses some of the legal issues that seem to plague fire departments across the United States.



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Stepping Up

Stepping Up: So Why Are We Doing This?

Taking a moment to let your firefighters know the learning objectives of a particular training session can help them focus on its purpose, Ron Hiraki writes.


Judge Orders BWI Airport Fire Department to Reinstate African-American Deputy Chief

A Maryland judge has determined an African-American deputy chief was terminated unfairly because of discrimination, and ordered the BWI Airport Fire Department to reinstate him.

Angry Protest over Attempt to Close Albany (NY) Ladder Company

Citizens and firefighters showed up in droves to protest the attempt to eliminate a ladder truck at a fire station in the city of Albany, New York.

Michigan Ends Ban on Firefighter Two-Hatting

A bill signed earlier this week by Michigan's governor would apparently end a ban on full-time firefighters working for other departments on their days off.

Fire Service Traditions & History

Humpday Hangout: Who Are the F.O.O.L.S.?

In this week's Humpday Hangout, Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton and Mike Dugan of the FDNY talk to Rob Fisher and Rusty Ricker and the Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society (F.O.O.L.S.) International.


USFA Notifies of Firefighter Fatality

Tribute is being paid to Fire Marshal Samir P. “Sam” Ashmar of Allenton, Pennsylvania.


Lake Assault Boats Opens New Headquarters

Lake Assault Boats, an award-winning manufacturer of mission-specific boats for fire protection, law enforcement, public safety and research agencies, as well as commercial marine industries, has expanded to a new headquarters on the grounds of a legendary Great Lakes shipyard. 

Officer Development

The SPRECTRUM Model of Organizational Change, Part Two

As a fire service leader, one of the most important studies you can undertake is the exploration of organizational change, writes Mark Wallace.

Fireground Management

RescueSim User Conference Gathers Safety Professionals from Around the Globe

The RescueSim User Conference 2014 saw a successful gathering of industry, defence and emergency response professionals from around the globe engaging in animated group discussions, interactive workshops and best practice presentations during a packed day programme.  

Volunteers Corner

Volunteer Firefighter Dies, Child Suffers Burns in NC House Fire

The firefighter worked with the Nantahala Fire Department. His nine-year-old was burned. Their names have not been released at this time.


Submit Your Nominations for NVFC's Annual Awards Honoring Volunteer Firefighters

Recognize achievement in your department or community by submitting nominations for the National Volunteer Fire Council's (NVFC) annual awards.

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Lake Assault Boats Opens New Headquarters

November 22, 2014 Lake Assault Boats, an award-winning manufacturer of mission-specific boats for fire protection, law enforcement, pub...

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