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Rollbacks in Firefighter Pensions

Tue Jun 12 16:32:00 CDT 2012
In past blogs, I have warned that Cities, Towns and other governmental entities have set their sights on firefighter’s pensions and other public pension retirement benefits to include among the other egregious actions of reducing the numbers of f...

Legal Fire Prevention - Social Media Policy

Wed May 16 17:34:00 CDT 2012
With the recent spate of demotions, terminations and litigation related to the use of social media to post your likes, dislikes, ranting and ravings under an assumption that your First Amendment protections apply to you, here is another thought. They d...

The Fire Service Crucible – are we prepared to withstand the heat in order to survive?

Tue May 01 14:09:00 CDT 2012
According to Wikipedia, a crucible is a container that can withstand very high temperatures and is used for metal, glass and pigment production as well as a number of modern laboratory processes. While crucibles historically were usually made from clay...

Pesky Legal Fires that Keep on Burning

Mon Mar 26 20:28:00 CDT 2012
I’m the little voice in your head (otherwise known as your conscience) that keeps reminding you that you should not do this or that because it is: wrong, illegal, immoral or fattening. I am taking this opportunity to remind you of the pesky legal...


Mon Mar 19 09:09:00 CDT 2012
For you Marines in the reading audience, you can relate to the days of boot camp and the Drill Instructor in your face yelling at you when you are on your last legs, fatigued beyond your imagination and you were about to drop:  to motivate you to ...

Legal Issue Articles

Suspect Arrested in Fire that Critically Injured Fresno Fire Captain

Officials announced that a woman was arrested Thursday in connection with a structure fire that badly burned Fresno F...

Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill to Expand Volunteer Firefighter Base

People over the age of 45 will now be allowed to volunteer as firefighters.

Cleveland Firefighter Found Not Guilty of Lying About Accident with Fire Truck

A Cleveland Municipal Court jury has found a city firefighter not guilty of lying about an accident with a fire truck

Cisco Employees Raise $58,000 for National Law Enforcement and Firefighters Children's Foundation

The National Law Enforcement and Firefighters Children's Foundation (NLEAFCF) has been presented with a check for $58...

Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Older Volunteer Firefighters

The current age limit of a new volunteer firefighter is 45 years old. That could change if Governor Mary Fallin signs...

Widow of Dallas Firefighter Calls for Change at Dallas Fire-Rescue

The widow of Stanley Wilson, a Dallas firefighter killed in the line of duty nearly two years ago, announced Tuesday ...

Fallen Dallas Firefighter's Widow to Host Press Conference

The widow of Dallas firefighter Stanley Wilson, who was killed in the line of duty, will speak at a news confere...

Are Liability Concerns Real?

During my travels and discussions with fire service professionals from all over the country, the question of liabilit...

Lawsuit Charges Indian Hill Couple Misrepresented Fire Claims

An insurance company is suing the owners of an Indian Hill mansion that burned down last year, accusing them of hidin...

SEC Files Fraud Charges Against American LaFrance Investor Lynn Tilton, Firms

Federal regulators have filed civil fraud charges against prominent Wall Street executive Lynn Tilton and her investm...

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Legal matters

Legal Minute: Fire Inspections

Why do we perform fire inspections? Retired deputy fire chief and attorney John K. Murphy discusses the legal aspects of conducting fire inspections.

Legal Minute: Issues That Get Fire Departments in Trouble

Attorney and former deputy chief John K. Murphy discusses some of the legal issues that seem to plague fire departments across the United States.



More Firefighter Features

Stepping Up

Stepping Up: So Why Are We Doing This?

Taking a moment to let your firefighters know the learning objectives of a particular training session can help them focus on its purpose, Ron Hiraki writes.


Report: Richmond (VA) Fire Department Hires Censured Deputy Chief

I. David Daniels, who was hired as deputy chief for the Richmond (VA) Fire Department, was censured by the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) for safety violations at a previous job, according to a news report.

Cal Fire Scandal Widens

Cal Fire officials said two employees have lost their jobs and 13 others were suspended and demoted over acts discovered during a investigation sparked by a homicide, a report says.

Report Looks at Disability Retirements Among Women in FDNY

A report from the New York Post says 70 percent of female firefighters with the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) have retired from the department on three-quarters disability pensions, claiming injuries on the job.

Fire Service Traditions & History

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: Too Small a Value on Human Lives

On March 25, 1911, 146 garment workers were killed in a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York City. It was one of the deadliest fires in the history of the United States.


Etowah County (AL) Rescuer Dies During Search for Missing Kayaker

One of the rescuers on that recovery mission on the Coosa River in Gadsden has died.


Suspect Arrested in Fire that Critically Injured Fresno Fire Captain

Officials announced that a woman was arrested Thursday in connection with a structure fire that badly burned Fresno Fire Captain Pete Dern.

Officer Development

FDIC 2015: How Firefighters Learn: How Fire Instructors Should Teach Them.

FDIC 2015, Monday, April 20, 1:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. 236-237

“Everything--from firefighter safety to the support of the public (our customer and our source of funding)--rides on the capability of firefighter to perform when the customer calls.”  Evidence-based instruction and supervision methods are used to improve firefighter performance, our service to our community, and the morale among our members.

Fireground Management

TargetSolutions and VCOS Renew Partnership to Deliver 2015 Training Officer Recognition Award

TargetSolutions, a provider of online training and recordkeeping tools for public safety agencies, is excited to announce it is teaming up again with the IAFC's Volunteer & Combination Officers Section for the 2015 Training Officer Recognition Award.

Volunteers Corner

Nassau and Suffolk County Executives and Firefighters Team up to Recruit Volunteers

As part of a New York statewide effort to increase volunteer firefighter numbers, Long Island’s County Executives, fire departments and fire officials made a call for new recruits at a news conference on Thursday, April 23rd at 11:00 A.M. at the Nassau County Firefighters Museum & Education Center, on Museum Row in Garden City.


NVFC Unveils Recruitment Campaign and Elects Officers at 2015 Spring Board Meeting

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) Board of Directors met in Alexandria, VA, on April 17-18, 2015. Representatives from 43 state associations attended.

Top News

Etowah County (AL) Rescuer Dies During Search for Missing Kayaker

April 26, 2015

One of the rescuers on that recovery mission on the Coosa River in Gadsden has died.

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