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Fire Engineering Photographer Submissions


Fire Engineering appreciates your photo submissions. They are an important tool in our mission to educate firefighters and EMS personnel. We are excited to have you as one member in our "army" of photographers. We strive to recruit photographers from every corner of the United States and other countries. We always welcome and encourage new photographers to join our ranks. Please consider the following with respect to photo submissions:

  • Most important: Submitted photos must be exclusive. The same photos that you submit to Fire Engineering should not be submitted to ANY other online or printed magazine.
  • Most important: Cover photo submissions must be vertical shots.
  • Any photo can be submitted for the Fire Engineering Photo Database (discussed below).
  • We DO NOT accept "drill photos." Photos taken at training exercises will not be considered for a cover photo. However, drill photos may be submitted for the Fire Engineering Photo Database.
  • We DO NOT accept negatives.
  • Please DO NOT send links to Web sites; we do not accept links as a form of submission.
  • We request that ALL submissions be sent electronically via e-mail when possible.
  • Please send originals only.
  • Submit scanned or digital photos using the following format; failure to follow the guidelines below may cause your submission to be rejected.
    • Image Resolution: 300 DPI (dots per inch)
    • Preferred Image Size: 1080 x 720
    • Preferred File Format: JPEG
    • Preferred Submission Format: E-mail to Diane Feldman, Photo Editor, at dianef@pennwell.com
    • Incident Information: Your complete contact information (name, address, telephone/fax/cell numbers, e-mail address) and a brief overview (page or less) of the incident.
    • Photo Information: Each photo should include a complete descriptive caption that coincides with the photo's filename.
  • After your submission is sent:
    • Please be patient; we have a small staff and a careful review takes time.
    • A response will be sent regardless if your photo is selected or rejected.
  • If your photo is selected - We will request a full dimension/high resolution photo.
    • We compensate photographers for published material two to three weeks after date of issue.
    • Under normal circumstances, we do not pay kill or holding fees.
  • If your photo is not selected - We will add your photo(s) to the Fire Engineering Photo Database for possible use by authors in future articles.
    • You will be notified and compensated for photos published in articles.
    • Please specify if you do not wish to have your photos added to the database.
    • We do not compensate for photos that are not published.
  • Our least preferred method of submission is via U.S. Mail. This method greatly increases the time to receive and review your submission and for you to receive a response.

All U.S. Mail photo submissions should be sent to Diane Feldman, Fire Engineering, 21-00 Route 208 South, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410. Telephone: (800) 962-6484, ext. 5047. E-mail: dianef@pennwell.com.

Thank you for considering Fire Engineering, training the fire service since 1877.