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Creative Thinking in Tech Rescue      

Creative Thinking in Technical Rescue

Mike Donahue reviews two outside-the-box methods for technical rescue applications, including sloped floor shoring and a quick way to lash a victim into a stokes basket.


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Hannay Reels-Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Announces Product Release

Firefighters and rescue squads demand fire rescue equipment that can deliver top performance under extreme conditions...

Skedco Introduces Patient Simulator

Skedco is introducing a new (patent pending) patient simulators that will solve many of the problems rescue trainers ...

Worker Trapped After Collapse at Pennsylvania Industrial Site

A worker is presumed dead after a silo collapsed at an industrial site in Bristol Township, Pennsylvania.

All Passengers Off Adriatic Ferry

Ten people have now been confirmed dead after a ferry caught fire in the Adriatic Sea on Sunday, the Italian coast gu...

Willard Marine Acquires Crystaliner Surf and Rescue Boat Designs

Willard Marine, Inc., has acquired the rights to design and manufacture Crystaliner boats, a line of surf and rescue ...


Earthquake Monitoring System Alerts People to Anticipated 'Shaking'

The ShakeAlert, currently in the testing phase, according to the Washington Post, issued a 10-second alert for the earthquake that hit the Napa region in California.

Interview: Napa (CA) Battalion Chief on Earthquake Response

Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton talked to Napa (CA) Battalion Chief Jarrett Anderson about the earthquake that struck the area early on August 24, 2014.

California Quake Spurs Major Fires

A substantial earthquake in Northern California caused several major fires and injuries, including about 90 injuries in Napa alone.


Big Storms, Big Emergencies

In this course, discuss the reason unusual conditions lead to unusual problems during big storms and discover how to preplan with your local utility. Learn the hazards bystanders pose to first responders and how to identify critical and dangerous infrastructure in your area.


Fire officials conduct training at a mass-casualty incident evolution.

Download our free major incident response supplement, which among other things contains a profile of FDNY's SOC Support Ladder companies.


Survival and Rescue TV

Top firefighting news clips gathered from local news affiliates around the country.


Humpday Hangout: Extrication

Hosts Bobby Halton and Erich Roden talk to a panel of extrication experts--Aaron Heller, Isaac Frazier, and Dave Dalrymple--about the discipline.


Hackers Access Indianapolis Dispatch Center

A recent news report indicates that, in December of last year, computer hackers attacked the Indianapolis 911 center that dispatches firefighters, ...

New Jersey Officials Issue Security Alert Violent Extremists Urging Fire as Weapon

The Division of Fire Safety has recently been made aware of recent online propaganda published by violent extremists groups encouraging the use of ...

High Angle & Confined Spaces

Training the Technical Rescuer

There’s a big difference between “instructing” and “teaching”; this is something on which students pick up quickly, writes Mike Donahue.

FDNY: Firefighters Who Made WTC Rescue are Always Training

The rescue operation this past Wednesday high up on One World Trade Center was just the latest example of complex tasks undertaken by the...

Water & Ice Rescue

Sudbury (MA) Fire Department Rescues Pet Dog from Frigid Waters

Fire Chief William Miles reports that the Sudbury Fire Department successfully rescued a dog who fell into frigid waters after walking out on thin ...

When Heroes Fail: a Story of One Rescuer

Ian Bland-Firefighters train to succeed and fight to win, but as one rescuer explains in recounting a failed rescue and its lasting impact on those...


Morristown (NJ) Fire Causes Heavy Damage to Stores

Dozens of firefighters and emergency management officials before dawn Saturday were still battling smoke billowing from the roofs of 82-84-86-88 El...

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Morristown (NJ) Fire Causes Heavy Damage to Stores

January 31, 2015 Dozens of firefighters and emergency management officials before dawn Saturday were still battling smoke billowing fr...

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