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Creative Thinking in Tech Rescue      

Creative Thinking in Technical Rescue

Mike Donahue reviews two outside-the-box methods for technical rescue applications, including sloped floor shoring and a quick way to lash a victim into a stokes basket.


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Firefighters Help Rescue Man from Collapsed Baltimore Row House

Firefighters helped rescue a man trapped for about four hours after a row house collapsed in Baltimore, Maryland.

California Firefighters Rescue Man from Trapped Car

Firefighters rescued a 60-year-old man trapped in a car 100 feet down from state Highway 4 in Hercules.

Boston Firefighters Firefighters Extricate Man Trapped in Bobcat

A man became trapped in his Bobcat loader when the construction vehicle collided with a dump truck in Dorchester.

Arizona Firefighters Rescue Women from Flooded House

Reelcraft Offers Reel Mounting Assembly for Easy Overhead and I-beam Mounting

Reelcraft Industries offers mounting assemblies for mounting Series 7000 reels to an I-beam or for overhead support.


Earthquake Monitoring System Alerts People to Anticipated 'Shaking'

The ShakeAlert, currently in the testing phase, according to the Washington Post, issued a 10-second alert for the earthquake that hit the Napa region in California.

Interview: Napa (CA) Battalion Chief on Earthquake Response

Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton talked to Napa (CA) Battalion Chief Jarrett Anderson about the earthquake that struck the area early on August 24, 2014.

California Quake Spurs Major Fires

A substantial earthquake in Northern California caused several major fires and injuries, including about 90 injuries in Napa alone.


Big Storms, Big Emergencies

In this course, discuss the reason unusual conditions lead to unusual problems during big storms and discover how to preplan with your local utility. Learn the hazards bystanders pose to first responders and how to identify critical and dangerous infrastructure in your area.


Fire officials conduct training at a mass-casualty incident evolution.

Download our free major incident response supplement, which among other things contains a profile of FDNY's SOC Support Ladder companies.


Survival and Rescue TV

Top firefighting news clips gathered from local news affiliates around the country.


FDNY Rescue 3 Ops at Train Derailment

James P. Ellson-Fire Department of New York Rescue 3 was on the scene early and found the lead car upright, but derailed, a few feet from the water's edge; another car on its side; and an unknown number of victims in an early-morning derailment on the second busiest commuter railroad in the United States.


9/11 World Trade Center Display Case Dedicated at New York City Fire Museum

In collaboration with the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), the Fire Safety Directors Association of Greater New York (FSDA) dedicated a dis...

No Indication of Arson Found at Flight 93 Memorial

No indication of arson or foul play has been found in the fire that broke out last week at the Flight 93 National Memorial headquarters in Pennsylv...

High Angle & Confined Spaces

Small Spaces, Big Tips

Jacob McAfee discusses the one position within the confined space incident command structure that often gets overlooked: the attendant.

Winkler Fire Department Saves Dog Trapped in Well

Water & Ice Rescue

Fence Strainer Rescue Training

Chad Greathouse-Common in horse country and cattle farms, fence strainers are designed to allow water to flow through but not solid objects. Traini...

The Tipton Twister Exercise: Large-Scale, Multicasualty Event Tests Responders


New SafEye 950/960 Toxic Gas Detectors

Spectrex, Inc. has released the newest additions to the SafEye Open Path Gas Detector range.

LEADER Announces New Product Release

LEADER is proud to introduce a new concept of search equipment designed for technical search specialists by technical search specialists:

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New SafEye 950/960 Toxic Gas Detectors

October 21, 2014

Spectrex, Inc. has released the newest additions to the SafEye Open Path Gas Detector range.

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