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Hazmat Training & Rescue


Hazmat: Butane Honey Oil Risk Assessment for First Responders

Hazmat Training & Rescue Articles

Harris County Public Information Officer Re-Appointed to FCC Committee

Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HCOHSEM) Public Information Officer, Francisco Sá...

Labelmaster Offers 2016 Edition of Emergency Response Guidebook

Labelmaster offers the 2016 edition of the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) -- a must have for anyone who handles o...

Tianjin Death Toll Continues to Grow

Authorities pulled more bodies from a massive blast site in the Chinese port of Tianjin, pushing the death toll to 11...

Fire Sends Smoke Skyward at Tianjin (China) Site

Fires shot plumes of black smoke into the sky Saturday at the site of a chemical warehouse in Tianjin, China, where e...

Washington Chlorine Accident Leaves Eight in Critical Condition

That’s how Spokane, Washington, Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer described crews arriving Wednesday knowing that ...


Hazmat Survival Tips: Using Shipping Papers during Highway Transportation Incidents

During a highway transportation incident, shipping papers are valuable documents that can enable first responders to conduct an accurate size up, S...

Hazmat Survival Tips: Detecting Possible Criminal Activity

While operating at the scene of any incident involving hazardous materials, first responders should always ask themselves if the event could involv...

Hazmat Survival Tips: 10 Resolutions to be Better Prepared During 2011

As a firefighter, the public expects you to “be prepared. After working with first responders tasked with dealing with hazardous materials in...

Photo Gallery


Fire officials conduct training at a mass-casualty incident evolution.

Download our free major incident response supplement, which among other things contains a profile of FDNY's SOC Support Ladder companies.


Survival and Rescue TV

Top firefighting news clips gathered from local news affiliates around the country.


Virginia Beach (VA) Firefighters Honored for Complex Mass Casualty Rescue

Drawing on their expert training to rapidly assess the situation, the Virginia Beach (VA) Fire Department’s Engine 17 crew works skillfully as a team to save the lives of three critically-injured children.


Department of Homeland Security Releases Report For First Responders

First Responder Guide for Improving Survivability in Improvised Explosive Device and/or Active Shooter Incidents is now available through the Depar...

Multi-Threat Shield Doubles as a Potentially Life-Saving Shield

MTS™Multi-Threat Shieldprotects from various guns, knives, and other weapon attacks.

High Angle & Confined Spaces

Technical Rescue: Only One Way to Do Things?

Mike Donahue urges rescuers to learn several ways to effectively perform the same skill and keep an open mind when it comes to to new ways of doing...

Indianapolis Firefighters Rescue Passengers from Zoo Ride

On Thursday, Indianapolis firefighters rescued several people who were stranded on a malfunctioning ride at the zoo.

Urban Search & Rescue

Report: Pacific Northwest Unprepared for Massive Earthquake

A report in the most recent issue of The New Yorker magazine examined the disturbing science behind a potential catastrophic earthquake in the Casc...
CMC Rescue's Cobra-­D Uniform Rappel Belt

CMC Rescue Offers New Design of the Only Certified Uniform Rappel Belt Available

Standard uniform wear for firefighters, search and rescue, and SWAT personnel, CMC Rescue’s Cobra‐D Uniform Rappel Belt is the only NFPA‐certified ...

Water & Ice Rescue

Firefighters Injured in Chicago River Rescue

Chicago firefighters responded Saturday to an incident in which a 19-year-old woman reportedly jumped into the Chicago River.

Managing Your Strengths

Learn how to put your best organizational effort, innovation, and creativity into your collective strengths and manage around your weaknesses. &nbs...

Top News

Virginia Beach (VA) Firefighters Honored for Complex Mass Casualty Rescue

August 31, 2015 Drawing on their expert training to rapidly assess the situation, the Virginia Beach (VA) Fire Department’s Engine 17...

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