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Water and Ice Rescue

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Firefighters Injured in Chicago River Rescue

Mon, Aug 10, 2015

Chicago firefighters responded Saturday to an incident in which a 19-year-old woman reportedly jumped into the Chicago River.

Managing Your Strengths

Fri, May 29, 2015

Learn how to put your best organizational effort, innovation, and creativity into your collective strengths and manage around your weaknesses.    

Claremore (OK) Firefighter Drowns During Flood Rescue

Sun, May 24, 2015

A Claremore firefighter's body was recovered early Sunday after he was swept away while performing a water rescue, reports newson6.com.

Sudbury (MA) Fire Department Rescues Pet Dog from Frigid Waters

Sun, Jan 11, 2015

Fire Chief William Miles reports that the Sudbury Fire Department successfully rescued a dog who fell into frigid waters after walking out on thin ice.

When Heroes Fail: a Story of One Rescuer

Mon, Dec 22, 2014

Ian Bland-Firefighters train to succeed and fight to win, but as one rescuer explains in recounting a failed rescue and its lasting impact on those involved, being ready still may not be enough.

Firefighter Recounts Des Moines River Rescue

Tue, Dec 2, 2014

A man is recovering in the hospital after firefighters saved his life from drowning in icy water in the Des Moines River.

Before You Get in the Water

Mon, Nov 3, 2014

Swift water rescue is one of the most challenging and physically demanding operations rescue personnel can face, writes Jacob McAfee.

Fence Strainer Rescue Training

Mon, Sep 8, 2014

Chad Greathouse-Common in horse country and cattle farms, fence strainers are designed to allow water to flow through but not solid objects. Training often focuses on rescuer survival-how rescuers can avoid getting caught in them and how to get out of them if caught. This training focuses on rescuing a victim or a rescuer who may be swept into a strainer during a rescue attempt.

The Tipton Twister Exercise: Large-Scale, Multicasualty Event Tests Responders

Mon, Sep 8, 2014

Quick Action by Good Samaritan Saves Man in North Carolina Water Rescue

Mon, Sep 8, 2014

Quick action by a Good Samaritan on Sept. 6, 2014 is being credited in saving the life of an accident victim.

In Memoriam of the Deadliest Day in the Houston Fire Department

Tue, Aug 19, 2014

The American firefighter exemplifies man's greatest aspirations, and that is to be of selfless service to others.

Four People Rescued After Boat Catches Fire Off Malibu

Sun, Aug 17, 2014

Officials said four people -- three adults and one child -- had to be rescued Saturday evening when the boat they were riding in caught fire near Malibu.

Gibbs Quadski Recorded First Official Water Rescue

Thu, Aug 14, 2014

The Gibbs Quadski, the world's first high-speed sports amphibian, proved its worth as a rescue vehicle by recording its first "official" water rescue during the 2014 United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) Lifeguard Championships held here last week.

California Lifeguard Dies During Ocean Rescue Attempt

Mon, Jul 7, 2014

A veteran Newport Beach (CA) lifeguard died while trying to rescue a distressed swimmer at the beach on Sunday.

Switlik Parachute Company Works with New Jersey Police on Ice Rescue Training

Mon, Feb 24, 2014

The Brick Township (NJ) Police Marine Unit recently trained on ice and cold water rescue scenarios using U-Zip-It suits donated by the Switlik Parachute Company.

Firefighters Rescue Two from Car Hanging off California Cliff

Tue, Feb 11, 2014

Firefighters used the Jaws of Life to rescue two people trapped in a car hanging over a coastal cliff in southern San Mateo County on Saturday night.

Boston Firefighter Saves Dog from Icy Harbor

Thu, Jan 9, 2014

A Boston firefighter braved frigid cold to rescue a dog who fell through Boston Harbor's ice into the freezing cold water at Pleasure Bay.

IL Woman Dies After Falling in Chicago River

Tue, Dec 17, 2013

A woman who rescue crews pulled the frigid water of the Chicago River early Tuesday in the Loop has died.

Online Awareness Flood and Swiftwater Rescue Certification Course

Sat, Dec 14, 2013

Rescue3, in the Swiftwater and Flood training industry, has developed a course in Online Awareness Flood and Swiftwater Rescue Certification Course.

Michigan Firefighters Rescue Teen with Borrowed Boat from Sporting Goods Store

Mon, Dec 2, 2013

Firefighters borrowed a boat from Dick's Sporting Goods at the Rivertown Crossings Mall to rescue a teen who fell through the thin ice of a pond and was trying to keep his head above water for 25 minutes.

Air-Scenting Search and Rescue Dogs for Dive Teams

Wed, Oct 30, 2013

Douglas Fishel Jr. examines the many benefits of deploying a search and rescue dog team with your dive team.

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