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The mission--save lives and protect property--never changes, but tactics, how we accomplish this inspired work, continually advance and evolve, affected by the advances and opportunities we receive from new technologies. In Fire Engineering's Tech Zone you will stay informed about the new technologies available to the fire service and those being developed for the fire service.

Being prepared is the keystone of our oath to service; preparation is based on the knowledge and access to the best and most effective tools possible. In the Tech Zone, you will always find the latest tools, software, apparatus improvements, safety advances, computer technology, mapping tools, and insightful articles on how to make these advances work for you. The articles are written by fellow firefighters using the tools written by the manufacturers and evaluations by folks like NIST and UL. Read our Tech Today columns to review the latest new releases featured in Fire Engineering, as well as a section devoted to our annual Technology Roundup. Be informed, connected, and prepared. Visit the Tech Zone regularly and never be the last to know again.

Fire Technology Articles

Ultra-Rugged Android Device Adds Printer for Public Safety Operations

Two Technologies, Inc® has unveiled the newest member of its ultra-rugged handheld devices, the N5Print, ideal for those involved in public safety.

City of Oceanside (CA) Demonstrates Importance of "Future-Proof" Investing

SunSeeker Seeks to Save Thousands of Lives from Fires This Summer

The fire spray can be sprayed directly onto homes during dry conditions to protect against burning embers.

Houston Firefighters Employ Tablet Technology for EMS Runs

Houston (TX) firefighters are employing tablet technology to help expedite some of their medical calls, according to a news report.

WPI Researchers Create the First National Database on Fire Attack Hose Burn-Throughs

As part of a larger research effort focused on the design and development of a next-generation fire attack hose, a team of faculty members and students at Wo...

What Would You Do? Apartment Building Fire

This fire occurs in an apartment building immediately after a thunder storm moves through the area. Check out a new firefighter training scenario presented b...

Locution Systems Commissioned to Provide PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting to Midwest Fire Stations

Locution Systems, Inc. (www.locution.com), the provider of PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting for fire and EMS departments, today announced that the cities of...

EMS Telemedicine Questionnaire: Assessing the Impact of Prehospital Video

NPSTC's EMS Working Group is currently studying the use of prehospital (EMS) mobile telemedicine. This questionnaire is one step to help determine how video ...

Will the Fire Service Court-Martial Our "Billy Mitchells"?

As new information, technology, and social changes develop, the fire service will have other Billy Mitchells emerge, and they will suggest changes to accepte...


Collection of new products for the fire service industry.

Firefighting Technology Roundup: Wearable Tech, Diver Life Support, and More

In this firefighting technology roundup, the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate EMERGE! Program and much more.

DuPont Protection Technologies Announces Launch of DuPont SafeSPEC for Nomex

DuPont Protection Technologies (DuPont) today announced the launch of the latest version of DuPont SafeSPEC, its suite of online interactive product selector...

Robotic Guide Dogs May Help Firefighters

A group of researchers has developed a new life-saving application for robotics, and this comes in the form of robots acting as guide dogs for firefighters

George Mason University Students Use Sound Waves to Fight Fires

Two senior engineering majors at George Mason University appear to have invented and built a way to use sound waves to put out fires

SOLBERG Expands Product Development and Sales Staff

The Solberg Company, the world's foremost innovator of firefighting foam concentrates and systems hardware, announced today the appointment of industry veter...

Oregon State University's ATRIAS to Participate in DARPA's DRC in June

One of the competitors in this year’s DARPA Challenge will be ATRIAS, designed and built at Oregon State University’s (OSU) Dynamic Robotics Lab.

DHS S&T Launches New Accelerator Program

the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) announced its first business accelerator program, EMERGE!, a...

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Incident Command Training Suite Wins National Award

The Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service was announced as the winner of the Driving Efficiency Through Technology award at the LGC Awards ceremony in London on W...

DHS S&T Launches Prize Competition for Tracking First Responders Indoors

The Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) announced the Department’s first crowdsourced prize competition in support...

What Would You Do? Two-Story Residential

In this new scenario and video from Skip Coleman, test out your tactical approaches to fires in a residential building.

HYSight Boosts Public Safety with Drone Technology

The eye in the sky that every law enforcement, fire and public safety agency needs has never been more affordable, accessible or easily deployable.  


Collection of new products for the fire service industry.

WPI announces progress in "firefighter locator" research

Research undertaken by Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in response to the December 3, 1999, tragic Worcester (MA) cold storage warehouse fire that took...

Fire Tech Roundup: Web-Connected Cars, Chemical Weapons, and More

Mary Jane Dittmar a look at some recent technological developments that may impact the firefighting community.

Colorado Firefighters Rescue Worker After 30-Foot Fall at Construction Site

Firefighters in Greeley rushed to rescue an injured person after a 30-foot fall at a construction site, reports CBS Denver.

Colorado Firefighters Use Drone to Help in Underground Rescue Training

South Metro firefighters are working to improve their skills at saving lives -- namely rescuing people trapped in tight spaces underground.

Rigid Industries LED Lighting Announces Acquisition by Truck-Lite Co., LLC

Rigid Industries® LED Lighting, in forward projecting LED lighting via its patented optic systems and torture-tested housing industry, announced its acquisit...

Navy Unveils Firefighting Robot Prototype

Scientists unveiled a firefighting robot prototype at the Naval Future Force Science & Technology EXPO, revealing details about its successful demonstrat...

Navy Unveils Firefighting Robot Prototype

Scientists unveiled a firefighting robot prototype Feb. 4 at the Naval Future Force Science & Technology EXPO, revealing details about its successful dem...

New Hose Reel Design Launched by Holmatro

Holmatro launches a series of new CORE Technology hose reels, equipped with a foldable handle for hose winding. This handle folds out and locks in one step, ...

The Community "Fingerprint"

Whatever you plan, always consider your community’s “fingerprint,” and identify how these factors impact the development or outcome goals of your plans, writ...