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The mission--save lives and protect property--never changes, but tactics, how we accomplish this inspired work, continually advance and evolve, affected by the advances and opportunities we receive from new technologies. In Fire Engineering's Tech Zone you will stay informed about the new technologies available to the fire service and those being developed for the fire service.

Being prepared is the keystone of our oath to service; preparation is based on the knowledge and access to the best and most effective tools possible. In the Tech Zone, you will always find the latest tools, software, apparatus improvements, safety advances, computer technology, mapping tools, and insightful articles on how to make these advances work for you. The articles are written by fellow firefighters using the tools written by the manufacturers and evaluations by folks like NIST and UL. Read our Tech Today columns to review the latest new releases featured in Fire Engineering, as well as a section devoted to our annual Technology Roundup. Be informed, connected, and prepared. Visit the Tech Zone regularly and never be the last to know again.

Fire Technology Articles

2015 International Codes Support Resiliency, Safety, Innovation, Affordability in the Built Environment

Jurisdictions and other code users can begin today to prepare for adoption and use of the newest building safety codes. 

Wildland Fire Forecasting Technology Not Available Becuase of Lack of Funds

Scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) have developed wildfire modeling technology that could help predict the growth of wildlan...

Panel Decides to Push Tougher Chemical Security Decision Until 2016

A final decision on whether to issue tougher chemical security and safety rules likely will not be made until at least 2016 -- three years after the tragic e...

Tyco SimplexGrinnell Demonstrates the Value of eServices at NFPA Expo

Tyco SimplexGrinnell, in the fire and life safety industry, is showing attendees at the NFPA Expo the increasing importance of eServices -- the integrated su...
 LEADER Provides Wired Communication for Confined Spaces

LEADER Provides Wired Communication for Confined Spaces

LEADER Com ensures a continuous, reliable, and very clear communication between the safety attendant and members of teams engaged in confined space entry, pa...

Medrills 3D Training Courses Now Available on the CentreLearn Training System

Technology and ARFF: Saving Lives Through Innovation

A look at four essential elements of aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF): agents, applications, appliances, and apparatus.

NIOSH Ladder Safety Smart Phone App is a Finalist for Innovation Award

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)'s ladder safety smart phone app is a finalist in the national HHS Innovates awards contest....

DuPont Receives Two Energy Efficiency Awards for DuPont Nomex Manufacturing

DuPont was today awarded an American Chemistry Council Responsible Care® Energy Efficiency Award and the Industrial Energy Technology Conference Energy Award...

Big Data in the Fire Service

Will Linger-The more accurately you measure your operational outputs, the better you can manage your inputs. Learn to use data as the excellent tool that it ...

Microturbines and the Fire Service

Ronald R. Spadafora-These small-scale electricity generators can pose problems if firefighting personnel unfamiliar with them encounter them in a fire or an ...

Storm Shelter App Helps Locate Victims Trapped Under Rubble

Former IBM field tech and firefighter Shonn Neidel and brother-in-law Dan McIntyre have developed an app that will help firefighters pinpoint people trapped ...

Apply Now for Four Sets of Globe Gear

Need new gear for your department? The deadline to apply for four sets of new turnout gear through the Globe Gear Giveaway program is June 1. Apply now for y...

Toledo (OH) Fire and Rescue: 'Simulator Provides Training for Any Conceivable Incident'

The Toledo (OH) Fire and Rescue Department (TFRD) recently enhanced its training capacity through the acquisition of RescueSim virtual training platform tech...

NYC 911 Overhaul Temporarily Suspended

All work on the Emergency Communications Transformation Program, the troubled New York City 911 overhaul, has been suspended for 60 days.

Roundtable: Firefighting Technology

What do you consider the most significant technological advancement in the fire service over the last 50 years? Share your views with other Fire Engineering ...

Brookhaven NY Improves Safety for Emergency Response Teams

The Town of Brookhaven responds to more than 5,000 emergency calls every month. The town made the decision to upgrade to Opticom GPS priority control technol...

Scientists Test Device to Monitor Toxic Gases During Firefighting

Scientists at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) are testing a portable device to be worn by all times by firefighters to measure carbon monoxide and ...

Texas Firefighter Seeks to Raise Funds for Life Lift Handles

A retired Texas fire captain has launched a crowdfunding campagin for a product he believes will save children's lives: external handles to help them open up...

How "All-in-One" Software Tools Can Do More Harm than Good

The problem is that, more often than not, the opposite is true, writes FDM Software's Ed Colin.

Theme for Building Safety Month Week 1 Announced

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, fire sprinklers, and passive fire-rated construction such as fire walls and fire doors designed to stop the spread of fire ...

Maryland Fire Department to Use Drones

The Montgomery County (MD) Fire and Rescue Service has purchased three drones that it hopes will help improve firefighting operations.

No Reprimand for San Francisco Firefighter for Helmet Cam Filming Rig Hitting Girl

San Francisco's fire chief has quietly rescinded her reprimand of a battalion chief whose helmet-mounted camera captured the moment when a 16-year-old surviv...

FDNY Shares Technology on The Discovery Channel

Planet Earth visit's the FDNY to explain their new award-winning high-rise firefighting technology. Watch the video clip here

First Responder Biodetection Technology Guide Updated

A 2014 update to a detailed product guide listing biodetection technologies and sampling products is now available.

FDIC 2014 Recap: Meritor WABCO Introduces its Vehicle Control Systems

Meritor WABCO's Electronic Stability Control (ESC) ensures safe and fast arrival to emergency situations.

FDIC 2014 Recap: Hurst Jaws of Life's eDRAULIC 2.0 Line

E-ONE Debuts Redesigned Quest Cab at FDIC 2014

E-ONE Debuts Redesigned Quest Cab at FDIC 2014

After months of in-the-field customer research collecting data from fire departments across the country, E-ONE debuted its redesigned Quest custom cab with m...

Vision 20/20 Model Performance in Fire Prevention Symposium Materials Available

The presentations from the Vision 20/20 Model Performance in Fire Prevention symposiums are now available online! If you go to Vision 20/20, they are under t...

DHS Releases Updated First Responder Biodetection Technology Guide

A 2014 update to a detailed product guide listing biodetection technologies and sampling products is now available.

iCERT Statement on Funding Principles to Support the Continued Evolution of 911 Services and Systems

The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT) today announced the association's recently developed policy position on Funding Principles t...