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The mission--save lives and protect property--never changes, but tactics, how we accomplish this inspired work, continually advance and evolve, affected by the advances and opportunities we receive from new technologies. In Fire Engineering's Tech Zone you will stay informed about the new technologies available to the fire service and those being developed for the fire service.

Being prepared is the keystone of our oath to service; preparation is based on the knowledge and access to the best and most effective tools possible. In the Tech Zone, you will always find the latest tools, software, apparatus improvements, safety advances, computer technology, mapping tools, and insightful articles on how to make these advances work for you. The articles are written by fellow firefighters using the tools written by the manufacturers and evaluations by folks like NIST and UL. Read our Tech Today columns to review the latest new releases featured in Fire Engineering, as well as a section devoted to our annual Technology Roundup. Be informed, connected, and prepared. Visit the Tech Zone regularly and never be the last to know again.

Fire Technology Articles

FE Talk: Sons of the Flag

Bobby Halton talks to Navy Seal Ryan "Birdman" Perrott of Sons of the Flag.

Statement from Chemical Safety Board on California Refinery Safety Interagency Working Group Final Report

I heartily applaud the findings and recommendations contained in the final report of the California Interagency Working Group on Refinery Safety entitled &qu...

FCC Votes on Wireless 911 Location Accuracy

The Federal Communications Commission today proposed rules to help emergency responders better locate wireless callers to 911.

Locution Systems Inc Announces Fire Station Alerting System in Coral Gables (FL)

Sons of the Flag to raffle off custom motorcycle.

Sons of the Flag Raffling Off Custom Motorcycle from Gas Monkey Garage

The Sons of the Flag, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting burn survivors, recently teamed up with their friends over at Gas Monkey Garage from t...
The GEN-flex2 collection includes four 8-inch models to choose from.

TheFireStore.com Introduces New Footwear from Thorogood

The newest professional grade footwear from Thorogood addresses several key factors that can relieve your feet and allow you to focus on business instead of ...

Psomas Taps Scott Doan for New Emergency Response GIS Venture

Psomas has brought Scott Doan on board as the Public Safety Specialist for SitStat, the new GIS venture of Psomas' Spatial Technology Solutions Division.

Rhodium Incident Management Suite Adds Instant Outbound Conference Calling from ZipBridge

Incident Response Technologies (IRT), a leading developer of incident management software solutions, announces a strategic alliance with ZipBridge, innovator...

Globe, DuPont Protection Technologies, and NVFC Launch 2014 Globe Gear Giveaway

The 2014 Globe Gear Giveaway program is now open, and eligible departments can apply for four sets of gear for their members. A total of 52 sets will be awar...

Sumter County Fire & EMS Starts Use of SafetyPAD® EMS Reporting System

OPEN Incorporated, makers of the SafetyPAD® suite of software products for Fire and Emergency Medical Services, today announced its implementation with Sumte...

Buffalo Suburb Adopts First Responder Technology

The Main-Transit Fire Department, which operates across the Buffalo, NY, suburb of Amherst, announced today the adoption of first responder technology Comman...

Blonder Tongue and Monroe Electronics Team on Emergency Alert Management Solution for Campuses

Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE MKT:BDR) and Monroe Electronics have teamed up to create a powerful emergency alert information and distrib...

The Job: Fire Science and Reliance on Technology

GreenStar Concepts LLC Partners with Top E-Learning Company

First response teams and city and county workers across the country now have access to a complete and reliable source on electric vehicle charging safety.&nb...

Connecticut Fire Department Employs Drone at Quarry Fire

The Branford (CT) Fire Department made use of a drone for the first time in the department's history during a fire at the J& J Blasting Company in Stony ...
 Harper College Fire Science Technology Program Unveils Innovative Training Tool

Harper College Fire Science Technology Program Unveils Innovative Training Tool

Firefighting strategy and tactics at structure fires require firefighters to make split-second decisions in mitigating a safe and effective fire attack.

CSB Investigation Finds 2010 Tesoro Explosion Resulted from 'High Temperature Hydrogen Attack'

The April 2010 fatal explosion and fire at the Tesoro refinery in Anacortes, Washington was caused by damage to the heat exchanger, a mechanism known as &quo...

Phoenixville (PA) Firefighter Released from Hospital

A Phoenixville Fire Department firefighter who collapsed while working last Thursday morning was released from the hospital.

City of St. Louis Implements First Responder Technology

The City of St. Louis is implementing new technologies to strengthen city-wide emergency response including the all-digital CommandScopeTM pre-plan technology.

Waterous Company Introduces New Global Marketing Manager

Waterous Company, in the fire suppression technology and manufacturing industry, announced the addition of Teri Mascotti as the organization's new global mar...

The Batman Suit

There is an amazing scene in the movie "Batman Begins" where the man who designs all the Batman gadgets, played by Morgan Freeman, is giving a tour...

Forum Members to Offer Products Supporting Both NXDN Trunking Protocols

Icom Incorporated and JVCKENWOOD Corporation have jointly announced plans to offer products that support both Trunking protocols in the NXDNTM technical stan...

The Job: Radio Straps

How do you carry your radio on the fireground? P.J. Norwood shares some thoughts about how firefighters carry this essential firefighting equipment at emerge...

Sierra Wireless to Acquire In Motion Technology

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ:SWIR) (TSX:SW) and In Motion Technology Inc. announced that Sierra Wireless has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Vancou...


Nextteq's portable HAZMAT KITS come in standard (pictured) or deluxe versions and provide rapid identification of unknown chemicals and can detect contaminan...

Bellevue (WA) Adds Opticom Central Management Software for Emergency Response

Bellevue (WA) is transitioning to an Opticom® Multimode Traffic Signal Priority control system, which includes Opticom® Central Management Software (CMS) ena...

North Carolina Firefighter Develops Google Glass App

A computer-savvy firefighter in North Carolina is hoping a bit of futuristic wearable technology and clever programming can help save time and lives

Construction Concerns: Tall Buildings

Gregory Havel takes a quick look at the future of firefighting in increasingly tall high-rise buildings.

Swedish Positioning System Can Track Firefighters Underground

New technology developed in Sweden allows firefighters to be tracked even when they're 25 meters underground.

NASFM Foundation Issues Report on Addressing Lack of Fire Causes in NFIRS

Updating fire incident data reports when fire departments obtain new information, such as fire investigation results, could have the largest impact of any ac...

VectorLearning Acquires Web-based Training Services Provider TargetSolutions

VectorLearning, a leader in online education and training for a broad range of industries through its RedVector, CiNet, and CiNet-RedVector brands, recently ...