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Bomb news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Bomb latest and archived news and articles

  1. Responding to Bomb Threats, Bombings , and Suicide Bombers , Part 4: Post-Detonation Response


    Wed, 4 Aug 2010

    truth. If bombings destroyed ..... Think about bomb explosion might be. A bomb that was ..... a bigger bomb . She brings ..... to suicide bomber just a little ..... reason suicide bombs and suicide bombers are so common ..... to suicide bombing as a tactic ..... suicide bombers bombings anytime soon

    Bomb If the Bomber found at 28:30

    shot of the brain dump. Now what you have is an active bomb There. You need to treat this just like you would any other bomb you to evacuate the scene establish a perimeter call the bond's cool. Not you don't have a suicide -- -- you just have an active bomb . If the bomber is compliant and you choose not to close the distance -- them. You want to want to do in that case control them at a distance with a long gone from behind -- This has happened overseas in some cases -- suicide bombers lost their nerve and wanted to surrender. And you want to good use of these these events and sporting into the suicide -- way out some open -- being forced to you know open up the garment sector. And to be controlled from behind cover. By by trained -- Some suicide bombers aren't even necessarily control of the bomb that they wear on him. Some of them have timing device that have the bombs had to go off at certain times so the bomber the suicide bomber usually isn't the bomb maker. And won't know about these kind of arrangement they're just total to walk over there. And and either wait what's that the bomb off or do something but they don't necessarily know if there's a -- there the looks at the bomb off if they don't. So just because a bomber is down and appears to be dead or otherwise neutralize doesn't mean the bonds inactive. Often times the suicide bomber -- how handler. Handlers someone who watches the event -- suicide bomber approached the target and detonated from a distance from the safe location. Oftentimes this handler can detonate the bomb remotely that ultimately suicide -- lose their nerve. Or gets intercepted or stock or something like that. Therefore neutralizing the suicide bomber doesn't necessarily. Neutralize the -- It's still be set off remotely. This is why using security measures -- -- we just described to re route suspected suicide bombers to. Less populated areas is so important as just critical that bomber don't -- -- -- it won't go off. Part of any. Facility's security measures. For dealings suicide bombers -- the bombers is to have over the -- Being able to watch the area hopefully these snipers in addition to potentially taking out suicide bomber -- off might also be able to get ice on handler. And -- with them to. Once the bomb on suicide bomber has detonated for whatever reason. There are other people -- -- you wanna be -- most likely co conspirator. You wanna go high that is part of your response. When a bomb went -- like that happens while I was off you want people to go high and start looking for co conspirators people involved in this instance. That would be people calmly walking away from the incident -- but I've been -- towards or away from -- -- but not walking calmly away. Anybody videotaping it and and when you -- intercept -- a -- conversation with and in general people whose behavior is uncharacteristic for the context in the place in the event that just happened. Someone should have this responsibility as part of your plan. Bomb goes off someone goes -- some number of people -- -- and start looking at the -- and see what's happening. Pick out the people are acting on usually. -- have been suicide bomb failures that is the bomb itself can go off but the detonator went off the plastic one off. It is there's like this you aren't gonna get the explosion it was intended but you're -- you're -- real loud bang. And you gonna see someone riding around on the ground in a lot of pain. Now the potential bomber is going to be severely injured but it doesn't mean he's not still a threat. They may have a secondary means of a detonating a bomb or their handler. May be able to detonate a bomb so when he if that happens if you see that happen you need to get people on -- fast possibly -- and you probably not going to. -- you -- -- eliminate all loss of life but you may minimize. In terms of personal protection in a post detonation environment suicide bomber it's the same as any other kind of bomb Just need to be -- the kind of contaminant that maybe in the environment because a bomb went off. Structural danger if you apply to they always did -- just like any other bond posted nation after the idea that -- -- secured. Note however that some suicide bombers had been recruited or -- we recruited because they had to -- infectious disease or effective and -- With some kind of -- one engine before they blew themselves up. So blood borne pathogens become the real issue with a suicide bomber and -- normal PPE. Should address this but. Just be really -- number and be extra careful. Moving on to use of force against suspected suicide bomber I just as a suicide bomber the rules don't change it's just someone that has -- capability to hurt you. Just like they had a gun we now have a bomb your standard is still probable cause you -- probable cause to believe that someone is. Is imminently going to shoot you you have every right to shoot them first. If you have probable cause to believe the suicide bombers about to blow themselves up -- -- -- The responsibility. As well as the right to shoot them for. Number the universal rule is you're allowed to use deadly force to stop -- -- -- -- -- innocent party in imminent danger of death crippling injury. The other universal of course policy always -- The thing to keep in mind when Hillary's talking about responding to suicide bombers And -- we want to keep in mind we're talking about using any kind of force that is imminent doesn't mean its happening right now. That's immediate immediate -- is happening right now. Unit means it's about. Imminent means if you wait any longer it'll be too late. The particular danger that place is you particular action that things as you endangerment bomber gun -- -- is irrelevant. -- imminent danger of death a crippling injury you have the read write in this case responsibility. To use force. Because we're talking about potentially. Sneaking up on suspect suicide bomber and shooting them in the -- them. And that the reason for doing that but just finished doing and it's probable cause
  2. Responding to Bomb Threats, Bombings , and Suicide Bombers , Part 3: Bomb Threats


    Fri, 6 Aug 2010

    Handling bombs or bomb policy on ..... threat or bombing and do these ..... generally leave bombs right out ..... when actual bombing happens when ..... days for bombers to have to ..... even three bomb device is ..... can hold bombs . you can ..... routes. Got a bomb threat here ..... potential. Bomber tried to

    Bomb found at 1:26, 4:05, 5:13

    If -- agency takes a bomb threat call. It's very important to stay on the line as long as you can bet her. You wanna gather as much information possible cause wants to hang -- what's the cost is -- -- that's all information you're probably half. It's real important keep them talking. You wanna have a checklist next to dispatch center for the dispatcher reaches right for the -- the bomb threat checklist and -- asking these questions. These questions will include things like wins the -- gonna go off where is it right now what does it look like what kind of -- What's gonna -- the bomb to explode in cell phone calls timer. Did you placed upon its just as the bomb . Why did you place that we motives. Would you name your address in fact if a separate downloadable -- as part of this program is called the ATF bomb threat -- Has it -- went checklist -- used every respect honor should have. Bomb threats are fairly common in this country unless we have to take -- more seriously for obvious reasons. The first thing that you ought to do the first thing and the first things that most people most experts recommend you do. -- to immediately establish -- -- command system and a command post somewhere somehow however primitive command post news. Now the traditional advice is to shut down all radios and telephones because raiders -- cell -- Can potentially detonate a bomb . We'll talk a little bit more about why you may or may not want to do that. You won -- notify all the relevant agencies and it is all the agencies you would normally think of a -- fire you math ATF. Your your bomb squad not part of the plea or the or the fire already. And whichever other state and federal agencies might be appropriate maybe -- management state police. Whatever is in your jurisdiction -- your state that would be relevant to bomb going off. And you wanna get -- -- You also wanna establish immediate communications. With the building where the areas who provide
    minute ago that radio. And cell phone transmissions could potentially -- -- bombs and it is the traditional I spent a turn your radio off. They are you mister turner radio off. However. At any bomb threat C or any -- -- seen. There are going to be hundreds of cellphones and maybe even tomatoes maybe -- in the security personal construction personal around -- their -- two way radios. -- you are gonna get to turn off all the cell phones or radios even if you want it. Now that they're good news if there's any good news about this is that -- there any bombs are gonna go off. But cellphone radio transmissions don't gone off by the time you get there and you -- -- --
    to talk to person who received a threat if the if the bomb threat was called in the facility as opposed to your destruction. You wanted to for -- the person who's in charge with
  1. Responding to Bomb Threats, Bombings , and Suicide Bombers , Part 1


    Wed, 4 Aug 2010

    together to make a bomb . pretty low tech ..... here is your car bomb . I can't remember ..... that truck most car bombs the entire car ..... that can make it. A bomber or or that the driver ..... what a briefcase bomb could do to look ..... for one terrorist bombing and the other one

    Bomb found at 4:13, 13:47, 15:28

    can find that in something like a pipe to make a pipe bomb and it will float. High explosives. Are further categorized. Into three different types that is primary secondary and tertiary. Primary or are
    of high explosive. -- Back away and get get the experts which bomb -- there. Now the next couple slides which are some examples. Of there -- kind closes. You can -- when we had
    Part of what this program is about -- to help to recognize. Bombs or bomb making material when you come across when you're when you're -- some other legitimate reason it don't part of your job and so. Recognize it bombs -- -- -- or components there's the closer look explosive chain. There's the initiator typically like a blasting cap or -- --
  2. Responding to Bomb Threats, Bombings , and Suicide Bombers , Part 2


    Wed, 4 Aug 2010

    tickled. We next bombings going to be ..... People out there. Bombings happen and will ..... off horrible bombings and bombs suicide bombers just cause you ..... various stages of bombing all the things ..... components of a bomb . Doing your

    Bombings and Bombs found at 4:49

    damage and kill people. As we mentioned there are a lot of bombing it happened in this country already anyway. Included -- in the twenty year period from 1983 to 2002. There were 36000. Bombing in the united days. On -- 6000 people were injured. -- a hundred people died as all those -- If you ask your average for on street which -- firefighter. Our -- serious problem in this country if one hadn't gone often their jurisdiction it probably now but to indicate otherwise. The FBI we'll tell you that there are two to 3000 criminal bombings a year. So it is a serious problem is something we need to understand and know how to respond to a political and -- war. No they probably already -- that's -- most -- had some kind of terror group acted in an already domestic form. The -- is if you're seeing a bombing in your career. -- pretty good. Bombs and bombing I'd not just a problem for large -- we can think of your city Chicago and maybe and it's going tickled. We -- next bombings going to be. But all the reason we just -- because cheap and easy it's hard to identify the people you don't need -- large -- to do it. And -- lot of angry motivated. People out there. Bombings happen and will happen continue to happen in small -- to. Don't write off -- horrible bombings and bombs suicide bombers just cause you're working small -- or rural community. You're just as likely to have it happen. As your colleague NYPD. Or FT and -- To take a look at the diagram on page 36. You can see that shows you. The various stages of -- bombing all the things have to come together in order to make that bombing come off. All the way from things like obtaining funding. Purchasing materials are gonna on the target at the beginning stages. Two
  3. Free Firefighter Training: Bombs , Bomb Response, and Suicide Bombers

    Online Articles

    Mon, 12 Jul 2010

    of explosives and bombs , provides examples ..... might recognize bombs and their precursors ..... agencies can respond to bomb threats and bombing incidents. It describes ..... interdict suicide bombers and minimize loss ..... 2, Stages of a Bomb Incident: Pre

  4. Responding to a Suicide Bombing Incident

    Magazine Articles

    Sat, 1 Sep 2007

    A suicide bomber is sometimes referred ..... human) smart bomb .” Soft and ..... attacked. Suicide bombers driving vehicles ..... One suicide bomber can wound or ..... victims. Suicide bombing has been a terrorist ..... of “proxy bombs ” in the 1990s ..... suicide car bomb ); and approximately 100 suicide bombings executed by the

  5. Firefighters and Terrorism: From the Fire Engineering Vault: Wall Street Bombing

    Online Articles

    Thu, 17 Oct 2013

    Firefighter Response to Terrorist Bombs Part I Firefighter Response to Terrorist Bombs , Part II Free Firefighter Training: Bombs , Bomb Response, and Suicide Bombers The Oklahoma City Bombing : Report and Analysis BOMBING

  6. Firefighter Response to Terrorist Bombs , Part II

    Online Articles

    Tue, 3 Sep 2002

    done by car bombs . Now we have ..... face suicide bombers . We in the ..... potential of bombs . Which brings ..... terrorist bomb threats and ..... Arsonist/ Bomber When public ..... by arson or bombing , determining ..... explosive bombs have been ..... of a mail bomb : letters ..... more than 500 bombings and bomb

  7. One Year Later: Lessons from the Boston Marathon Bombings

    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 23 May 2014

    the second bombing scene. More ..... determined that the bombs were homemade ..... following the bombings , Dennis Keeley ..... facades for bomb fragments from ..... as potential bombs . Note: The ..... though the bombings claimed three ..... killed by the bombers during their ..... the Marathon Bombing would inspire


    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 1 Sep 2006

    concerns. SUICIDE BOMBERS Every day on ..... caused by suicide bombers in cafes, buses ..... suicide belt or bomb . The suicide bomber has become one ..... deter suicide bombers from attacking ..... four large pipe bombs “salted” by dozens ..... been killed in bombings and shootings