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Bowstring Truss

Bowstring Truss news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Bowstring Truss latest and archived news and articles

  1. Bowstring Truss Roofs


    Tue, 7 Dec 2010

    Paul Dansbach discusses the dangers of bowstring truss roofs with Deputy Chief Steve Kalman of the Hackensack (NJ) Fire Department, as well as steps the department took to identify these roofs after the deadly 1988 Ford fire in Hackensack.

  2. 'Hidden' Bowstring Truss Roof


    Mon, 21 Feb 2011

    Paul Dansbach shows us another commercial building in which the presence of a heavy timber bowstring truss roof can't be detected from the exterior.

  1. Construction Concerns for Firefighters: Trusses

    Online Articles

    Wed, 27 Feb 2013

    in construction, and that the bowstring truss (photo 1) is the most hazardous ..... built around 1960, and used the bowstring truss so that there would be a large ..... decades, fires in buildings with bowstring truss roofs have caused catastrophic

  2. Structural Firefighting: Chicago Firefighters Battle 2-11 Commercial Fire

    Online Articles

    Wed, 12 Mar 2014

    occurred in a commercial occupancy on the 2900 Block of Irving Park Road. The structure appeared to have a large bowstring truss as well as a flat roof front portion. Heavy smoke from the fire hung low over the scene, and fire broke through

  3. FDIC 2014: Wood Frame and Ordinary Construction

    Online Articles

    Mon, 24 Feb 2014

    the Building Construction Chapter in Fire Engineering’s Handbook for Firefighter I and II . MORE PAUL DANSBACH Bowstring Truss Roofs Wood-Frame Building Under Construction Floor Systems and Structural Hierarchy

  4. First-Due Battalion Chief: Information Is Vital

    Online Articles

    Wed, 26 Sep 2012

    thinking that if the building had a bowstring truss roof, the guys may not have much ..... case, a hip is a feature of a bowstring truss --the part of the roof that ..... fail. According to Brannigan, bowstring truss construction is a compressive


    Magazine Articles

    Wed, 1 Sep 1999

    companies immediately opened the bowstring truss (often called an "arched truss ..... were killed by the collapse of a bowstring truss , many articles in fire service ..... placed special emphasis on the bowstring truss . The fact is that a truss is

  6. Fire Behavior and Construction: From the Fire Engineering Vault: Hackensack Ford Fire

    Online Articles

    Fri, 28 Jun 2013

    killed in the line of duty during a collapse at Hackensack Ford . The tragic incident underscored just how deadly bowstring truss roofs can be when exposed to fire conditions. Now you can download Fire Engineering Technical Editor Glenn Corbett

  7. The Smartphone: A Versatile Tool for Incident Operations

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 1 May 2012

    on the sunlight angles in the overhead satellite view, you might even be able to discern the telltale curve of a bowstring truss roof. This does not replace the important 360 survey, since it does not give you a real-time picture of conditions

  8. Truss Roof Fire, Wyckoff, New Jersey

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 1 Sep 1998

    concrete block masonry walls, and a bowstring truss roof. The interior of the truss ..... firefighters perished in a collapse of a bowstring truss roof during a fire at the Hackensack ..... REINFORCED A significant fire in a bowstring truss void area necessitates the commencement