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Tulsa Fire Department: First-Due Officer on Initial Response

Thu, 13 Sep 2012|

Chief Bobby Halton talks to the Tulsa (OK) Fire Department Captain Alec Ridener about the initial scene that firefighters confronted when they first arrived at the Barnard School.



I'll Bobby -- welcome -- fire engineering we're doing a follow up on the fire that happened in Tulsa Oklahoma last Wednesday. A unique fire in a school that was a series of explosions that occurred which have been determined to be to back -- fascinating story. Conditions were. Not like any that we would have imagined that kind of precipitated such -- activity. We have the video we plan that with us today. Is Alec writer Alex was the captain on the first and trust company and upon arrival refers -- truck and engine combined. You found yourself on the first do. And line with the other captain advancing into the building you tell us from where you advanced than what you encountered. We received. You can hear. I was out of the -- seventeen -- game seven was it was first -- nothing we pulled left directly behind them and who think they. Keep in that Californians. And he went in the sun I get inside them. He's on the list fact that we -- had a sizable amounts of time -- doesn't members saying it was. -- -- With -- -- at of one room on the north that. So large schoolhouse are showing from one room on the north side of the stimulus aren't what rim was ready and abuse this right behind this -- when -- -- here. Kind. -- -- the -- -- pulled on past. We had a had a right here -- -- directly prep work every real and really it was by the letter back here. There was a police correspondent -- for at least you know through the night with Syria and credit -- is -- Florida so anyway. And the weekly -- thing -- record breaking it up there. Ours and only 200 -- They the driver right that is definitely in that time made many good golf. He said this extended those lines before we are doing very good in India today if they -- -- up but I'll. Into the headlines with friends of -- so much that you appoint you know she was. -- -- that we -- -- 350 -- right. -- Broke out one window is -- -- forced entry. We had two guys -- flattered you -- -- the engine were fact that. We win and -- I was kind of diagonally taking the lead visiting ethical and has. I remember thinking you know we need to let you know -- we're gonna go into an office they're not a -- -- -- corner of Nazareth academy. And just around the corner found -- there's nothing you know we're in -- So. I knew them a long long -- then there but we just -- -- And the first tour and in figured that was it is because -- what I look they're here. And it is cool second -- at -- they're door. You know -- to get close that it would it would. And it's -- -- starring -- -- in the hallway and -- the -- -- -- not I don't know. We get to the fourth door I can before the doors around and -- can -- that the fire until the -- as neglect mail. -- for second. He -- back. So. I found the door couldn't confront us had to push on it annual inflation. Then a full handle golden door for the right to left. And let him Everett first find the door -- -- -- and (%expletive) and Nixon visited him when we're here. So -- down and -- when he had it coming around me like this is those who would go up into the red. -- -- -- -- And is. That was over the door open -- without first. Rumble at that time no fire. Came and that is just. He could feel something like an earthquake or else -- -- get a short before me a lot. And that stopped us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it was within it and get as much time to think that they would -- For five seconds the second one came. And the memory is satellite a lot of you know crackling. And then I remember the rush of wind fire. You know it it it was -- -- around this lots of fire. I didn't know where my dad went I didn't even know if I had -- -- backwards and I -- great thought on top of it and my first initial thought was the -- but we'll. I thought we -- he had a -- that's what about reflection of Byron but everything. I had stepped on top me I would share in my going to be able to get. Were -- -- them. And. I remember after the fired you know it was -- -- several seconds of fire over the top -- and you tots the Vernon. And I'm never getting them. And at that time but when you're president bill that would have pushed -- -- it was army was not -- That you're doing hasn't had a thing. It and they can anybody -- an 800. And it could've been. Five seconds of you know sifted through degree in my hand right on -- And and that that's that's your life that's just did -- have as good that's good training where an off right there and we've had you know. In the last year and made -- anywhere they later -- -- out. And that obstacle in Vallejo vice through obstacles and end of the opinion and that culminated in the development -- -- and. Went right. And then maybe I thought I don't forget that -- And. Indian investment during a period of very. Mom -- three I mean immediately made it and I'm -- form. I don't they're they're at middle Holloway on the on form that got -- to make enemy. What and so that means. Were -- -- good. So did you were hitting him -- about him now. It was a long -- is hot that. I don't remember the girl I just remembered. I've never the right turn them against that door that was the host carrier freedom yet in. -- only came -- you know it is the end of Baghdad is that where. In behind this they were they were -- They were they were our effort here they were they had lots burns and. In the middle they're the ones -- hospital. The guys they were right -- the -- with me. In separate from here. Injury and you got a pretty good burned inside your face here I don't know how will -- conceded that through she and it's -- we've got burned through your. -- and hope there's a lot of talk about. Here if -- didn't fail. It was just that hot -- burn through that read our heads believe it or not our least protected. And Donnelly Brad and unmask neighborhoods are not nearly as protected as festival so -- Favorite everybody in their ears were -- and I -- everybody ended up. Can you imagine and it's an important point to bring out especially -- engineering people can you imagine how bad. You'll remember backing up and work. -- You may not having your net it. -- -- detonated his job. There were injuries. They were so much what they could have been -- that in here. They get I had seen her here but pictures ever hear they. -- it's -- -- a lot. -- I was I was fortunate to get to see you here and you can see where. Where the weather -- themselves are exposed. They're burned through and it's. It's basically that it it it it -- not designed to let it hit its limit. So. Its interest thing than men behind pulling -- from files. Got beat up worse than -- ahead on sevens. That is because of the way the fire me or do you think the ceiling dropped when you guys need protection are we Catholic. I think it was -- behaviors of the I think that. We were maybe because he was coming out of that one in. That may -- came -- -- And then and then. You know maybe expanding with all the smoke in the hallway so you all were down while we're on our way around Hanson -- he's -- name on them back stand right higher -- -- we. We were probably. You know we're probably on the granite -- -- And I don't know I don't know if they get you think Houser stated. You know if they -- Internet -- position -- would that. I don't think that as the fire came out you know high end and then expanded throughout -- whole way and actually one of the gas was at the front the war. Which. -- was -- in. And that was still an intensity and compete in and even in front door and he was blown backwards and he received. Right -- her value actually got knocked off the street tumbled into the routine got to him and pulled -- yeah you guys have been written teams and first alarm assignment. Get the -- -- by a combined company's business squared away attack -- and this is similar way as to the fire had been -- One -- we're gonna go into the hallway. And put -- out -- -- you read. And that window is out already so we -- back in -- this -- the order that the largely just following it's a it's a thirty footer at the largely. Yes that's about -- -- the largest window I can remember -- from acquiring other -- elegant commercial Wales open. -- -- never entered my mind there certainly never that was an. Until sign us up phenomenal track. Had -- normal training for the last ten years the leadership academy has been outstanding. -- also does a lot of organizations don't do. You guys just said just came -- -- made a training costly retraining. Everytime some new lesson learned just a great job of that you'll do great job of communicating on the fire ground. One of the things that means that people say there's too much chatter on I disagree right you can never have enough people see things here they tell each other and talk to one another -- So what what strikes me about it's your story and elegant and -- your reputation in the -- of -- and value and talk with you don't like close friends from from the -- got -- incredible. Record of bravery and and and great work and good farm -- Is there anything -- -- ahead. This thing was his fault -- Nothing I mean the entire way. Until it happened actually. News I was completely confident the entire -- even open and that it was first I hit it. Posting here we are in this -- -- the biggest thing again we're well ventilated we do it it just amazing India. Did the other amazing piece of information that just keeps coming back to me as we talk about this virus. The fire service is so focused right now on modern construction lightweight construction trusses and again and -- This is legacy construction yeah this is -- in the poison dart -- and I think had been renovated -- yeah. And this was really structural for this ultimate confidence right -- this is a structural. Yeah and I think that we've. We can't throughout the baby with about what we can't forget all the things from the us because these buildings around there. Lots of luck lots of I can think of several Warren and our first an -- -- takeaways you I think I think -- accountability was amazing. The fact that as a company officer once you found a secure location the person you. It was -- crew on the secure line and get them out and that that speaks volumes. You know I feel like. That the train was was one of the main factors the fact that when it happened. Instead of having to go find somebody -- find -- -- Give them that goes -- we wasted no time because there's this thing as it would -- Were on that does not like that back existing took off veterans yet you did something to do about -- -- took off yeah. And we and so we had a waste of time moment I'd really -- -- -- training and -- -- that has done a great job with that and and it's not training where they sit in the classroom and take. What what you did they get their name they make props and they sign things in which we do an old buildings. Well you combine all three you show people and tell people -- you -- -- will Rogers is Oklahoma native here he said some men learn by here and some amendment by CN. Most of the Scott has -- not electric fence. -- kind of training is invaluable yes it's amazing and outstanding organizations outstanding leadership like yourself. Had -- been going through an incredible situation -- -- -- in -- lives. -- -- burns but not greater injuries there and now you know you're gonna learn more and more and more from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Proud as hell wouldn't -- I took -- -- men and got everybody out safe thank you -- to be. Praised for it. We also like that you know that there -- given -- past FDIC this year specifically you would prove much all come out and enjoy the show. And then hopefully next year when you have time -- was -- approved it. In the presentation on the findings that we all gotten us. Trouble fire you know you can do that that next year it's not ready don't worry about your guests and we want to see out there that the SEC can. Tell people how to how to do -- job right I don't -- completely unexpected and unforeseeable problem. To survive it come -- -- -- -- strong. Thank you just think that's also -- thank you. Thank you -- human -- -- volleyball misses out writer -- was first and on this improbable fired. What it -- out alive.

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