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Sand and Shovels

Wed, 9 Jul 2014|

Mike Ciampo reviews some considerations for dealing with hazmat incidents.



[NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] [NOISE] Most fire apparatus are all equipped with computers nowadays. They're great for road maps and updated information along the run. We also can pull our hazardous material. Information up. However, we should all know how to use the DOT Guide and where it's located. This apparatus has the DOT Guide very accessible for the officer. When approaching a tractor-trailer, especially a tanker. Trying to size up and locate the placard. It may identify what the tanker is carrying. Getting an understander of tractor trailers. By their looks. You can notice that this one has a refrigerator unit. It may be carrying food or flowers or something that needs to be cool. As you look at the other tractor trailers you notice that they don't have a refrigeration unit on the front of them. Many departments carry commercial tote style. Absorbent rolls on their apparatus, to assist with hazardous material spills. Saddle tanks can be located on both sides of a truck and carry hundreds of gallons of fuel Garbage trucks usually don't have plackers and carry a large assortment of hazardous materials. Always wear full personal protective equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus when dealing with them on fire.

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