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Chattanooga (TN) Duplex Fire

Tue, 5 Aug 2014|

Chattanooga Captain Ashley May describes how he and Lt. Cole found the victim in the duplex.



First arrived we found the front end of the structure on fire. Every fire on the front end of the structure. We took pieces of three quarter and analyzed off of four engines. Made an attack on the front side of the structure. And started making an interior attack. And once the crews started making an interior attack, Lieutenant Cole and myself searched both sides of the structure. And on the right side, in the very back in the bathroom. We found a male victim in the back hunched down between the toilet and the tub and we attempted to get him up and finally got him up and dragged him through the living room and got him outside and as soon as we got him out there were crews out here waiting with O2 bottles and the medic group arrived to help out and transport him [INAUDIBLE]