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Dwelling Fires

Dwelling Fires news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Dwelling Fires latest and archived news and articles

  1. USFA releases report on college dwelling fires

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Mar 2010

    “An estimated average of 3,800 fires occurs each year in university dwellings,” according to University Housing Fires, a report developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) United States Fire Administration’s (USFA) National Fire Data Center in November. The report, based on 2005


    Online Articles

    Thu, 1 Jan 2004

    On arrival at a residential structure fire, many problems must be solved within a very short time.

  3. Hose stretches in multiple-dwelling fires

    Magazine Articles

    Sun, 1 Oct 2006

    Certain areas of New York City have entire blocks of buildings, including large H-types, that have one or two entrances through interior courtyards.


    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 1 Jul 2003

    The success of an aggressive interior attack in a structure fire depends largely on the effectiveness of roof operations.

  5. Residential Fire Tactics

    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 1 Jun 2012

    By JIM DUFFY Private dwelling fires are the most common structure fires that occur throughout the United States and Canada. More than 2,500 civilians die in residential

  6. FDIC 2014: Session: House Fires: Modern Strategies and Tactics for Aggressive Operations

    Conference Sessions

    Thu, 10 Apr 2014

    Residential fires are responsible for 75 percent of working fires for most departments in the United States and three-quarters of all fire deaths. Private dwelling fires are our most important and often our most dangerous alarms. This program offers a comprehensive examination of critical tasks ...

  7. Structural Firefighting: Brooklyn Dwelling Fire

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 23 Feb 2015

    Company 43. He has been involved with the fire service for 39 years. Additional Links Rapid Fire Spread at Private Dwelling Fires Vacant Brooklyn Factory Fire High-Target Areas for the Residential Primary Search More Fire Engineering Issue Articles

  8. Structural Firefighting: Rochester (NY) Firefighters Respond to Fire with Reports of Children Trapped

    Online Articles

    Mon, 9 Feb 2015

    Multi-Use Building Vacant Rochester (NY) Commercial Structure Linked to Terrorism Case Burns RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING Drill: The Survival Essentials - Evacuation Concealed Spaces and Fire Spread Rapid Fire Spread at Private Dwelling Fires

  9. How We Got Burned: Lessons Learned from a Wind-Driven Dwelling Fire

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 1 Nov 2011

    undertaking search operations at dwelling fires during high-wind conditions ..... operations during wind-driven dwelling fires . The only thing separating the ..... verify the presence of occupants at dwelling fires —and did so at the Union Street

  10. Paterson (NJ) Firefighters Battle Two Major Fires

    Online Articles

    Thu, 18 Dec 2014

    Firefighting Q&A: Bill Gustin on Hoselines in Multi-Family Occupancies Hoseline Operations for Residential Fires FIREGROUND STRATEGIES: THE “NEW MILLENNIUM” MULTIPLE DWELLING FIRE IN A MULTIPLE DWELLING Hose stretches in multiple - dwelling fires