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  1. Fire Service Industry News: EMS Compass Releases First Performance Measures for Review

    Online Articles

    Wed, 5 Aug 2015

    Today EMS Compass released its first set of EMS performance measures for public comment and testing. The initiative invites all members of the EMS community to view the measures at emscompass.org, test them

  2. Comment Now On EMS Performance Measures

    Online Articles

    Fri, 7 Aug 2015

    By Mike McEvoy FireEMS Editor The EMS Compass Project operated by the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) with funding from the ..... Administration (NHTSA) has released their first four EMS performance measures for public comment. Agencies

  1. Firefighter Safety: Tradition in EMS is Impacting Responder Safety

    Online Articles

    Tue, 18 Aug 2015

    There are many emergency medical services ( EMS ) agencies that already issue helmets and require ..... is the number one underlying reason. The EMS culture must change, and it starts with you! The fire and EMS service is filled with tradition that has

  2. EMS Leaders Share How They Use Data to Improve EMS Systems

    Online Articles

    Sat, 27 Jun 2015

    County, Calif., and a leading expert in EMS quality improvement, during a webinar sponsored by EMS Compass, the national initiative to develop a system of performance measurement for EMS . Taigman admitted that measuring patient outcomes

  3. Helmet Use in EMS


    Wed, 19 Aug 2015

    risk through the education training and engineering controls. One way that we have found to minimize the risk is to provide our EMS providers with a helmet. A helmet to be worn in the back of the ambulance during transport to the hospital. Please read the

    Ems found at 0:21

    that we have found to minimize the risk is to provide our EMS providers with a helmet. A helmet to be worn in the back of the ambulance during transport to the hospital. Please read
  4. EMS Compass Announces Town Hall Format June Webinar Series

    Online Articles

    Wed, 3 Jun 2015

    EMS Compass, a national initiative to improve ..... webinars are the best way for members of the EMS community and other stakeholders to provide ..... testing. Throughout the month of May 2015, EMS Compass held an open "Call for Measures

  5. Fire EMS News: Industry Leaders Join EMS Compass to Lead Discussions on Shaping the Future of EMS System Improvement

    Online Articles

    Tue, 16 Jun 2015

    In two webinars Monday, EMS Compass kicked off a week of public discussion of how best to measure the quality of EMS services. These first two of ten webinars ..... engagement and measuring patient safety. The EMS Compass Initiative project manager, Nick

  6. Fire EMS : Engine Company EMS : EMS Point Person

    Online Articles

    Wed, 15 Jul 2015

    company officer fulfills that role. An EMS scene has a far different dynamic. Dangers ..... patient. Delegating responsibility during an EMS response is not a dereliction of duty for ..... right person to do the right thing on an EMS call. Often, the engine company decides

  7. Organizational Plan Increases Efficiency on All EMS Calls

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 30 Jun 2015

    s fire and emergency medical services ( EMS ) resources. Truck 2's officer, Captain ..... went to work. We work in a fire-based EMS industry. But, when was the last time ..... sat down and thought about how we organize EMS calls? For instance, have you ever thought

  8. Firefighter Safety: Selection and Use of Ballistic Protection for Fire and EMS Personnel

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 14 Jul 2015

    By STEVEN C. HAMILTON As fire and EMS personnel become increasingly exposed to ..... with fire and emergency medical services ( EMS ) personal protective equipment, manufacturers ..... for any responder-police, fire, and EMS -to know in advance what type of ballistic