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Fire Resistive

Fire Resistive news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Fire Resistive latest and archived news and articles

  1. Firefighting in Fire -Resistive Multiple Dwellings

    Magazine Articles

    Wed, 1 Apr 2009

    the basic firefighting principles that we should follow at every fire involving a fire - resistive multiple dwelling. FIRE - RESISTIVE CONSTRUCTION A fire - resistive multiple dwelling is a building in which the floors, walls, structural members

  2. New ASTM Standard for Fire Resistive Metallic HVAC Dust Systems Approved

    Online Articles

    Fri, 19 Aug 2011

    ASTM E2816, Test Methods for Fire Resistive Metallic HVAC Dust Systems ..... insulation materials used in a fire - resistive application. In addition, test ..... and development tool to create fire - resistive HVAC duct systems. To purchase

  1. Operations at Fire -Resistive Multistory Buildings

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 1 Nov 2007

    include them in their preplanning. Fire - resistive multistory buildings usually ..... firefighters maintain a position at the fire - resistive stairway enclosure to protect ..... with 150 psi to start. . . . Fire - resistive buildings present many new challenges


    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 1 Aug 2002

    Firefighters operating in hallways of fire resistive multiple dwellings have reported ..... the fire scene, especially at fire resistive buildings, where smoke can travel ..... the location of the fire. In fire resistive multiple dwellings, apartment

  3. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

    Online Articles

    Mon, 13 Dec 2010

    metal or cement-board) siding, masonry (stone or brick) veneer, or other materials. SIPs are not inherently fire resistive . Tests by manufacturers have shown that under fire conditions, SIPS will burn like their component materials: wood


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Apr 1996

    alarm high-rise fire in the Bronx, New York. The fire ripped through a 13th-floor apartment of the 22-story fire - resistive apartment house. Strong gusting winds complicated the interior suppression operation. First-arriving companies

  5. Wildland Firefighting 101

    Online Articles

    Thu, 26 Jun 2014

    material called SPENDEX that provide fire - resistive protection for outer shell clothing ..... Protection Association and is very fire resistive . I do not agree with the notion ..... are now newer undergarments of fire - resistive materials that breathe very well

  6. Preplanning Buildings with Vertical Renovations

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 1 Sep 2009

    residential building of Type I fire - resistive construction. Another door leads ..... would be classified as Type I fire - resistive construction. (4) Click here ..... separated from each other with fire - resistive construction. Again, the stairs

  7. Building Construction: Lightweight Steel Framing

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 1 Jan 2008

    noncombustible (Type II) or fire - resistive (Type I) structure, an apartment ..... resistant for damp locations, fire - resistive “Type X” for fire-rated partitions ..... steel-framed noncombustible and fire - resistive buildings. In effect, this

  8. Fire Safety: Construction Concerns: Construction Job Site Hazards

    Online Articles

    Mon, 12 May 2014

    have some of the following common characteristics: Fire - resistive components of the structure may not yet be in place ..... closed with firestopping, fire caulk, or other fire - resistive material. If this opening were larger, it would