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  1. Wildland Firefighting : Firefighters Changed Approach After Destructive '93 CA Wildfire

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    Mon, 6 May 2013

    California caused firefighters to shift their ..... to wildland firefighting in the area ..... It caught firefighters unprepared ..... has enabled firefighters to protect numerous ..... For more on firefighting in the wildland

  2. Firefighting News: Firefighters Address Suicide Rates

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    Wed, 7 May 2014

    Some in the firefighting service say that the ..... dark secret -- that firefighters themselves endure intense ..... hardened veterans of the firefighting fraternity. "When ..... toughest heroes. "Our firefighters and paramedics see the

  1. Wildland Firefighting : NFFF Video Presents Lessons from South Canyon Fire That Killed 14 Firefighters

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    Thu, 30 May 2013

    Wildland Firefighting : Everyone Goes ..... National Fallen Firefighters Foundation ..... Media, Wildland Firefighting : Everyone Goes ..... the wildland firefighting community. Veteran wildland firefighters explain the changes

  2. Firefighting News: Alaska Wildland Firefighters Must Take FEMA Course

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    Tue, 26 Feb 2013

    Alaska wildland firefighters must take a special course required ..... get their red cards for the 2013 firefighting season, reports the Daily News ..... permanent and emergency wildland firefighters are required to complete "An Introduction

  3. Firefighting News: Los Angeles Firefighters Contain Port Fire

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    Tue, 23 Sep 2014

      Firefighters successfully contained a fire ..... two hours later. SHIPBOARD FIREFIGHTING :THE BASICS The four-alarm ..... beneath it burned. More than 100 firefighters conducted firefighting operations from land, air

  4. Firefighting News: Firefighters' Benefits Divide Prescott (AZ)

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    Tue, 13 Aug 2013

    killed 19 members of an elite firefighting team, the Arizona city where ..... all of the families of the firefighters who died on June 30. Now ..... is the fact that 13 of the firefighters were classified as temporary ..... than the families of the six firefighters classified as full-time

  5. Firefighting News: An Examination of the Motivations of Wildland Firefighters

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    Mon, 8 Jul 2013

    examines the motivations that drive wildland firefighters . In the wildland firefighting community, where men and women armed with ..... following in their fathers' footsteps, firefighting is literally in their blood. Others, like

  6. Firefighting Equipment: San Juan County (NM) Firefighters Get Lake Assault Fire Boat

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    Fri, 3 Oct 2014

    mission-specific boats for firefighting , law enforcement, and public ..... critical capability to help firefighters do their jobs, Fire Chief ..... extensive on-site training with firefighters . The boat already has been ..... said, Lake Assault helped firefighters understand what they needed

  7. Structural Firefighting : Firefighters Battle Multi-Alarm Pennsylvania Motel Fire

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    Wed, 23 Apr 2014

    Firefighters battled a fire that went to five alarms ..... motel in Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania. Firefighters arriving at the scene of the fire encountered ..... Learned in Houston Strong winds hampered firefighting efforts as the fire also spread to

  8. Structural Firefighting : Firefighters Fight Los Angeles (CA) Market Fire

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    Wed, 7 Aug 2013

    Firefighters battled a fire that ripped ..... California. More than 120 firefighters worked for two hours to ..... For more information on firefighting in large structures ..... Mastering Fireground Command: Firefighting in Commercial Occupancies