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Industrial news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Industrial latest and archived news and articles

  1. Technical Rescue: Collapse and Entrapment at Omaha (NE) Industrial Site

    Online Articles

    Mon, 20 Jan 2014

    were missing after a fire at a Nebraska industrial plant have been accounted for as of ..... searching an accident site at a Nebraska industrial plant for bodies, the interim Omaha ..... multiple injuries and entrapment at an industrial site in Omaha, Nebraska. Station 10

  2. Hazmat: Major Explosion at New Hampshire Industrial Facility

    Online Articles

    Mon, 10 Feb 2014

    Sources indicated a major explosion at an industrial site in Peterborough, New Hampshire. The Keene Sentinel reported (http://bit.ly/1h5dg1B) that firefighters and emergency

  1. New DEUTSCH Industrial J1939/13 Connectors


    Fri, 22 Mar 2013

    J1939/13 Type II connectors to the DEUTSCH Industrial product line. DEUTSCH Industrial offers a variety of innovative electrical connector options for controller area networks in industrial and heavy-duty applications. DEUTSCH HD10

  2. Industrial Firefighting: TN Firefighters Respond to Fire at Formal Industrial Site

    Online Articles

    Thu, 21 Mar 2013

    Knoxville (TN) Fire Department At 9:30 p.m., a call was received at the 911 Dispatch Center, reporting the former Industrial Belting Supply Company at the corner of Depot Ave. and Ogden St. was burning. The building stretches approximately 200


    Exhibitor Listings

    Wed, 5 Jun 2013


  4. Industrial Telephones for Hazardous and Corrosive Environments

    Online Articles

    Mon, 17 Oct 2011

    s largest companies specializing in industrial safety products, launched the new ..... phones are ideally suited for any tough industrial application indoors or outdoors and ..... line audible alarm products including Industrial Alarm Horns, Alarm Bells and Electronic

  5. Traditional Hoods/ Industrial / Racing


    Wed, 16 Mar 2011

    We offer a wide range of hoods for industrial applications including those with eye holes or eyeslits... longer... 2 ply... one ply... These can be made in other fabrics.

  6. LADD Industries Deutsch Industrial


    Wed, 24 Aug 2011

    LADD Industries is the exclusive authorized U.S. distributor of Deutsch Industrial environmentally sealed electrical connectors for harsh environments. Deutsch connectors feature common contacts, quick disconnect

  7. When Worlds Collide: Industrial and Residential Occupancies

    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 1 Jan 2010

    MIKE TOIKA The relationship between industrial and private residential occupancies ..... the proper mix of residential homes, industrial complexes, and commercial areas. The ..... thereof, becomes a problem. Too often, industrial occupancies are too small for their

  8. UNR Fire Science Academy Showcases IFI Industrial Fire Containment System

    Online Articles

    Mon, 30 Aug 2010

    Interstate 80, has the International Fog Industrial Containment System ™ installed and available ..... for use on August 4th, 2010. The IFI Industrial Containment System™ was designed to ..... fires and explosions in chemical or industrial plants that manufacture, transfer