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Ladder Truck

Ladder Truck news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Ladder Truck latest and archived news and articles

  1. Firefighting News: Ladder Truck Incident at Training Facility Injures Three Georgia Firefighters

    Online Articles

    Tue, 22 Jul 2014

    Hall County fire officials said a ladder truck incident at the county's training center ..... sort of mechanical failure involving the ladder truck . "They were extended up in the ladder truck , the bucket truck," Cagle explained

  2. The 75-Foot Quint: Know What It Can Do

    Magazine Articles

    Sun, 1 Feb 2009

    traditional pumpless ladder truck , equipped with ..... ISO)-rated ladder trucks . Quints may ..... out engine with ladder truck capabilities ..... to engines and ladder trucks ). If planning ..... engine and a ladder truck , plan well

  1. East Cleveland's Fire Equipment Situation Leaves City Without Fire Protection

    Online Articles

    Wed, 15 Apr 2015

    s firefighters unable to answer calls with an engine or ladder truck . East Cleveland Firefighters Union President Thomas Buth ..... protection," said Buth. The city has two engines, two ladder trucks and one squad out of service. Firefighters were working

  2. Two Baltimore Fire Companies Disbanded

    Online Articles

    Mon, 9 Jul 2012

    Baltimore officials say that disbanding Squad 11 and Ladder Truck 15 is making better use of its resources, reports ..... Hoffman says they're losing added protection of having ladder trucks covering the crews on the ground. Read more of the

  3. Apparatus Positioning At Multiple Dwelling Fires

    Online Articles

    Thu, 19 May 2011

    aren’t taxi cabs; they are fire trucks.” Engines and ladder trucks all should be in a position at a fire that will allow them ..... building on the fourth floor of a five-story building with no ladder truck in front of the building. I ordered the second ladder company


    Magazine Articles

    Sun, 1 Oct 2006

    are a firefighter assigned to a ladder truck company. Your regular apparatus ..... personnel to the scene. Aerial ladder trucks are positioned around the structure ..... efficient process. However, the ladder truck with the traditional straight


    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 1 Nov 1996

    AERIAL LADDER TRUCK Central States Fire Apparatus, Inc.: Available with 60-, 75-, and 109-foot ladders. Welded, high-strength steel ladder

  6. Controlling the Openings: Is This the Future of Ventilation?

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 23 Oct 2014

    engines and only eight ladder trucks serving a diverse suburban ..... almost double the number of ladder trucks . In the past, we used the ladder truck mostly as an aerial master ..... predetermined assignments for ladder trucks , and that's okay. Many

  7. Fight for Philadelphia Fire Apparatus Funding Looms

    Online Articles

    Thu, 13 Mar 2014

    in dire need of new ladder trucks . "We are rapidly ..... funding." A new ladder truck costs $600,000 ..... to purchase two new ladder trucks last year and is ordering ..... The city has 27 ladder trucks and 10 reserve trucks

  8. Truck Company Functions

    Magazine Articles

    Sat, 1 Mar 2008

    regardless of whether you have a ladder truck or not, these tasks have ..... again, whether you have a ladder truck or not. Jeffrey Schwering ..... s priority list. If the ladder truck is first on-scene and an ..... strictly industrial area, our ladder trucks respond only when the fire