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Garage Fire Simulation Instructional Video

Tue, 18 Mar 2008|

Video demonstration of the Garage Fire simulation



Let's talk about how to use this scenario. He chooses student to act as chief company -- -- client side. You play the role of everywhere else on the -- ground. Feed -- student realistic verbal inputs. It had to make decisions and respond to -- communications with realistic responses. Use your own departments lingo. You would return respond to the student. And change the action by taking the appropriate keystroke as needed. And then give the student who brutally and -- This will continue until you in the scenario. Carefully choosing what -- input you give and when you give them. You control the direction of the scenario and the lessons -- There are other ways to use this scenario and we'll talk about them on the. There afford documents that the instructor should download. And will briefly describe each one. First is the -- -- this walks you through a full fifteen points size up. Of the scenario fly in building in addition it to this important considerations. And actions necessary to extinguish the quiet next is the control she. This is -- instructors tool is broken up into three columns. Column -- -- the keys used to change the action and briefly described each change. Column to -- -- snapshot of the chosen by condition. Column three is black here you can write notes such is the brutal -- you wanna present. -- doing this scenario. There -- more action states that you will use in this scenario because of this you can -- the scenario each time that you use -- Quick reference. This is a two page listing of the action changing keystrokes. And a description of what occurs with -- each keystroke. Print this out and use it as a quick reference of the keystrokes that you will use -- -- scenario. Number the ones you want to use in the order that you want them to occur. Then there's the sample scenario. I've included a simple one page scenario. It tells you what keystrokes to use and what each will do. You can use this page to get started training right away but I highly recommend that you read all of the above documents first. Doing so will greatly enhance your ability to run a realistic scenario and an effective training session. Okay we're gonna launch this simulation. Look for the link that says click here to launch the simulation. Click on. He brings you to the -- side of the building. -- in the apparatus looking out of the apparatus window. You can see the CD side of the building. BC smoke coming out of the front of the building and -- bottom right ceiling that says click here to begin. Click and. You now on the you will travel around the fire building. Like clicking on the arrows on the blue travel token you find at the bottom of -- screen. This highlighted arrow. The highlighted arrows. Allow you to travel around the -- building. Navigate to the front of the -- building. You're taking two clicks to get in front. You can see -- -- fired -- -- as you can see smoke. Now if you navigate. Decide a close. You can see the windows of the living room you can see the open front door you can see the windows above the garage. But you can get a better view of the -- -- -- From this position. Let's run through the sample sequence together. Hit the he TS -- you can started every time the new unit responds in keeping -- he wants the unit arrives. And started again -- additional units responding. Now hit the FT. It puts firefighters in the garage tell the students they would join -- line there waiting for water if you had to to keep the -- -- -- -- shut. You tell the students that this -- failed. Due to the heat of the flight the dual -- -- down and -- the hose line at this point he -- GT. This puts the fire fight it down on the ground. -- could go down you can't -- but when the door opens he'll be laying down. Hitting the peak -- before the garage door drops down. Will show a tight -- -- the -- so we can't come down. Student. Should actually do this before he allows any -- is going to the building. If not in -- phase with trapped when the -- comes up. The -- appear in it in the -- won't go down again for the rest of us. You could remove firefighter from the fooled by hitting the GT. When you did GT beautiful firefight is disappear. And rescues been affected. With the door down -- with the door up. You can now cycle through the three through -- yankees. With the door down. You'll see the -- -- What to -- world you'll see changes in defined state would operate with the door when you hit the three key. You'll see smoke eventually start to appear at the floor above the garage. At the windows and each time you -- keystroke way to while. See what develops. -- -- state changes take -- take place just like in real. When you hit the four key. Smoke becomes visible from the frontal. Hitting the five key will increase the amount of smoke. That's coming out of the front -- When you -- the sixty the smoke coming from the -- bill becomes thicker. And -- up. When you -- the seventy. Why becomes visible at the front door. And all the time smoke starts deceit from the front windows and you can see fire -- in the course the ceiling. In the living room through the windows. Hitting the -- -- We'll show heavy smoke coming out of the front windows. These windows have either failed from the heat who have invented by the flight by this flame is still coming out the front door. Chosen not down occurring in the garage smoke torrential. Talk to white. -- -- -- -- Chosen not down in the occupancy -- destruction. Basically you've got this will -- be. -- you don't have to use is the key sequences. That I didn't you. Take a look at the control -- And look at the possible different states that are available. And then create your own scenario to suit -- training needs. They you have you can -- this scenario with just a simple scenario machine but again I urge you to read all of the documents. Customize this to -- he needs have a great training day and keep you people safe.

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